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Miozit back muscles – the inflammatory process which is followed by a pain syndrome and formation of small knots in the thickness of muscular tissue. Can develop at injuries, intoxications, infectious and parasitic diseases, some autoimmune and hereditary diseases. Proceeds sharply or chronically. Alternation of the periods of aggravations and remissions is characteristic of a chronic form. It is shown by tension of muscles and pains which are mainly arising in the morning or after physical activity. For specification of the diagnosis and definition of the reason of a miozit the general and biochemical blood test, MRT, the analysis can be appointed to antibodies, an electromyography and a biopsy of the affected muscles. Treatment is conservative, includes symptomatic therapy (anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medicines, physiotherapy) and the pathogenetic therapy directed to elimination of the main disease.

Miozit back muscles

Miozit back muscles – rather widespread pathology. It can be observed at a number of infectious and noninfectious diseases, to be sharp or chronic. Emergence is possible at any age, both men, and women suffer. Most often develops miozit in the field of lumbar, is more rare – in the field of cervical and chest department of a backbone. Treatment is performed by orthopedists and traumatologists.


Miozit can be both an independent disease, and a complication of other pathological processes. Sharp infectious diseases (flu, quinsy, ORZ) are the most common cause of development. Besides, symptoms of a miozit can appear at parasitic infections and intoxications owing to diseases of a metabolism, poisoning with drugs, alcohol, some other industrial and household toxins.

The contributing factors of development of a miozit are injuries, viral diseases, overcooling, long physical activity in the conditions of low temperatures, excessive loading, a lack of physical activity, a constant overstrain of a certain group of muscles at performance of professional or household duties, long stay in an uncomfortable position, muscular spasms, stresses and a nerve strain.

Also allocate special forms of a disease: sharp purulent miozit, miozit at specific infections (tuberculosis, syphilis), traumatic ossifitsiruyushchiya miozit, genetically caused ossifitsiruyushchiya miozit (the progressing ossifitsiruyushchy dysplasia), idiopathic and juvenile dermatomiozit and polimiozit, dermatomiozit and polimiozit at malignant tumors and some diseases of connecting fabric.


The clinical symptomatology in many respects is defined by an etiology. The general sign are the pains in a certain area of a back (cervical, chest, lumbar) arising after a dream, then gradually decreasing and again increasing at physical activity or stay in an uncomfortable position. At survey hypostasis (usually insignificant) and tension of muscles comes to light. Unsharply expressed skin hyperaemia in the field of defeat is possible. The movements in perednezadny and the side directions are usually limited. The palpation is painful, at palpation small knots and sites of consolidation are defined. At a chronic miozit the atrophy of the inflamed muscle quite often comes to light.

Cervical miozit usually arises after stay on a draft. Patients complain of the pains on the one hand (on the right or at the left) extending from the lower part of a nape to or a shoulder joint. At a chest and lumbar miozit of pain also unilateral are more often. At an inflammation of muscles of chest department irradiation on the course of edges is possible. At a miozita in a waist pain can be as weak, bringing insignificant discomfort, and intensive, significantly limiting the movements and walking.


The diagnosis is exposed on the basis of complaints of the patient, the anamnesis (excessive loading, cold, stay on a draft etc.) and these objective researches. The difdiagnostika of a miozit of muscles of a back with the radiculitis and a radicular syndrome complicating the course of osteochondrosis and a spondilez is in parallel carried out. For identification of signs of an inflammation appoint the general and biochemical blood test. For an exception of autoimmune processes carry out the analysis on antibodies. For assessment of a condition of muscular tissue of the patient direct to MRT of soft fabrics and an electromyography. At suspicion on the tubercular nature of a disease carry out a backbone X-ray analysis. In doubtful cases carry out a biopsy of the affected muscle. If necessary appoint consultations of the infectiologist, the rheumatologist, the endocrinologist, the phthisiatrician, the venereologist and other experts.

treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

In the sharp period the bed rest is shown. For elimination of a pain syndrome use NPVP of the general and local action. In the subsequent patients are directed to physiotherapy. At a chronic miozit hydrotherapy, thermal procedures (ozokerite, paraffin), mud cure, steam medical souls, phototherapy, an electrophoresis with novocaine, iodine and Ichthyol, and also massage and LFK is shown. At a considerable atrophy of muscles apply adenosine triphosphoric and glyutaminovy acid. Patients are directed to sanatorium treatment.

Special forms

Sharp purulent miozit arises owing to infection of muscles of a back at skin injuries, spread of a purulent infection from the next fabrics (at a piodermiya, a furunkuleza, an anthrax) or a drift of pathogenic microorganisms with blood current. Streptococci, gonokokk, pneumococci and Ebert's stick can act as activators. Formation of the limited purulent centers in the form of one or several abscesses or development of a flegmonozny form of a disease is possible. The disease begins sharply. There is back pain which is followed by weakness, weakness, a headache and temperature increase. The area of defeat is edematous, hyperemic. In the beginning the muscle is condensed, then in muscular tissue the zybleniye centers are formed. At early stages treatment conservative, to patients appoint UVCh and antibiotic treatment. When forming an abscess carry out opening and drainage.

Ossifitsiruyushchy miozit is observed seldom and subdivided into two subtypes: traumatic and progressing. The first subtype of a disease arises after injuries of muscles of a back and is followed by formation of the site of ossification of muscular tissue in the field of damage. Treatment – excision of the ossifitsirovanny site proceeds favorably. The second subtype is genetically caused disease, affects not only muscles of a back, but also practically all groups of muscles. Results from a mutation of genes, it is inclined to the steady progressing current, comes to an end with a lethal outcome owing to ossification of the muscles participating in breath and swallowing.

Dermatomiozitthe system disease affecting skeletal and smooth muscles, and also skin and internals. If changes of integuments are absent, speak about a polimiozita. Arises seldom, women are ill more often than men. Is a multifactorial disease, refer insolation, some viral and bacterial infections, and also reception of a number of medicines to number of provocative factors. Can sharply proceed, or chronically. Is followed by weakness of muscles of an upper back (cervical department), an abdominal tension, a pelvic and humeral belt, damage of lungs, hearts, joints and digestive tract. Treatment – reception of glucocorticoids and tsitostatik.

Tubercular miozit back muscles, as a rule, arises upon transition of process from regionarny lymph nodes, vertebras and joints of a backbone. Hematogenic transfer of an infection is in some cases observed. Can proceed in the form of a typical miozit, cold abscess and a muscular sclerosis. Antitubercular therapy is carried out, if necessary surgeries are carried out.

Syphilitic miozit usually develops in the tertiary period of syphilis, flying mialgiya without inflammation signs are characteristic of secondary syphilis. Damage of a muscle, as a rule, has diffusion character. In some cases in - a clavicular and mastoidal muscle separate gumma can be formed. Antisyphilitic therapy is carried out.

Miozit back muscles - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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