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Lines Bo

Lines Bo (the arc-shaped furrows of Bo-Rayleigh) – a kind of the acquired onikhodistrofiya as a result of damage of a matrix of a nail plate. It is clinically shown by cross lines which depth (to 1 mm) is proportional to weight of pathology. Lines Bo do not differ on color from a healthy nail, arise after injuries, against the background of heavy infections, cardiovascular diseases, skin pathology. The diagnosis is made by the dermatologist on the basis of clinical manifestations, in addition apply Dermoscopy, scrape from the defeat center on mushrooms. Treatment is directed to restoration of the chemical composition of a nail: trays with grass solutions, an electrophoresis with vitamins, paraffin applications, therapeutic muds, Ural federal district.

Lines Bo

Bo's lines – pathology of a nail plate in the form of the cross linear deepenings which resulted from defeat of a growth zone of a nail. The arc-shaped strips of Bo-Rayleigh the first were described by the French military surgeon Joseph Honoré Simon Bo in the middle of the XIX century, having noticed this symptom at a great number of wounded soldiers. He called the reason of similar pathology of nails a temporary stop of their growth as a result of injuries and a stress. Modern dermatologists consider that cross lines – no other than result of the trophic violations of a matrix of a nail changing its chemical composition. Taking into account that the nail plate grows completely approximately in 90 days, from the nail roller (a point of the beginning of growth of a nail) to Bo's line it is possible to determine time of a trauma or prescription of existence of the chronic pathology which caused nail changes by distance. Pathological process has no gender component though Bo's Lines are called a manicure onikhodistrofiya, has no seasonal and age features, is not endemic.

Reasons of lines Bo

Lines Bo of a polietiologichna. The main triggers of pathological process can be considered uncontrolled drug intake or toxic effect of strong medicines (chemotherapy), injuries, overcoolings, exchange violations (diets), infections, diseases of cardiovascular system. Oppression of a matrix of a nail is an immediate cause of emergence of lines Bo. Exchange and trophic violations in the course of contact of pathological anti-genes with okolonogtevy fabrics and horn cages of a nail plate lead to disproportions in fabric food, to change of the individual genetically programmed chemical composition of a nail.

The nail matrix capable to growth at the expense of horn cells of epidermis, is located under a root of a nail and in disteel department is connected to a periosteum. White poluluny a nail or a lunul designates border of its growing part. Mechanical injury of a nail in the field of a lunula leads to blockade of natural channels of food of a matrix, worsens food of fabrics which provide growth of a nail plate and guarantee constancy of the chemical composition of a nail. Mechanical lines Bo result.

Fungal or other infection, effect of the toxic or medicinal substances acting as pathogenic triggers indirectly breaks to a traffic terms and its appendages that also becomes the reason of deterioration in food of area of a nail bed. In this case pathogenic anti-genes, taking root into matrix keratinotsita, damage them, cause a producing pro-inflammatory tsitokin which destroy smoothly running self-regulating metabolism in a cage, and in a term by means of a number of biochemical reactions provoke blockade of intake of the protein necessary for construction of a nail.

The fabrics of a matrix deprived of normal food cease to produce enough cages of growth that leads to change of the chemical composition of a nail plate, dystrophy of a nail, its deformation. In other words, in this case, lines Bo is a result of spontaneous interruption of normal synthesis of a keratin in a nail matrix owing to the most different reasons. Degree of expressiveness of pathological changes of a matrix of a nail plate defines clinical manifestations of lines Bo.

Classification and symptoms of lines Bo

In modern dermatology of the Line Bo – a frequent find in clinical practice. Classification of pathology purely applied. Bo-Rayleigh's furrows are distinguished on depth of damage of a nail that is important at purpose of adequate therapy of pathological process. Superficial lines Bo demonstrate existence of small metabolic defects, deep speak about heavy exchange violations or serious injuries. There is a classification of lines Bo by quantity of strips. One furrow allows to predict a bystry izlechennost without any medicamentous intervention, several furrows do a nail wavy and are a sign of chronic pathological process. Taking into account plurality of strips of Bo-Rayleigh it is possible on nail growth rate from the line to the line to estimate the frequency of aggravations and duration of light intervals between a recurrence.

Lines Bo, actually, are not lines in direct understanding of this word. More likely, it is the temporary deepenings in a nail corresponding to the moment of suppression of growth of horn cages in a matrix under the influence of pathological triggers. The clinical picture of lines Bo is characterized by emergence of cross furrows which surely pass through all width of a nail from edge to edge between side rollers and do not exceed on depth of 1 mm. Lines Bo can be localized on nail plates both hands, and legs.

The lines Bo arising against the background of chronic pathologies are capable to turn the smooth surface of a nail into wavy. However and at a sharp trauma, and at chronic pathological process the view of lines Bo can be the most different – from arches, furrows, flutes and channels to classical linear defects. At deep lines Bo sometimes there is a small frill on rear (disteel) edge, at the same time color of a nail and its smoothness on the intact sites do not change. Lines Bo can be connected with latent system skin pathology, rheumatism, a puzyrchatka, diabetes, malaria, Reynaud's disease. Sometimes they are the only clinical sign which precedes a myocardial infarction.

Diagnostics and treatment of lines Bo

The diagnosis is made by the dermatologist on the basis of the anamnesis and typical clinical manifestations. In difficult cases of diagnostics of lines Bo consultation of the chiropodist for the purpose of identification and correction of the accompanying background pathology can be required. Differentiate lines Bo from onikhomikoza, psoriasis of nails, red flat ё. Standard inspection of the patient with lines Bo includes Dermoscopy and an obligatory exception of fungal damage of nails, for this purpose take scrape from the center of defeat and carry out microscopy.

Easy extent of defeat of a nail plate does not demand treatment, over time the nail grows, and lines Bo independently pass into nothingness. In hard cases correction of the main disease which served as the reason of development of this pathology is necessary. Besides, at pathological process locally apply trays with grass infusions, paraffin applications, ozokerite, therapeutic muds. The electrophoresis with vitamins, Ural federal district is effective. For the purpose of prevention the proteinaceous diet, an exception of contact with nail varnishes is shown. The forecast depends on features of a course of provocative pathology.

Lines Bo - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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