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Spherical eels

Spherical eels (the heated-up eels, konglobatny eels) — the heavy option of an acne disease remaining at mature age. It is characterized by merge of separate comedones to formation of dense infiltrates of spherical shape and blue-crimson color which opening is followed by a pus otkhozhdeniye. Being resolved, spherical eels leave behind rough hems. Diagnostics is based generally on clinic of a disease and results of a bacteriological research. Identification of the accompanying hormonal, immune and somatic violations is in addition carried out. Treatment of spherical eels includes obligatory antibiotic treatment, hormonal therapy, injections of vitamins A and E, immunocorrection, opening and processing of eels, physical therapy.

Spherical eels

On the classification accepted in dermatology spherical eels, along with inverse and late eels, treat eels of adult age. Appearing during the pubertatny period, they remain up to 40 years and more. The most often spherical eels are marked out at men with XYY set of chromosomes (an additional Y-chromosome) and are combined with displays of seboreyny dermatitis and seborrhea. Because of extensiveness of purulent process at spherical eels a number of authors considers them by one of piodermiya options.

Emergence of spherical eels can be promoted by a constant psychological overstrain, hormonal shifts (a giperandrogeniye at women, dysfunction of ovaries), the reduced immunity, violation of normal functioning of a GIT (an intestinal dysbiosis, gastritis, pancreatitis) and various infectious processes in an organism (chronic tonsillitis, antritis, chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis, bronchitis, etc.).

Signs of spherical eels

Spherical eels are a severe form of the acne which is characterized by a long and recidivous current. They are formed owing to merge of several comedones in one large conglomerate, for as received the name of the heated-up or konglobatny eels.

Spherical eels are presented by dense inflammatory painful knots of the size of large cherry. Knots act over skin level, their uneven surface has crimson coloring. Over time there is a softening and opening of knots to an exit of the dense pus reminding cream. After that healing process which in most cases comes to an end with formation of a hypertrophic, atrophic or keloidny hem begins. Hems have whitish color and uneven contours. Often they are transferred on skin, reminding "bridges". Attempts of their surgical removal often lead to a bigger growth of cicatricial fabric.

Spherical eels can settle down on any site of skin, except palms and a foot. More often they appear on face skin and backs, is more rare — on skin of a breast and a stomach, and also extremities. Patients with spherical eels note a constant and quite intensive morbidity, feeling of tightness of skin in the field of affected areas. In attempt to collect skin pleated or to displace its rigidity comes to light. The chronic course of a disease leads to the fact that on one site of defeat the dense infiltrirovanny knots which are already opened spherical eels and cicatricial changes are observed.

Diagnostics of spherical eels

Characteristic appearance of spherical eels usually allows the dermatologist to diagnose them at primary survey. For definition of prevalence of defeat carry out Dermoscopy, in certain cases — ultrasonography of separate elements. Make for selection of adequate antibacterial therapy the activator separated spherical eels with detection of sensitivity to the main range of antibiotics. Diagnosis of the accompanying background diseases can include consultation of the endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, urologist, gynecologist; hormonal researches and immunogramma; dabs from a pharynx and an urogenital path; the analysis on dysbacteriosis; Ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity, bladder and kidneys.

Treatment of spherical eels

Therapy of spherical eels is carried out with obligatory application of antibiotics, sometimes even in an injection form. The choice of an antibiotic is carried out according to data of the antibiotikogramma received at a bacteriological research separated eels. If necessary immunokorregiruyushchy treatment, therapy of associated diseases of a GIT, sanitation of the infectious centers is carried out. At women additional hormonal therapy by medicines of progesterone, an etinilestradiol, dietilstilbestrol, geksestrol gives good effect. Treatment by antibiotics and hormonal medicines should be supplemented with injections of vitamins E and And.

Locally paraffin applications, UVCh are applied to a rassasyvaniye of infiltrates. Opening of the softened spherical eels with cleaning out of their purulent contents and processing by antibacterial medicines is made. Also use ikhtiolovy ointment, Vishnevsky's ointment, a sintomitsinovy emulsion and other external means.

Spherical eels - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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