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Aftozny stomatitis – the inflammatory process of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity which is followed by violation of a blanket mucous and education (erosion). Education is followed by sharp morbidity, burning in a mouth, especially during food, increase in lymph nodes, sometimes – temperature increase. Afta heal completely in 7-10 days. During the easing of immunity and existence of associated diseases aftozny stomatitis can proceed with a recurrence.

Aftozny stomatitis

Aftozny stomatitis – the inflammatory process of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity which is followed by violation of a blanket mucous and education (erosion). Education is followed by sharp morbidity, burning in a mouth, especially during food, increase in lymph nodes, sometimes – temperature increase. Afta heal completely in 7-10 days. During the easing of immunity and existence of associated diseases aftozny stomatitis can proceed with a recurrence.

Chronic aftozny stomatitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity. Characteristic clinical display of such stomatitis is emergence with a whitish-yellow fibrous raid against the background of the general hyperaemia mucous. The disease has slow character with periodic remissions and aggravations.

Reasons and mechanism of development of aftozny stomatitis

The pathogenesis of education at chronic aftozny stomatitis is up to the end not found out, however at all patients permanent communication between progressing of a disease and reaction of immune system is noted. Today the conventional theory of education on a mucous membrane of a mouth the theory according to which the immune system of the person cannot identify molecules of the substance which is present at saliva is considered. It causes activization of lymphocytes as immune system without having distinguished the chemical agent, attacks him as alien. Aftozny ulcers are as a result formed; inferiority of immune system and constant presence of chemicals promotes synchronization of process and aftozny stomatitis accepts a long slow current.

For patients who use the oral cavity care products containing sodium laurylsulphate aftozny stomatitis was diagnosed more often. A probable cause the foaming component laurylsulphate of sodium which possesses the drying-up action that can negatively affect a mucous membrane of an oral cavity is considered. And further, at damage of the top layer mucous the lower layers become more sensitive to irritants, especially to substances with high acidity.

  (   ё)Dependence between developing of aftozny stomatitis and the oral cavity care products containing sodium laurylsulphate confirm results of a research when patients, it is long suffering from chronic aftozny stomatitis, began to use other toothpastes, noted that manifestations or considerably abate, or there occurs absolute clinical recovery. At long ago the created ulcers of recovery it was not observed, however in 81% of cases their morbidity decreased.

Mechanical injuries of an oral cavity are also a provocative factor as patients note communication between an injury of an oral cavity and the beginning of a disease. Chronic aftozny stomatitis can begin after biting of tissues of mouth, after damage mucous a keen edge of tooth or firm food. About 40% of patients with chronic aftozny stomatitis confirm existence of a trauma before a disease.

Psychological an overstrain in itself seldom become the reason of chronic aftozny stomatitis, but emergence during aggravations often coincides with the periods of the increased psychological tension. At most of patients with chronic aftozny stomatitis various violations in food and deficiency of nutrients are noted. The lack of vitamin C, vitamins of group B, iron, zinc, folic acid and selenium negatively affects a condition of a mucous membrane of a mouth that promotes emergence of a bus.

Allergic reaction to foodstuff can cause the outbreak of aftozny stomatitis therefore it is recommended to patients to keep the diary that further it was easier to find out allergen which became the reason of emergence of a bus. Among products which are the most probable allergens, note cereals with the high content of a gluten protein: wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat. Citrus fruit, pineapples, apples, tomatoes, a fig, a wild strawberry, chocolate, seafood, spices, and also milk cheeses and nutritional supplements are the main reasons for emergence of aftozny rashes in an oral cavity.

At women frequency of rashes is connected with a menstrual cycle, many of them observe clinical recovery, or remission during pregnancy. However communication between pregnancy and remissions of aftozny stomatitis is not studied yet.

Genetic predisposition in development of aftozny stomatitis is confirmed by the facts that at the third part of patients one or both parents had chronic aftozny stomatitis too. Monoovular twins in 91% of cases suffer from aftozny stomatitis whereas two-egg only in 57% - it confirms genetic conditionality of chronic aftozny stomatitis too. Vyyavlenna in contents bacterial and virus agents.

Often at full inspection at patients with aftozny stomatitis reveal system diseases of blood, digestive tract and immunodeficiencies. Communication between them and education confirms the fact that after correction of the main disease there occurs clinical recovery from aftozny stomatitis or permanent remission. Long reception of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory medicines, antiarrhytmic and hypotensive medicines as side effect causes development of chronic aftozny stomatitis.

