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Alcoholic nonsense of jealousy

Alcoholic nonsense of jealousy – the chronic metalkogolny psychosis which is characterized by prevalence of the ideas of marital infidelity. Develops gradually, there can be long time unnoticed for people around. Is followed by formation of system of the crazy ideas which gradually lose touch with reality more and more. Patients can watch the spouse, make an unreasonable claim, compel to recognitions and show sadistichesky behavior in relation to the wife. The crazy ideas remain even after refusal of alcohol, at the qualified treatment and long abstention the nonsense reduction is observed.

Alcoholic nonsense of jealousy

Alcoholic nonsense of jealousy – the psychosis arising against the background of long alcohol intake. Makes 1-3% of total of alcoholic psychoses. It is characterized by gradual, implicit strengthening of symptoms because of what the disease long time remains imperceptible for people around (except for family members). Usually develops at the II-III stages of alcoholism. Men at the age of 40 years suffer and are more senior, average age of emergence of the first symptoms – 49 years. This pathology is diagnosed for women extremely seldom.

Distinctive features of this alcoholic psychosis are high extent of systematization and the gradual progressing which is followed by aggravation of psychoorganic violations, increase in level of aggression and violations of social behavior. During alcoholic excesses patients quite often show cruelty in relation to wives or cohabitants, beatings and even murders are possible. The course of psychosis chronic, periodic aggravations are observed. Treatment of alcoholic nonsense of jealousy is performed by experts in the field of narcology and psychiatry.

The reasons of development and the contributing factors

The long abuse of alcohol which is followed by development of a psychoorganic syndrome is the main reason for development of psychosis. Usually the disease arises at patients with epileptoidny or paranoyalny accentuation of character. Prior to the beginning of a disease such patients are egocentric, mistrustful, suspicious, inclined to regulate rigidly life of people around and to demand strict observance of the rules established by them.

In the premorbidny period tendency to formation of the supervaluable ideas quite often comes to light. At most of patients the continuous long course of alcoholism is observed (ten years and more). Often signs of alcoholic degradation of the personality come to light. At the anamnesis there is delirium tremens and other alcoholic psychoses. The heavy violations of functions of internals, alcoholic encephalopathy, alcoholic polyneuritis and other diseases caused by chronic alcoholism can be found.

Symptoms and diagnostics of alcoholic nonsense of jealousy

The nonsense of jealousy develops gradually. In the beginning patients state suspicions or make a claim incidentally, in alcohol intoxication or against the background of an abstinence syndrome. After a while crazy interpretation of real events arises not only at alcohol intake, but also in a sober state. At initial stages of a disease a part is played by the real-life deterioration in the relations between spouses caused by long alcoholism of the patient.

As the patient forms nonsense, partially based on the current situation in a family (the conflicts, details of relationship etc.), in the beginning his ideas and statements look rather plausible for people around. In the subsequent the nonsense loses touch with reality more and more, is systematized, crystallizes and "acquires" a set of details. During this period quite often there are illusions in the form of ironic or sarcastic hints, scraps of a talk and casual phrases in which people around allegedly discuss a family situation of the patient.

The patient becomes more active. His verbal reproaches are supplemented with actions for "exposure" of allegedly incorrect spouse. The patient arranges shadowing, provokes the wife, creates situations in which treason "will come to light" and will be proved. At the time of existence of the USSR patients with nonsense of jealousy often addressed to labor unions and other organizations, asking to promote preservation of a family. Now the number of such actions for obvious reasons decreased, however patients can pay visits to the administration of the spouse, demanding "to track" or "to stop disgraceful behavior" wives.

In the subsequent the situation is even more aggravated, there are konfabulyation (false memories) of last events. The patient claims that the spouse not only is not loyal now, but also changed him throughout all family life. It believes that joint children are given birth not from it, and from the lover (or lovers) that it negatively affects his attitude towards children. In confirmation of the nonsense the patient gives the numerous "facts" generated by false memoirs (stories of other people, personal presence at the treason fact). At the same time the patient never speaks about the behavior at the moment when incorrectness of the wife was established to them even if tells about how he was the direct witness of the sexual relations of the spouse with other man.

Sometimes the nonsense of jealousy becomes complicated and contacts in uniform system other crazy ideas (damage, poisoning, fortunetelling). The behavior of the patient becomes more and more aggressive, is frequent – sadistichesky. Acts of physical abuse in relation to other family members become frequent (allegedly to the adulteress, "foreign" children "covering" the spouse to the mother-in-law etc.). There is a real danger of murder of the wife. Aggression in relation to the rival arises much less often even if "the spouse's lover" is well familiar to the patient. Sometimes the disease long remains not diagnosed as patients externally continue to behave as usual and "keep suspicions around" before full registration of nonsense. In such cases in advance planned murder of the wife can become the first certificate of a disease.

The patients having this alcoholic psychosis constitute big danger to people around. As such patients are inclined to hide the state from health workers, at suspicion on alcoholic nonsense of jealousy conduct expanded survey or use test with ethyl alcohol. 20% enter solution of ethyl alcohol intravenously, in 10-15 minutes there comes the alcoholic intoxication which is followed by a sharpening of the crazy ideas. As a result the patient shares the suspicions and problems connected with "incorrectness" of the spouse with the doctor.

Treatment and the forecast at alcoholic nonsense of jealousy

Treatment of psychosis long, is performed in the conditions of psychiatric or narcological office. To patients carry out dezintoksikatsionny therapy, enter high doses of vitamins, appoint neuroleptics. At initial stages, especially at resistant deep nonsense, use insulin a coma. Medicamentous therapy is supplemented with psychotherapeutic influence. Carry out treatment of alcoholic dependence. Patients are written out only after a reduction of the crazy ideas and disappearance of aggressive tendencies.

It is necessary to consider that patients can mislead relatives and medics, disease symptoms, assuring other people of the recovery and demanding an extract. To prevent danger to people around, the extract in such cases is made out only according to the decision of the medical commission. Within 3 years after an extract patients are observed at the narcologist and the psychiatrist. At an aggravation of nonsense they are immediately hospitalized. If the patient refuses treatment, compulsory hospitalization is shown.

The forecast at this pathology doubtful. At many patients the crazy ideas remain even after full refusal of alcohol intake. However at the qualified treatment and observance of a sober way of life the nonsense gradually weakens though not always disappears completely. Patients say that they "forgive" the spouse, consider the past unimportant and want to improve the relations. Approximately in 30% of cases within several years after the termination of the use of alcoholic drinks there comes almost absolute recovery.

If the patient continues to accept alcohol, symptoms of psychosis remain. The accruing intellectual and cognitive decrease caused by organic changes in a brain becomes the only reason of reduction of intensity and value of the crazy ideas in process of aging of the patient. At elderly patients the number of false memories increases, at the same time the nonsense of jealousy loses the sharpness a little and is partially replaced with nonsense of damage.

Alcoholic nonsense of jealousy - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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