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Aktinichesky heylit

Aktinichesky heylit – a chronic inflammatory disease of lips which arises owing to pathological sensitivity (sensitization) to influence of ultraviolet. It is characterized by feeling of burning, an itch, stagnant hyperaemia, puffiness and a peeling of a red border of lips. Aktinichesky heylit is diagnosed on the basis of the anamnesis, symptoms revealed at survey and results of a biopsy. Treatment of a disease includes vitamin therapy, local use of kortikosteroidny medicines and broths of herbs. The patient is recommended to limit stay time under the sun and to use means of protection from irritant action of beams.

Aktinichesky heylit

Aktinichesky heylit – the inflammation of tissues of lips which is allergic reaction to action of ultraviolet. The disease has chronic recidivous character; the periods of aggravations usually fall on warm season as are closely connected with solar activity. During the autumn and winter period pathology symptoms usually disappear independently. The most often aktinichesky heylit is observed at men at the age of 30–60 years with light skin, but also can arise at children owing to long stay under the sun. Cases when aktinicheskiya heylit are frequent accompanies other forms of the increased photosensitivity of integuments, for example, to solar dermatitis. With additional risk factors (smoking, etc.) malignant transformation (malignization) of affected areas of lips is possible.

Reasons and classification of an aktinichesky heylit

The allergic reaction of the slowed-down type caused by pathological sensitivity to influence of ultraviolet rays is the cause of an aktinichesky heylit. The sensitization quite often arises against the background of pathologies of a liver, gall bladder and other bodies of digestive tract (hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, stomach ulcer of 12 items of a gut). In stomatology distinguish two forms of a disease: ekssudativny and dry.

The Ekssudativny form of an aktinichesky heylit is shown by hypostasis and hyperaemia of lips, and also emergence on them of an eritema and small bubbles. The patient feels an itch, burning, sometimes – morbidity. Through short time bubbles are opened, leaving behind the small erosion which further are becoming covered by crusts. At a long chronic course of disease the affected skin in places coarsens and partially orogovevat, on it ulcers and cracks are formed.

The dry form of an aktinichesky heylit proves reddening, dryness and a peeling of lips. On their surface small scales appear, sometimes there can also be a local orogoveniye with ulcers and cracks.

Symptoms of an aktinichesky heylit

Aktinichesky heylit almost always develops on a lower lip, it is more subject to impact of a sunlight, and the upper lip is involved in pathological process extremely seldom. Clinical symptoms of sharp allergic contact dermatitis are characteristic of an ekssudativny form of a disease. At the same time the border of lips swells up a little a little, on it sites of reddening (eritema) and small bubbles are formed. Soon they spontaneously burst, leaving behind the small becoming wet erosion. Further on a surface of erosive defects crusts which independently depart subsequently are formed.

At a long current this form of a disease causes the change remissions which are not disappearing during the periods in fabrics. Skin of a red border coarsens, it is possible to observe a local orogoveniye. Subsequently there are quite considerable ulcers or cracks.

The dry form of an aktinichesky heylit is shown by a bright red shade of a border of lips and education on its surface of small dry scales of silvery color. It is possible to observe a local orogoveniye and focal verrukozny growths. In the presence of additional factors (smoking, stay in dusty rooms, etc.) this form of a disease has tendency to a malignization and quite often flows in precancer pathologies – abrasive prekankrozny Manganotti limited , etc. heylit.

Aktinichesky heylit can serve as a favorable background for emergence of oncological process therefore all educations in the struck area existing a long time need to be subjected to a histologic research in any form. In view of high probability of development of a carcinoma owing to a chronic current of an aktinichesky heylit patients have to be followed up regularly by a doctor.

Diagnostics and treatment of an aktinichesky heylit

Aktinichesky heylit is diagnosed by the stomatologist during survey on the basis of the detailed anamnesis and clinical symptomatology. Detection of seasonality of manifestations of pathological process is extremely important – it helps to differentiate a disease from an atopic and eksfoliativny heylit, and also a red volchanka.

In case of permanent preservation of symptoms of pathology after 10–14 days of rational therapy, and also in the presence the long time of the existing erosion, cracks and other educations in the struck area, surely is required carrying out a biopsy to exclude the oncological nature of a disease.

Therapy of an aktinichesky heylit, first of all, means elimination of the reason causing pathological process – long influence of ultra-violet radiation. The patient is recommended to be as little as possible in the sun and to replace a profession if it is connected with long stay on the street.

Drug treatment includes vitamin therapy (vitamins of group B, A, E, P, C) in a complex with small doses of kortikosteroidny medicines (for example, Prednisolonum) and antimalarial means (for example, hlorokhiny are especially important). At local application the excellent effect is rendered by ointments with corticosteroids (prednizolonovy or gidrokortizonovy). Besides, vitamins A and E in oil, application with metiluratsilovy ointment, and also dental adhesive paste are applied.

Also at therapy of an aktinichesky heylit can bring benefit of a lotion and rinsings by broths of herbs (for example, a St. John's Wort, calendula flowers, etc.). Concerning application of these means it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor.

Forecast and prevention of an aktinichesky heylit

As a rule, medical actions in case of an aktinichesky heylit quickly enough lead to considerable improvement of a state, and the forecast most often favorable. However patients should remember what aktinicheskiya heylit has tendency to malignant regeneration. If the effect of treatment is absent, or the situation worsens, it is necessary to conduct additional examinations urgently.

For prevention of an aktinichesky heylit it is necessary to avoid the irritating influence of ultra-violet radiation. It is necessary to try to be as little as possible under a bright sun, especially during the spring and summer period when the probability of aggravations increases. Use of photoprotective creams is also shown, however they should be used with care as cosmetics can cause allergic reactions. In sunny days patients are recommended to wear a wide-brimmed hat or an umbrella - it allows to protect the person from ultraviolet rays.

In the presence of all-somatic pathologies, such as diseases of a liver, a gall bladder and other bodies of digestive tract, it is necessary to carry out in due time their treatment as aktinicheskiya heylit very often accompanies these diseases.

Aktinichesky heylit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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