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Allergic heylit – damage of lips which cornerstone the giperergichesky inflammation developing at direct contact with allergen is. Allergic heylit proves burning sensation, an itch, dryness, hyperaemia, hypostasis, morbidity and a peeling of lips. Pathology is diagnosed on the basis of the given the anamnesis and clinical manifestations revealed during dental survey, and also results of skin and allergic tests. Treatment of an allergic heylit includes the reception of antihistaminic medicines added with local applications of resolvents.

Allergic heylit

Allergic heylit - the inflammatory disease of a red border of lips arising because of a sensitization (pathological sensitivity) to various irritants. Allergic heylit also call contact as it develops in response to direct contact with allergen. Allergic reaction of the IV (slowed-down) type is the cornerstone of this form of a heylit. The period of formation of pathological sensitivity and the immune answer can vary over a wide range – from a week to several months or years. It depends on features of endocrine and nervous systems of the individual, and also his allergic status. It is characteristic that at an allergic heylit skin tests can not reveal positive reaction to an estimated irritant. In practice of stomatology this disease is most often observed at women 20 years are more senior and practically does not occur at children till 1 year.

Reasons of an allergic heylit

There is a set of the contact irritants capable to cause allergic heylit. The most widespread allergen is lipstick (in particular – the fluorescent components which are contained in it, rhodamine, , etc.) for this reason an allergic heylit women are ill more often. Also other cosmetics (creams, planimetric pencils), toothpastes and elixirs, plastic dentures and so forth, constantly adjoining to lips can be a cause of illness.

Quite often allergic reaction is caused by the use of fruit (pineapples, a citrus, berries, etc.), a habit to chew chewing gum, to take in a mouth writing-materials (handles, pencils), etc. Besides, in some cases the professional nature of pathology comes to light: for example, at irritation of lips a mouthpiece of a wind instrument at musicians, aggressive substances during the work on chemical production, etc.

In all cases low-molecular substances sensitizers get to an organism through microcracks and wounds on lips. At primary contact with allergen the sensitization of T-lymphocytes which at a repeated meeting with an anti-gene allocate over 30 various mediators causing the cellular mediated immune reactions develops. Thus, clinical manifestations of an allergic heylit develop on all sites of the lips and an adjacent integument which was earlier contacting to prichinno significant irritant.

Symptoms of an allergic heylit

As the first displays of a disease serve feelings of burning and an itch, and also hyperaemia and puffiness of lips. In that place where there was a contact with an irritant, accurately limited eritema (reddening) is formed, lips dry up and are shelled. In case of strong inflammatory reaction on sites of defeat emergence of small bubbles which quickly enough are spontaneously opened is possible, leaving erosion on the place. If the disease proceeds is rather long, dryness of lips amplifies, on them cracks appear.

Usually pathological process at an allergic heylit does not go beyond a red border of lips, but in certain cases can take an integument around it. Distribution of inflammatory reaction to a mucous membrane of a mouth is possible. At the same time hyperaemia and puffiness of fabrics is noted, at a palpation the patient has painful feelings.

Diagnostics of an allergic heylit

Allergic heylit is diagnosed by the dentist during survey on the basis of the given the anamnesis and observed symptoms. In some cases consultation of the allergist and carrying out skin for exact definition of the allergen which caused pathological process is required. The instruction on recently happened contact with an irritant is of great importance for diagnostics.

Allergic heylit it is necessary to differentiate from an atopic heylit, and also dry forms of an eksfoliativny and aktinichesky heylit. The main difference of an atopic heylit from allergic is the likhenization of a red border of lips which is especially expressed in mouth corners. At a dry form of an eksfoliativny heylit it is not observed obligatory for an allergic heylit of an eritema and there is never a defeat of all surface of a red border of lips. Some kinds of lipstick can become the reason of an aktinichesky heylit as increase local photosensitivity. Allergic heylit differentiate from a dry form of an aktinichesky heylit on lack of an orogoveniye, verrukozny educations and signs of seasonality of display of a disease.

It is inadmissible to try to treat independently allergic heylit, at emergence of symptoms of a disease it is necessary to see a doctor who will make the exact diagnosis and will appoint necessary medicamentous therapy immediately.

Treatment and prevention of an allergic heylit

Treatment of an allergic heylit first of all means elimination of contact with the irritant which caused development of a disease, - it is the main condition of recovery. Medicamentous therapy can be divided into system (general) and topichesky (local). The general therapy includes intake or parenteral introduction of a number of medicines. For a hyposensitization antihistamines are appointed (for example, , , etc.). In difficult cases the drugs containing corticosteroids (Prednisolonum, dexamethasone) which also have anti-inflammatory effect are applied. Besides, use calcium medicines, , thiosulphate of sodium of 30%, vasoprotectives, sedatives and tranquilizers.

Local treatment consists in use of kortikosteroidny ointments (Prednisolonum, a hydrocortisone, , etc.), dental adhesive paste, oil of a sea-buckthorn, A and E vitamins. Also in complex therapy of a disease use of beams of Bukki – ultrasoft x-ray radiation is possible.

At in due time begun treatment of manifestation of an allergic heylit quickly enough disappear, the forecast favorable. For prevention of repeated episodes of a disease it is recommended to exclude contact with the known allergen. Precisely to establish irritants which can become the reason of development of allergic reaction it is necessary to address the allergologist and to conduct researches (skin tests). Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to a diet, to exclude the irritating products, to refuse harmful oral habits, and also use of cosmetics for lips.

Allergic heylit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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