Symptoms of aftozny stomatitis

At a fibrinozny form of aftozny stomatitis primary violations of microblood circulation in an epitelialny layer come out on top. As a result of these changes there are single aftozny rashes covered with a fibrous raid. In 1-2 weeks of an afta epitelizirutsya. Rashes generally on a mucous membrane of lips, side surfaces of language and in the field of transitional folds are localized. At the first stage of a disease a recurrence is celebrated 1-3 times a year. In process of progressing the course of stomatitis becomes permanent. At the same time if at the beginning a recurrence is provoked by exacerbations of system pathology or an injury of a mucous membrane, then in process of progressing of an insignificant stress it is enough for emergence of a bus.

At a necrotic form of aftozny stomatitis there is primary destruction of an epithelium, at the same time ulcerations of a mucous membrane of a mouth cause dystrophic violations which proceed against the background of a necrosis and a nekrobioz of epitelialny fabric. Necrotic aftozny stomatitis is diagnosed for persons with a serious somatic illness and with blood diseases. The appeared afta are almost painless, over time they turn into ulcers which epitelization term from 2 weeks to one month.

Grandulyarny aftozny stomatitis develops because of primary defeat of channels of small salivary glands. It causes hypofunction of glands and provokes emergence which are localized near salivary glands. Afta are painful and epitelizirutsya in 1-3 weeks, provoke their further emergence overcooling, respiratory diseases and an aggravation in the centers of a chronic infection can.

At the cicatrizing aftozny stomatitis atsinusa of small salivary glands are surprised, the layer of connecting fabric is involved in pathological process, over time elements of rashes are observed both in a location of salivary glands, and on a mucous membrane of a pharynx and forward palatal handles. People of young age suffer generally. Primary element are afta, but they are quickly enough transformed to the deep painful ulcers having one and a half centimeters a diameter. The cicatrizing stomatitis is not connected with somatic diseases, and in pathogenesis genetic insufficiency of the sekretorny device lies. Process of an epitelization of ulcers long, up to 3 months, after healing there are well noticeable hems.

The deforming form of aftozny stomatitis is considered the heaviest as destructive changes of connecting fabric deep, and ulcers have persistiruyushchy character. Ulcers epitelizirutsya slowly, process of healing leads to deformation of a soft palate, forward palatal handles and lips. If ulcers are localized in mouth corners, then when healing the mikrostoma can be formed.

Diagnosis of aftozny stomatitis

Diagnose chronic aftozny stomatitises the stomatologist on the basis of a clinical picture and the patient's poll, sometimes resort to laboratory diagnostics. Differentiation needs to be carried out with recurrent herpetic stomatitis, with ulcer and necrotic stomatitis and with ulcerations mucous a mouth at specific defeats and dekubitalny ulcers.

Treatment of aftozny stomatitis

The purpose of treatment is either permanent remission, or a clinical or absolute recovery. The complex of medical actions includes the general and local therapy, the choice of medicines depends on weight of manifestation and domination of separate symptoms.

Local treatment consists in processing of an oral cavity hydrogen peroxide, nitrofurscarlet and hlorgeksidiny. If there is a pain syndrome, then afta process 5-10% a glyceric suspension with lidocaine or novocaine. If in pathogenesis of stomatitis the allergic component takes place, then the place apply the mix containing , heparin, novocaine and a hydrocortisone.

During aggravations locally apply enzymes – trypsin, chymotrypsin and Rnkaza. Solutions , vitamin C and P, medicines with juice of a kalanchoe and propolis accelerate process of an epitelization. Use of kortikosteroidny ointments can interrupt further development and accelerate recovery process.

Reception of antihistaminic medicines – , , is inside shown; and the desensibilizing medicines – and a histamine with immunoglobulin. If the organism sensitization to the specific microbic agent is revealed, then specific desensitization is used. According to indications appoint antiviral medicines and an antiherpetic vaccine.

All patient recommends to complete a vitamin therapy course with the increased content of vitamins of groups B and C. Immunomodulators and immunoprotectors are shown. If there are neurologic frustration, apply sedative medicines and tranquilizers. It is recommended to include in a medical complex , an electrophoresis and laser therapy. During treatment and during remissions it is necessary to keep to a hypoallergenic diet with an exception of the rough, injuring food.

At in due time begun treatment and observance of the ordered mode it is possible to achieve permanent and long remission though the absolute recovery from chronic aftozny stomatitis is observed extremely seldom.

Aftozny stomatitis - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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