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Abscess of okolochelyustny

Abscess of okolochelyustny - formation of the inflammatory purulent center in fabrics of a maxillofacial face zone. It is shown by a local swelling, reddening and fluctuation (zybleniye) of skin over the inflammation center, asymmetry of the person, difficulty and morbidity of swallowing, intoxication phenomena. Can develop in the poured inflammation – phlegmon, with involvement in process of okologlotochny and infraorbital area, a neck. Treatment always surgical – opening and drainage of a cavity of abscess.

Abscess of okolochelyustny

Abscess okolochelyustny is a limited center of a purulent inflammation of fabrics of a maxillofacial zone. In the absence of treatment of abscesses purulent disintegration and purulent fusion of the next fabrics begins.

Reasons of okolochelyustny abscess

Abscess is caused by streptococcal and staphylococcal microflora, diseases of teeth and inflammatory processes in a maxillofacial zone are the most frequent reason. Furunkulez, quinsy, tonsillitis at a chronic current are complicated by okolochelyustny abscesses. Injuries of skin and mucous in a mouth, an infection drift during the dental procedures can provoke abscess of an okolochelyustny zone.

The general infectious diseases proceeding as sepsis as a result of distribution of microorganisms blood and a lymph, cause multiple abscesses in various bodies and fabrics including abscesses of an okolochelyustny zone. Abscess of an okolochelyustny zone can arise because of face injuries. During military operations and natural disasters due to the lack of first aid, dislocations and fractures of jaws often are complicated by abscesses. The Okoloverkhushechny and perikoronarny centers of an inflammation and parodontalny pockets at aggravations can provoke jaw abscess because of a resorption of a bone tissue.

Symptoms of okolochelyustny abscess

    Formation of abscess is preceded by a toothache as at periodontitis. Nadkusyvaniye in the struck zone strengthens pain. Further dense hypostasis with formation of painful consolidation joins. Bright hyperaemia and protrusion of the struck center is characteristic of the abscess developing under a mucous membrane. Asymmetry of the person is sometimes noted.

In the absence of therapy the general condition of the patient worsens: body temperature increases, the refusal of food is observed. After spontaneous opening of abscess pain abates, face contours accept normal outlines, the general health is stabilized. But because of favorable conditions for microorganisms in oral cavities, process it hronizirutsya therefore its spontaneous opening does not speak about treatment. At short-term weakening of immune system okolochelyustny abscesses become aggravated. Perhaps chronic gnoyetecheniye from the svishchevy courses, it is followed by an unpleasant smell from a mouth and swallowing purulent masses. There is an organism sensitization disintegration products, allergic diseases become aggravated.

Hyperaemia in a hypoglossal zone with bystry formation of infiltrate is characteristic of abscesses of a mouth floor. The conversation and meal become sharply painful, the gipersalivation is noted. Mobility of language decreases, he slightly rises up not to adjoin to the formed abscess. In process of increase in a swelling, the general state worsens. At spontaneous opening pus spreads to the okologlotochny area and a neck that leads to emergence of the secondary purulent centers.

Sky abscess arises as a complication of periodontitis of the top second cutter, a canine and the second premolyar more often. During formation of abscess hyperaemia and morbidity of a hard palate is observed, after a vybukhaniye pain becomes more intensively, meal is at a loss. At spontaneous opening purulent contents extend to all area of a hard palate with development of osteomyelitis of a palatal plate.

If there is cheek abscess, then depending on localization and depth, the swelling and reddening can be more expressed from the outer side or from a mucous oral cavity. Morbidity of the center moderate, during the work of mimic muscles pain amplifies. The general state practically does not suffer, but abscess of a cheek is dangerous by distribution on the next departments of the person even before opening of an abscess.

Abscess of language begins with morbidity in the thickness of language, language increases in volume, becomes inactive. The speech, chewing and swallowing of food are sharply complicated and painful. At abscess there can sometimes be a feeling of a suffocation.

Diagnostics and treatment of okolochelyustny abscess

The diagnosis is made on the basis of visual survey of the stomatologist and complaints of the patient. Sometimes during the poll it becomes clear that took place to be furuncles of a front zone, there are chronic infectious diseases. Prior to a visit to the doctor it is recommended to accept analgetics, to rinse an oral cavity antiseptic solutions, independent reception of antibiotics is inadmissible. An ultimate goal of treatment is complete elimination of infectious process and restoration of the broken functions as soon as possible.

The scheme of treatment depends on a disease stage, on virulence of a microorganism and on features of response from a macroorganism. Localization of abscesses of an okolochelyustny zone, age of the patient and existence of associated diseases significantly influence the principles of treatment. The more the complicating factors, the more intensively there has to be a therapy.

During treatment of abscesses of an okolochelyustny zone it is recommended to keep to a diet with prevalence of the wiped soups and puree. If the permanent refusal of food is observed resort to intravenous administration of proteinaceous solutions. In the presence of the created abscess its opening with the subsequent drainage of a cavity is shown. In other cases resort to antibiotic treatment, and only at its inexpediency the question of surgical treatment is raised.

Antibiotics are appointed in the form of injections or in the tableted forms, in addition conduct a vitamin therapy course. Immunostimulators and dezintoksikatsionny therapy are shown. Rinsing of an oral cavity warm solutions of Furacilin and soda removes puffiness and prevents spread of an infection. In the presence of a pronounced pain syndrome apply analgetics. At in time the begun complex therapy the forecast usually favorable, recovery occurs within 6-14 days.

Abscess of okolochelyustny - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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