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Sharp duodenit

Sharp duodenit - it is the inflammation of a 12-perstny gut which is characterized by the sudden beginning, pronounced symptomatology, bystry and full reversibility of changes mucous. Main clinical signs: an acute pain after food or at night, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a meteorizm, abdominal murmur. Diagnostic actions consist in performing the general and biochemical blood test, a calla, FGDS, biopsies of intestines, a X-ray analysis and ultrasonography of abdominal organs. Therapy is highly effective and directed to elimination of the reasons and symptoms of a duodenit, restoration of digestion and all functions of intestines.

Sharp duodenit

Sharp duodenit – sharply proceeding inflammatory pathology most often taking a mucous membrane of a duodenum more rare DPK striking deeper layers. Diseases of a gastrointestinal tract are extremely widespread among the population. At the same time increase in frequency of pathological processes at children's age in connection with change of a way of life, character of food and ecology is noted. The duodenum inflammation considerably influences work of all digestive tract. On the course of process duodenit divide on sharp and chronic. Both forms considerably differ both on an etiology, and on clinical manifestations. In most cases sharp duodenit passes in chronic (up to 94%). Most often it develops at men. Depending on morphological changes in a mucous membrane allocate the following types of a sharp duodenit: catarrhal, erosive and ulcer and flegmonozny.

Reasons of a sharp duodenit

Sharp duodenit can develop as a result of influence of internal and external factors. In most cases emergence of pathology is connected with improper feeding, namely abuse of alcohol, fried, fat, smoked, sharp products and coffee. Similar food leads to strengthening of secretion of acid in a stomach that reduces protective properties of a 12-perstny gut and increases its sensitivity.

Emergence of a sharp duodenit can be also provoked by an infection. The most widespread activators are a helikobakteriya, staphylococcus, enterokokk, klostridiya. Active reproduction of these microorganisms leads to damage mucous intestines, to emergence of an inflammation, and also an exit of a large amount of liquid in a gleam of a 12-perstny gut that is followed by development of diarrhea.

Other diseases of a gastrointestinal tract exert impact on functioning of a 12-perstny gut: colitis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitises, stomach ulcer etc. These pathological states lead to violation of a blood-groove and metabolism in fabrics that negatively is reflected in structure of a mucous membrane of intestines and its protective properties. Decrease in concentration of bile and pancreatic enzymes leads to violation of digestion in this area of intestines.

The reflux syndrome (the return throwing of contents of a gut) can also cause emergence of a sharp duodenit. It is connected with spasms and violation of passability of a digestive tract. Toxic substances and alien objects provoke a chemical or mechanical trauma mucous which as a result too pass into an acute inflammation.

Symptoms of a sharp duodenit

The duodenum is an initial department of intestines which actively participates in digestion processes. In a gleam of a gut the bilious channel and a channel of a pancreas opens. the 12-perstny gut is responsible for neutralization of gastric juice, regulation of production of enzymes and bile, and also reflex opening or a smykaniye of sphincters in a stomach and in a small intestine. Her mucous membrane is capable to maintain aggressive influence of hydrochloric acid and other connections.

Any violations of functioning of this department of a gastrointestinal tract lead to considerable failures of all work of digestive tract and emergence of characteristic symptoms. Sharp duodenit proceeds with the pronounced periodic pain arising after food or at night (hungry pains). In addition, body temperature increases to 38 degrees, the general weakness and bystry fatigue develops. Violation of digestion leads to fermentation of food and its rotting therefore the patient complains of nausea, vomiting, abdominal murmur, a meteorizm and diarrhea. If the gleam of a gut is overflowed, then the bitter eructation and vomiting with bile impurity in connection with throwing of contents in a stomach appears. Adequate and timely therapy of a sharp duodenit leads to knocking over of symptoms in 7-10 days, otherwise sharp duodenit passes into chronic.

Diagnostics of a sharp duodenit

Sharp duodenit it is possible to suspect on the basis of complaints of the patient and external survey. The gastroenterologist at a palpation defines morbidity in projections of a 12-perstny gut, rumbling and an abdominal distension. For specification of the diagnosis carry out additional methods of inspection: blood test and calla, FGDS, ultrasonography of abdominal organs, X-ray analysis, respiratory test for Helicobacter pylori existence.

The general and biochemical blood test at a sharp duodenit allows to define concentration of enzymes and existence of signs of an inflammation; the analysis a calla (koprogramma) is necessary for assessment of function of digestion and identification of impurity of blood. FGDS (fibrogastroduodenoskopiya) – the most informative way of studying of a condition of a mucous membrane, quite often it is combined with an intestines biopsy. The X-ray analysis of abdominal organs with contrast substance is appointed in case of impossibility of carrying out the previous research, she allows to estimate a damage rate as she in defective sites actively settles X-ray contrast substance. Ultrasonography is carried out for the purpose of an exception of other pathology.

Treatment of a sharp duodenit

Therapy of a sharp duodenit is directed to elimination of the reason, elimination of an inflammation, prevention of synchronization of process, restoration of functions of intestines and normalization of digestion. Medical events are held in house conditions at observance of the mode, diet and regular physical activities. Hospitalization in office of gastroenterology is performed at suspicion on intestines new growths, a serious general condition, threat of bleedings.

Diet – a basic element of therapy of a sharp duodenit. It consists in restriction of the use of some products and observance of several simple rules. It is necessary to eat food in the small portions of 4-6 times a day, excepting fried, salty, smoked, fat, carbonated drinks, coffee, alcohol, seasonings. It is recommended to give preference to stewed and boiled dishes, soups, dairy products.

If microorganisms were the cause of emergence of a sharp duodenit, then to patients appoint dezintoksikatsionny therapy (plentiful drink, intravenous solutions) and antibiotics with the subsequent restoration of microflora (reception of prebiotics). After poisoning with toxins 1-2 day starvation, purpose of inhibitors of a proton pomp and H2-gistaminoblokatorov (medicines, suppressing production of hydrochloric acid), the enveloping means (antatsid) are necessary.

If sharp duodenit developed as a result of endocrine violations, appoint replacement fermental therapy which improves digestion processes (Pancreatinum medicines), and also pro-kinetics normalizing the movement of a himus (intestines contents) and a spazmolitika for knocking over of pain. If the inflammation is caused by solderings, tumoral processes, appoint surgery.

Forecast and prevention of a sharp duodenit

In general the forecast of a sharp duodenit at adequate therapy favorable. Rational treatment leads to a complete recovery of all DPK functions. Prevention of a sharp duodenit should be carried out not only for the purpose of prevention of a disease, but also for the prevention of a recurrence of pathology. For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to the correct way of life, to fully eat, normalize a day regimen, to refuse spicy and fried food, alcohol, smoking. Regular physical exercises, and also annual routine inspections at the gastroenterologist are useful.

Sharp duodenit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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