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Alveolit – post-traumatic infection and an inflammation of a tooth hole after removal of tooth. It is characterized by severe pain in a hole, violation of the general state (the weakness increased by the body temperature, a headache), increase in submaxillary lymph nodes, an unpleasant, putrefactive smell from a mouth. Within several days alveolit can develop in limited osteomyelitis (purulent fusion of a bone of a jaw). Treatment of an alveolit consists in clarification of a hole with the subsequent regular washing by its solution antiseptics. At timely sanitation of a hole – the forecast favorable.


    Alveolit - it is an acute inflammation of walls of a hole on the place of the extracted tooth. Together with alveolity damage of the hole and razmozzheny the gum surrounding it is observed.

    Reasons of an alveolit

    Alveolit meets after extraction of teeth. Normal the hole has to heal for several days, and intensive pains already in a day after removal of tooth should not be. As a result the blood clot covering a wound was shifted or was not created in general, she is infected. Arises alveolit and healing of a wound surface drags on.

    Violations of the post-operational mode when active rinsing of an oral cavity leads to washing away of blood clot and an exposure of a wound surface with the subsequent its infection, are the main reasons for alveolit. To an alveolit can bring violations of hygiene of an oral cavity, hit into a food hole. Uncured caries of the next teeth and inflammatory processes in an oral cavity lead to alveolita. Therefore if there are no emergency indications for extraction of tooth, then at first carry out treatment of caries.

    About 3% of all operations on removal of teeth are complicated by a post-extraction alveolit. During removal of the lower molars alveolit it is diagnosed more often. Removal of the lower wisdom teeth with the complicated eruption in 20% of cases becomes complicated alveolity.

    Clinical manifestations of an alveolit

    After extraction of tooth painful feelings are the normal phenomenon. In process of healing of a hole pain ceases and in several days passes. At you alveolit discomfort and pain at first abate, but for 3-5 day after extraction of tooth, there is a severe, sometimes pulsing pain in a hole. In process of development of infectious process pain amplifies. Weight of an alveolit characterizes a pain syndrome: pain can be moderate or pulsing intolerable. Morbidity are observed only in the extracted tooth, but sometimes at an alveolita pain irradiates on all half of the face.

    At an alveolita temperature can rise to subfebrilny figures, sensitivity of teeth to cold/hot food increases. Sometimes regionarny lymph nodes increase, bitter smack in a mouth and fetid breath appears. Because of painful feelings appetite decreases, salivation increases. If the hole of tooth was quite big size, then alveolit is followed by a swelling of the person. Sometimes the general state suffers, weakness, increased fatigue appears, sometimes on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity there are secondary infectious centers.

    Diagnostics of an alveolit

    Emergence of an acute pain for 3-5 day after extraction of tooth and the dragged-out process of healing of a hole – is the main signs of an alveolit. Chronic alveolit can come to light during routine inspections when on the place long ago of the extracted tooth there is a hole, absolutely empty without granulyatsionny fabrics, at its bottom the bone is quite often visible.

    To reveal existence of changes of fabrics and to confirm the diagnosis of an alveolit the X-ray analysis or a radioviziografiya of area of the extracted tooth helps.

    Treatment of an alveolit

     The purpose of treatment of an alveolit is elimination of the center of an infection, prevention of complications and preservation of other tooth alignment.

    Locally resort to mechanical clarification of a hole and to the subsequent washing away of the purulent remains by means of solution of a nitrofural or peroxide of hydrogen. For knocking over of a pain syndrome use local applications with analgetics and anesthetics. The lotion is put for half an hour, then delete it to prevent in it reproduction of microbes. The procedure can be repeated several times a day. Application of the tableted analgetics is inexpedient as demands big dosages that is fraught with sharp gastritises.

    In the presence of associated diseases and decrease in immunity apply antibiotics. If symptoms of an alveolit within several days do not abate, then it indicates development of limited osteomyelitis. At the timely address to the stomatologist and treatment alveolit passes within several days, residual lunochny pains can drag on for 2-3 weeks.

    Alveolit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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