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Agnails on fingers

Agnails on fingers – a skin scrap, the site of the exfoliated epidermis surrounding a nail plate. Except that agnails on fingers look not esthetically, they cause discomfort, pain, quite often bleed, can lead to development of a paronychia. As the reasons of formation of agnails on fingers low-quality performance of cut manicure, a habit to gnaw nails, irritant action on skin of hands of various chemicals, hypovitaminosis, etc. can serve. Removal of agnails on fingers is made by means of manicure tweezers or scissors after a preliminary rasparivaniye of skin of hands. For prevention of infectious complications it is recommended to process leather around a nail disinfectant.

Agnails on fingers

With such unpleasant phenomenon as agnails on fingers, perhaps, though everyone once faced. Agnails – superficial anguishes of skin in the field of a cuticle or okolonogtevy rollers. More often agnails are formed on fingers of hands, however can meet and standing. Under certain conditions such problem can arise not only at women, but also at the man and even at small children. Agnails on fingers give to hands an untidy look and do them by more vulnerable for penetration of a bacterial and fungal infection. Not to allow emergence of agnails on fingers, it is necessary to look after correctly and systematically skin of hands and nails.

The reasons of emergence of agnails on fingers

Sensitive and dry skin of hands is more subject to formation of agnails. In this case under adverse conditions skin around nails quickly becomes thinner, loses the elasticity and cracks easily or injured at the slightest influence. Additional coarsening of skin is promoted by long contact of hands with water and detergents in life, work with chemicals without use of protective gloves, a peresushivaniye or an obvetrivaniye, especially in winter season, etc. Emergence of agnails on fingers does even more probable lack of due daily manicuring, an obkusyvaniye of nails (onikhofagiya).

Besides agnails on fingers can arise at mechanical traumatizing a cuticle during performance of classical manicure or a pedicure. Also damage of a cuticle can be connected with a covering of nails varnishes of poor quality, use for nail extension of the low-quality materials containing methylmethacrylate. On fingers quite often leads a spontaneous gap to formation of agnails superfluous, accruing on a nail plate, a cuticle which in process of growth of a nail lasts together with it up.

In certain cases the reasons of a problem are covered in various endogenous violations: deficiency of minerals, vitamins A and E in an organism, dysbacteriosis, violations of food. Children usually have the reason of agnails a habit to suck fingers and to gnaw nails, mechanical microinjuries of skin of hands at a game with sand. Often agnails arise at teenage age, during intensive growth of the child. The main reason of agnails on male fingers the increased dryness and roughness of skin, and also neglect acts as regular leaving.

Microinjuries and violation of integrity of the skin surrounding a nail can serve as entrance gate for bacterial (golden staphylococcus, a streptococcus, a sinegnoyny stick) or a fungal infection (mushrooms Candida, dermatophytes) and to promote development of a paronychia. Such complication often arises at patients with diabetes, and also persons which are often contacting to water (dishwashers, housewives, cleaners, laundresses).

The characteristic of agnails on fingers

The agnail represents the site of the exfoliated skin near a nail plate. Agnails can settle down on side skin rollers or in the field of a cuticle; to be small or large, single or multiple. This defect of skin is a source of constant discomfort and causes many problems to the owner. Agnails on fingers are followed by morbidity, frequent bleeding.

Small scraps of skin near nails prevent to be engaged in daily affairs, cling to linen and clothes from delicate fabrics. Besides, the multiple or inflamed agnails on fingers spoil appearance of hands, doing them slovenly and careless that impresses not most favourably on people around. Owners of not well-groomed nails also quite often feel uncomfortablly and try to hide hands not to draw attention to them. Categorically unacceptable option of disposal of the exfoliated thin skin is the attempt to tear off an agnail nails or to bite off with teeth. In this case exactly it will not be possible to remove a skin rag all the same, but there is a risk in addition to injure healthy fabrics and to bring an infection in a wound.

Skin anguishes around a nail bear in themselves serious risk of development of an okolonogtevy felon (paronychia). In this case about a nail there is a reddening and a swelling, the pulsing pain in the beginning. Emergence of the site of a softening and change of skin color or a nail on yellowish testifies to a pus congestion in subnail space. In certain cases the paronychia gets a recidivous current, leading to a thickening, change of color, deformation of a nail or its loss.

Diagnostics and treatment of agnails on fingers

In most cases the problem of agnails on fingers does not demand special medical diagnostics. If, despite regular care of a cuticle, agnails on fingers arise again and again, it is necessary to visit the therapist or the dermatologist and to pass additional researches (biochemical blood test, the spectral analysis on minerals, the analysis a calla on dysbacteriosis, etc.). In case of formation of a paronychia can be required the pathogen separated on microflora with definition of sensitivity.

At development of an inflammation of the nail roller it is necessary to address the surgeon immediately. In the sharp period of a paronychia sublime situation is necessary to a finger, warm compresses, oral antibiotics are used. At the created okolonogtevy abscess its opening and drainage is required; at subnail abscess – partial or full removal of a nail plate.

For the purpose of elimination and prevention of emergence of agnails on fingers it is necessary to carry out correct house and saloon care of skin of hands and nails. In house conditions the following algorithm of removal of an agnail is recommended: in the beginning skin of hands needs to be steamed out within 10 minutes in a warm tray with addition of baking soda, salt, glycerin or several drops of any essential oil. It will allow to soften the skin roller and a cuticle. Then hands should be wiped dry a soft towel and in addition to process leather about a nail any anti-septic tank. For trimming of an agnail on a finger it is necessary to use the disinfected tools – sharp cuticle scissors or special tweezers with trihedral tips. When cutting a thin skin scissors should be held in parallel, and tweezers perpendicularly – it will provide more dense prileganiye and the low line of a cut. Upon termination of the procedure this area should be processed in addition disinfecting solution.

To get a professional advice and care of skin around nails, it is necessary to visit beauty shop. Here the parafinoterapiya, a peeling of hands and legs, a Spa manicure and a Spa pedicure can be offered the client with a problem of agnails on fingers. The most effective way of disposal of agnails on fingers is cut manicure / pedicure as he assumes full removal of a cuticle. The hardware or combined leaving is in certain cases effective. For gentlemen the procedures of men's manicure and a men's pedicure considering features of male skin and nails are offered. Care of nails should be trusted the qualified master using sterile tools and quality cosmetics.

In order that these measures were effective, it is necessary to refuse bad habit to gnaw nails, to protect skin of hands from aggressive influences (winds, low temperatures, chemicals, if necessary to use gloves and so forth). Preventive reception of vitamin and mineral complexes will be not superfluous. To prevent repeated emergence of agnails on fingers, 1-2 times a week are recommended to do trays for hands and legs (oil, soda, with sea salt, etc.), daily to use the special softening means for a cuticle, to apply the moisturizing or nutritious creams on the basis of each nail.

Agnails on fingers - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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