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Anorgazmiya – lack of an orgasm at sufficient sexual stimulation. It is shown by impossibility of a sexual discharge, rare approach of sexual satisfaction or emergence of an orgasm only in the presence of special conditions. The diagnosis is established on the basis of complaints and the anamnesis of a disease. Psychodiagnostic techniques are applied to specification of the somatic and psychological reasons of this state, laboratory analyses and tool researches are appointed. Treatment – psychotherapy, medicamentous therapy, physical therapy, reflexotherapy. At malformations and cicatricial changes of genitals surgical intervention sometimes is required.


Anorgazmiya – a widespread pathological state in modern sexology. It is in most cases diagnosed for female patients. According to data of researches, before first labor the satisfaction at sexual contact feels only 70% of women. From 10 to 20% of the women having regular sexual relations for 10 and more years suffer from lack of an orgasm. The probability of achievement of a discharge depends on circumstances of sexual life, frustration quite often arises after long abstention or when changing the sexual partner. Connection of lack of an orgasm with masturbation usually is not traced. The forecast depends on the reasons of development of pathology.

Anorgazmiya reasons

This state belongs to the category of polietiologichny. It is possible to allocate two big groups of the reasons of its emergence – somatic and psychological. Psychological factors meet more often, include:

  • Disorders of psychosexual development. This group includes violation of polorolevy behavior models, pathology of sexual identification, distortion of psychosexual orientation and other psychological phenomena which can meet separately or be combined among themselves.
  • Personal features. In formation of an anorgazmiya bashfulness, excessive shyness, suspiciousness, constraint, tendency "to get stuck" in unpleasant experiences, difficulties can play a part when switching attention, inability to relax.
  • Psychogenic factors. The postponed psychological injuries become the reason of lack of sensual peak during the sexual act sometimes: the incestuous relations in the childhood, rape, a rough defloration. At the initial stage of sex life pathology can be caused by unsuccessful experience of the first relations. Some patients are afraid of publicity of the relations or undesirable pregnancy.
  • Mental disorders. Anorgazmiya arises in connection with violations of thinking, the emotional or intellectual sphere. Often accompanies a depression, it can be diagnosed at generalized disturbing disorder, panic frustration, dysmorphophobia, violations of food behavior, a serious illness with psychotic symptomatology.

Malformations of reproductive system, inflammatory processes in a zone of a small pelvis, a state after the complicated childbirth, injuries and diseases of genitals are among the somatic reasons of this violation. Anorgazmiya is observed at congenital anomalies, injuries and diseases of a spinal cord with violation of an innervation, at heavy somatic pathology and at an adynamy of various genesis (after traumatic damages, somatic and infectious diseases, against the background of exhaustion). Sometimes insufficient stimulation of erogenous zones, a carelessness or roughness of the partner during sexual intercourse becomes the reason of frustration.


Anorgazmiya can be independent pathology or be combined with frigidity. Taking into account time of approach distinguish the following types of frustration:

  • Primary. Experience of orgazmichesky feelings and the emotional experiences caused by these feelings completely is absent.
  • Secondary. In the anamnesis approach of an orgasm at any kind of stimulation is noted, however now achievement of peak at sexual intercourse is impossible.

Taking into account weight and features of a current allocate:

  • Total anorgazmiya. The sexual relations never come to the end with an orgasm regardless of the nature of stimulation.
  • To Oligoorgazmy (sporadic or partial anorgazmiya). The pleasure peak at various types of stimulation comes seldom and irregularly.
  • Nimfomanichesky anorgazmiya. High excitability at dissatisfaction and lack of feeling of completeness of a koitus is observed.
  • Situational anorgazmiya. Achievement of an orgasm is possible in certain circumstances (in one pose, at sexual perversions, unusual stimulation and so forth). A kind of pathology is the koitalny anorgazmiya – a state at which the orgasm is noted at masturbation, but not at sexual intercourse.

Anorgazmiya symptoms

The main complaint is total absence or rare approach of an orgasm. Psychological perception of frustration significantly differs. One patients are positive to sexual contacts, feel a certain pleasure and relaxation. Others test indifference, perceive sexual life as a duty. The third revolt, avoid sexual intercourses. The somatic state also varies. In one cases the symptomatology is absent. In others (is more often – at nimfomanichesky option) the headaches, sleeplessness and belly-aches caused by lack of a discharge and developments of stagnation in a small pelvis are observed.


Anorgazmiya can become the reason of a depression and neurotic frustration, aggravate already available depressive and neurotic symptomatology. Pathology quite often provokes cooling, and in some cases – even emergence of disgust for the partner that negatively influences all aspects of the family relations, leads to the conflicts and becomes one more factor increasing probability of a nevrotization. Experts specify that the anorgazmiya increases probability of developing of a varicosity of the small pelvis which is followed by pains in the lower part of a stomach, weight, discomfort and pain in a zone of genitalia.


Diagnosis, as a rule, does not cause difficulties. To Anorgazmy diagnose taking into account complaints and data of the anamnesis. For specification of the causes of pathology appoint various programs of inspection made taking into account the data obtained when holding poll and external survey of the patient:

At detection of other somatic pathology the patient is directed to experts of the corresponding profile. Differential diagnostics is performed with a psevdoanorgazmiya – a state at which the woman tests the multiple softly expressed orgasms or wavy peak of pleasure.

Treatment of an anorgazmiya

Medical tactics is defined individually. In the presence of causal pathology carry out therapy of the revealed mental disorders and somatic diseases. According to indications (for example, at congenital defects of a reproductive system) carry out surgeries. The plan of treatment can include:

  • Medicines. To patients appoint antidepressants, tranquilizers, sedatives synthetic and a phytogenesis, the vitamins, biogenous stimulators all-strengthening medicines. If necessary apply hormonal therapy.
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures. In the course of treatment of an anorgazmiya use different types of massage, reflexotherapy, electrostimulation, an electrodream, vibro-and hydrostimulation.
  • Psychotherapy. For study of the psychoinjuring situations, correction of neurotic frustration, resolution of conflicts, increase in level of credibility in the relations and improvements of psychological climate in a family hold individual and family consultations.

An important role in therapy of an anorgazmiya is played by treatment at the sexologist. The expert helps to overcome the psychological bans and sexual fears, to reduce concern level concerning the sexual solvency and appeal. In the course of therapy the patient learns to understand better requirements of the body, her partner – to consider these needs for the course of sexual intercourse, both members of couple – openly to discuss problems in the sexual relations.

Forecast and prevention

The forecast is defined by the anorgazmiya reasons. In the absence of the heavy mental or somatic disorders interfering achievement of an orgasm, an important role is played by readiness of partners for change of sexual behavior, revision of borders of the acceptable actions in the course of sexual intercourse, to manifestation of attention to desires and needs of each other. Prevention consists in adequate sex education, formation of the correct polorolevy models, increase in level of sexual literacy, creation of the comfortable relations in couple, observance of a work-rest schedule, the prevention and treatment of diseases of the sexual sphere.

Anorgazmiya - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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