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Afta Bednara is a traumatic erosion of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity at the newborns who are on natural or breastfeeding. Less often the disease is diagnosed for children of advanced age and teenagers. Violation of the rules of feeding, hygiene of an oral cavity or continuous sucking of a thumb is the reason of pathology at babies. At more advanced age of an afta of Bednar appear at the children who are accustomed to hold foreign objects in a mouth. At survey on a hard palate defects of the irregular oval shape come to light. Treatment includes elimination of the injuring factor and complex processing of erosion. Forecast most often favorable.

Afta Bednara

Afta Bednara, or an afta of newborns, represents erosive damage of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity owing to a constant travmatization. In stomatology this disease is known more than one and a half centuries. In spite of the fact that during this time sanitary and hygienic standards of chest and artificial feeding became much more strict, Bednar's afta continues to meet often in modern dental and pediatric practice.

Pathology is more often diagnosed for the weakened and premature children, many of them have a serious illness or have congenital heart diseases. Children from dysfunctional families where parents neglect rules of care of an oral cavity of the kid are ill mainly. But even attentive and careful parents can make mistakes in feeding. Besides, emergence of an afta of Bednar is accompanied by the low immunological status and background somatic diseases.

Reasons of an afta of Bednar

The etiology of a disease is connected with existence of the constant injuring factor in an oral cavity. At children of chest age the mucous membrane can be injured by rough skin of a nipple of a maternal breast (for example, after quartz radiation at treatment of cracks), because of the wrong choice of a pacifier (too long, rigid or having very narrow opening), abuses of pacifiers of not orthodontic form.

Often the disease develops against the background of insufficient hygiene of an oral cavity of the kid and violation of sanitary standards of feeding. It is necessary to sterilize carefully small bottles and to watch a condition of mammary glands, observing purity of skin and not allowing its coarsening. Modern pediatricians categorically do not recommend to wipe an oral cavity of the child after feeding, especially using at the same time the sharp movements and rough material – in recent times the similar recommendation was one of the leading reasons of emergence newborns. At children of advanced age pathological changes on a mucous membrane are formed because of a habit to hold foreign objects (the handle, a pencil, a toy) in a mouth and to suck fingers.

Symptoms of an afta of Bednar

The disease has a characteristic clinical picture. Erosion of the irregular oval shape are formed on border between a hard and soft palate. Afta have a clear boundary and are, as a rule, symmetrized, reminding a butterfly. The surface of erosion covers a gray-yellow fibrinozny raid which cannot almost be removed. Touches to afta are painful, the child begins to worry and cry. In the absence of treatment and at children with the reduced immunity of an erosion can merge, forming an extensive wound surface and become entrance gate for a bacterial and viral infection.

In general the condition of the child satisfactory, but he behaves very heatedly because of morbidity of erosive elements. At the beginning of feeding the kid with greed sucks a breast or a small bottle, then, having touched an erosion, stops and cries. Feeding is interrupted, the child remains hungry and worries even more.

Diagnostics and treatment of an afta of Bednar

At diagnostics the major role is played by data of the anamnesis and an objective research. The diagnosis is made on the basis of a characteristic clinical picture. Afta Bednara has similar symptomatology with chronic recurrent aftozny stomatitis. However the last, as a rule, develops at children of advanced age, has no interrelation with the injuring factor, and the centers of defeat are located in anticipation of an oral cavity. It is also necessary to carry out differential diagnostics with such infectious diseases as herpangina, pharynx diphtheria, tuberculosis and syphilis. For the purpose of specification of the diagnosis conduct a laboratory research of dab about erosion and serodiagnosis.

The main objective of treatment comes down to elimination of the injuring factor. At natural feeding it is recommended to use special overlays for a breast not to allow contact of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity with rough skin of a nipple of a mammary gland. For artificial feeding it is necessary to pick up the correct pacifier – it should not be too long or rigid.

Drug treatment includes serial processing of an oral cavity. The first stage – clarification of erosive surfaces from a raid by means of an artificial lizotsim and proteolytic enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin). Then the mucous membrane is exposed to processing by local antiseptics and broths of herbs (a camomile, a sage, a St. John's Wort) for prevention of infection and keratoplastichesky means (oil of a dogrose, a sea-buckthorn) for regeneration acceleration. To reduce painful feelings, it is possible to use local anesthetics (anestezinovy ointment, lidocaine).

Forecast and prevention of an afta of Bednar

At timely treatment forecast of a disease favorable. However healing of erosive defects can last several weeks and even months, interfering with normal feeding and intake of nutrients in an organism in the necessary volume. Here careful pediatric control is necessary.

Prevention of an afta of newborns consists in educational work among parents. It is necessary to choose correctly a pacifier, to carefully follow rules of chest and artificial feeding, in due time to carry out processing of mammary glands and not to allow coarsening of skin of nipples. At children of more advanced age it is important to watch carefully behavior and not to allow formation of a habit to take foreign objects in a mouth.

Afta Bednara - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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