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Ankiloblefaron – pathology of an organ of vision at which there is a full or partial union of edges a century. It is shown by existence of solderings in the form of hems or tyazhy between the upper and lower eyelid, narrowing or lack of an eye crack. Ankiloblefaron is diagnosed by means of visual survey and biomicroscopy; the oftalmoskopiya, KT or MRT of orbits, ultrasonography of an eyeball are in addition carried out. Treatment depends on a disease form: correction of a congenital ankiloblefaron only surgical; acquired demands an integrated approach (medicamentous therapy plus surgical intervention), the choice of tactics depends on primary disease.


Ankiloblefaron (from Greek ankylos – curved, a curve, blepharon – an eyelid) is a disease of an eye at which there is a partial or full union of the upper and lower eyelid therefore the eye crack is reduced or completely is absent. In ophthalmology allocate congenital and acquired. Congenital - rather rare pathology, its population frequency is not defined. The acquired option, for example, after a long chronic inflammation or a thermal burn of eyes meets more often a century. Acquired can arise at any age. With an identical frequency it is diagnosed for men and for women. Meets in all developed countries.

Reasons of an ankiloblefaron

Congenital , as well as other anomalies of an organ of vision, it can be descended, both a recessive, and prepotent way. This pathology meets in structure of some hereditary syndromes: Hay-Wells's syndrome, syndrome of a popliteal pterigium and some other ektodermalny displaziya. In some cases it can be caused by the spontaneous mutations caused by impact on a fruit of teratogenny factors.

Acquired results from thermal burns of eyes acid, alkali, the boiled water melted by metal. Also the union can be formed a century after some diseases leading to a long chronic inflammation of edges a century such as shingles, cicatricial , Stephens-Johnson's syndrome, diphtheria of eyes. It is often combined with simblefarony (a conjunctiva union a century with a conjunctiva skler).

Symptoms of an ankiloblefaron

The congenital form of pathology comes to light right after the birth. The union is more often observed a century from the temporal party, is more rare - with nasal. At the same time there is a shift of plaintive bodies to a nose, length of the lower plaintive tubule also increases, plaintive meat grows together with an internal part of a century. Can meet in the form of a thin soyedinitelnotkanny tyazh which is a residual element of a full union a century in the period of an embryonal development. Through it not changed eyeball is visible. Usually congenital skulls, such as crevice of a lip and hard palate,  (abnormally small sizes of an eyeball), various degree (omission of an upper eyelid), (a special fold at an internal corner of an eye), the koloboma of a vascular cover (the defect of development which is shown lack of a part of a vascular cover of an eye), etc. is combined with other anomalies of development of eyes or.

Clinical manifestations of the acquired ankiloblefaron depend on weight of a causal disease (a blefarit, a burn). There is a damage of skin a century and the subject fabrics, as leads further to cicatricial changes of edges and formation of an ankiloblefaron. The disease can be followed by a strong pain syndrome in an eye, dacryagogue, turbidity of a cornea before formation of cicatricial changes, sharp hypostasis of a conjunctiva up to a necrosis.

Diagnostics and treatment of an ankiloblefaron

Diagnostics of a congenital ankiloblefaron is performed at survey of the newborn in maternity hospital by the ophthalmologist. At a full union a century carry out KT of orbits and an ekhografiya of soft fabrics for detection of other anomalies of development. Acquired it is diagnosed by means of a biomicroscopy method with use of a slot-hole lamp. Whenever possible define visual acuity, measure VGD, perform inspection of an eye bottom. At a total union a century ultrasonography of an eyeball or MRT of orbits is necessary for assessment of a condition of internal structures of an eyeball.

Treatment of this pathology only surgical. At congenital option operation is appointed in most near future after the birth and consists in a section of solderings between centuries. In the absence of additional anomalies of development the forecast favorable. Treatment of the acquired ankiloblefaron consists in definition of the reason of an union. Then the obligatory stage – medicamentous therapy for knocking over of inflammatory changes in area follows a century. Performing expeditious treatment comes down to integrity restoration a century, operation has reconstructive character. The forecast for sight is more often adverse.

Preventive measures are directed to prevention of emergence only of the acquired ankiloblefaron. Observance of all safety rules during the work with dangerous chemicals, use of individual protection equipment, such as points, gloves, masks is the cornerstone of prevention. It is also necessary to protect eyes and skin a century from influence of hot air and steam.

Ankiloblefaron - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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