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Atopic heylit – the chronic inflammatory disease of a red border of lips arising owing to allergic reaction of an organism to various irritants. Atopic heylit it is shown by an itch, burning, puffiness, morbidity, dryness, a peeling of a red border of lips and skin of perioralny area. Diagnostics is based on data of the anamnesis, clinical manifestations, a histologic research of fabrics, skin tests. Treatment includes reception of antihistaminic and kortikosteroidny medicines, vitamins, local use of hormonal ointments and influence by Bukki's beams. The diet, refusal of alcohol and smoking is recommended to the patient.

Atopic heylit

Atopic heylit – the inflammatory defeat of tissues of lips caused by pathological sensitivity to irritants (allergens). This pathology concerns to group of symptomatic heylit. Atopic heylit is one of symptoms of atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis) though the skin disease can not prove throughout long time any other symptoms, except damage of lips. The modern stomatology considers that it atopic heylit substantially is caused by hereditary predisposition though an important role in its development is played also by environment conditions. Atopic heylit most often arises at children and teenagers at the age of 5–17 years and quite often passes independently with end of a puberty. Though, it should be noted that in the last decades the age group of patients "grows old" – this form of a heylit even more often occurs at people 40 years are more senior.

Reasons of an atopic heylit

Most often development of a heylit is connected with genetic predisposition to an atopic allergy, and also disorders of activity vegetative and the central nervous system. Pathological process is "started", as a rule, by any violations in work of an organism: general decrease in immunity, chronic diseases, defective food, shortage of vitamins and minerals, frequent stresses, excessive physical and intellectual activities.

There is a set of various irritants which can become an immediate cause of allergic reaction; among widespread allergens it is possible to call medicines, pollen of plants, foodstuff, household dust and many other things. In addition, a recurrence of a disease is caused by diseases of lungs and digestive tract, pathology of endocrine system, diseases of ENT organs, an intestinal dysbiosis, psychological stresses, addictions and other factors.

Symptoms of an atopic heylit

Atopic heylit is characterized by the defeat of a red border of lips and skin around it which is the most intensively shown in mouth corners. At the same time the mucous membrane of an oral cavity is never involved in pathological process. The disease begins with small hypostasis of lips, feeling of an itch and dryness. After that on the inflamed surface of a red border accurately limited site of bright pink color – an eritem appears.

Further sharp manifestations of inflammatory process abate a little, there is a likhenization of fabrics in the place of defeat. Infiltration and a peeling of a red border of lips develop, small cracks and grooves are formed. Existence of typical defeats of an integument in other parts of a body is considered characteristic display of an atopic allergy (the person, bends of elbows, areas under knees).

Atopic heylit is characterized by seasonality of manifestations, aggravations usually arise in the fall and in the winter, and in the summer symptoms of a disease disappear. It is noted that at many young patients of display of a disease often disappear independently with end of the period of puberty though further nevertheless emergence of a recurrence is possible.

Diagnostics of an atopic heylit

Atopic heylit the dentist, based on data of the anamnesis, a clinical picture and, if necessary, additional researches diagnoses: the morphological analysis of the struck fabrics and skin tests for clarification of the exact reason of allergic reaction. For completeness of a diagnostic picture involvement of other experts – the allergist, the otolaryngologist, the gastroenterologist and the dermatologist can be required.

, uniform , existence in the top part terms of perivaskulyarny infiltrates from lymphocytes, gistiotsit and eosinophils are histologic signs of an atopic heylit.

Atopic heylit is differentiated from forms of a heylit, similar in symptomatology: aktinichesky, eksfoliativny and allergic, and also from a streptococcal and kandidozny zayeda. Aktinichesky heylit differs from atopic in accurately traced dependence of pathological process on insolation, an aggravation of manifestations during the spring and summer period and lack of defeat of fabrics in mouth corners.

The wavy current, existence of a pink eritema and infiltration of fabrics in the place of defeat is not characteristic of an eksfoliativny heylit. Besides, at an eksfoliativny heylit pathological process does not affect skin and corners of lips. Allergic heylit it is excluded on lack of dependence of displays of a disease on direct contact of lips with allergen. Are very similar on symptoms a streptococcal and kandidozny zayeda which also strike mouth corners, but at these diseases does not occur characteristic of an atopic heylit of a likhenization of fabrics. Besides, atopic heylit it is differentiated from a red volchanka of lips by means of survey under Wood's lamp.

Treatment of an atopic heylit

The general treatment of an atopic heylit consists in elimination of the irritating factors and implementation of the nonspecific desensibilizing therapy: antihistamines (, , , ), corticosteroids (Prednisolonum or dexamethasone), (hypodermically), sodium thiosulphate are for this purpose applied (intravenously). If necessary tranquilizers are appointed (oxazepam, diazepam, etc.).

Vitamin therapy is carried out - B1, B6, B12, C, PP vitamins are especially important. Locally apply ointments on the basis of corticosteroids – prednizolonovy or gidrokortizonovy. Also applications of keratoplastichesky means, vitamins A and E in oil, use of dental adhesive paste are recommended. At weak efficiency of conservative therapy the good result brings use of boundary beams of Bukki.

An important role in treatment of a disease is played by a diet. It is necessary to eliminate from a diet products which can provoke development of an allergy (a citrus, chocolate, strawberry, caviar, sharp, salty, etc.) and to considerably reduce consumption of carbohydrates. It is very important to refuse reception of alcoholic beverages and smoking of tobacco completely.

Forecast and prevention of an atopic heylit

At the correct treatment of an atopic heylit forecast favorable. At young patients with the end of the period of puberty (19–20 years) of display of a disease can independently disappear almost completely, but it does not exclude possible emergence of a recurrence in the future.

For prevention of development of an atopic heylit it is necessary to watch the general state of health, to strengthen immunity, in due time to carry out therapy of chronic diseases, correctly and fully to eat, avoid frequent stresses, excessive physical and intellectual activities. With predisposition to allergic reactions it is necessary to exclude the products capable to cause an organism sensitization from a diet, to try to avoid possible contacts with allergens (pollen of plants, medicines, dust, etc.), to reduce amount of carbohydrate food in a diet, to refuse alcohol intake and to leave off smoking.

Atopic heylit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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