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Balanopostit at boys – the inflammation taking a head of a penis and an internal leaf of a preputsialny bag (extreme flesh). Balanopostit at boys it is characterized by an itch and burning in the field of a head, puffiness and the reddening of extreme flesh complicated by an urination, purulent separated from a preputsialny bag. Balanopostit for boys it is diagnosed on the basis of external signs and laboratory data (OAK, OAM, results of the bacteriological crops separated by PTsR, IFA). Treatment of a balanopostit at boys includes local trays with disinfecting solutions, washing of a head of a penis, removal of a smegma and allocations, use of antimicrobic and anti-inflammatory ointments; at a chronic balanopostit it is shown .

Balanopostit at boys

Balanopostit at boys – the inflammatory process proceeding with involvement of a head of a penis and an internal leaf of extreme flesh. Balanopostit it is diagnosed approximately for 6% of boys and for 11% of the adult men who are not subjected earlier to trimming of extreme flesh. Inflammatory diseases of a head of a penis (balanita) and extreme flesh (postita) most often occur at boys up to 5 years and at the men who are sexually active. Treatment of a balanopostit at boys is a serious problem of pediatrics, children's urology and children's surgery. Prevention, timely and high-quality therapy of a balanopostit at the child – guarantee of his reproductive and sexual health in the future.

The reasons of a balanopostit at boys

Lack of due hygienic care of genitals is the main reason for a balanopostit at boys. It leads to a congestion under extreme flesh of a secret of preputsialny glands – smegma which serve as the favorable environment for reproduction of the microorganisms causing an inflammation.

Promotes development of a balanopostit in boys so-called physiological , taking place also the complicating hygienic leaving in connection with impossibility to completely bare a head at procrastination of extreme flesh is normal at children up to 3-5 years. Quite often balanopostit at boys arises in attempts of parents independently violently to open a head – in this case various activators easily get to a preputsialny bag from the external environment. Violation of independent cleaning of a preputsialny bag can be promoted by the expressed sinekhiya of extreme flesh. As the most frequent activators of a balanopostit at boys streptokkok, colibacillus, staphylococcus, proteas, a herpes virus, barmy fungi (Candida) act.

However in certain cases balanopostit at boys, on the contrary, it can be caused by excessively diligent hygiene and frequent washing of a head of a penis with soap or other irritating means. Allergic reactions (contact dermatitis) can turn out to be consequence of use of children's creams, linen from the remains of detergents etc. Children's cosmetics and household chemicals can provoke not only balanopostit, but also an inflammation of buttocks and area of a crotch at the child (so-called diaper dermatitis).

Development of a balanopostit in kids can be promoted by rare change of diapers or their wrong selection (use too big by the size or too close diapers). At more advanced age balanopostit at boys can arise at continuous traumatizing extreme flesh tight shorts, seams on linen etc. Endocrine diseases (diabetes, obesity), urological diseases (cystitis, pyelonephritis, an urolithic disease), overcoolings, avitaminosis can contribute to emergence of a balanopastit in boys.

Symptoms of a balanopostit at boys

Balanopostit at boys develops sharply more often. Usually after a campaign to a toilet the child begins to complain of burning and an itch in the field of a penis head, pain or difficulty of an urination. Small children at an urination become uneasy and cry. Survey reveals reddening and puffiness of a head of a penis and extreme flesh; at a head exposure under extreme flesh the accumulated smegma which has an unpleasant smell is found. At a balanopostita at boys existence of plentiful curdled or serous and purulent allocations from a preputsialny bag is possible. On skin and mucous genitals rash, cracks or an intertrigo can be found. At further progressing of a balanopostit at boys emergence of erosion and slushchivany skin is possible.

Except local signs, at a balanopostita at boys the general symptoms are expressed: indisposition, lack of appetite, bad dream, irritability. Quite often at children body temperature increases to 37-38 °C, inguinal lymph nodes increase. In view of the fact that the child tries to detain an urination because of its morbidity, development of day and night enuresis is possible.

Symptoms of a sharp balanopostit at boys accrue within 4-5 days; at independent opening of a preputsialny cavity and its cleaning of a smegma self-healing is possible. However is more often in the absence of due or correct treatment sharp balanopostit at boys is transformed to chronic. Synchronization of an inflammation is fraught with formation of hems on extreme flesh with development of a pathological fimoz and parafimoz, chronic uretrit, deformation of a head of a penis.

Diagnostics of a balanopostit at boys

At suspicion on balanopostit at the child it is necessary to address the children's surgeon, and it is better – to the children's urologist for an individual solution. In most cases diagnostics of a balanopostit does not demand carrying out special tool researches from boys. The pediatrician obtains necessary information in the analysis of complaints, survey of genitals of the child and performance of a number of laboratory researches.

In the general analysis of urine also the bakteriuriya is found in children with balanopostity . For identification of the activator the bacteriological research of urine, and also separated from a preputsialny bag is conducted (in the presence of indications - on candidiasis). In some cases for specification of a type of the activator carrying out PTsR and IFA of diagnostics can be required.

For an exception of associated diseases survey of the children's endocrinologist, children's nephrologist, children's dermatologist, definition of glucose of blood, ultrasonography of kidneys and a bladder, etc. researches and consultations can be required by the child.

Treatment of a balanopostit at boys

In most cases at a sharp balanopostit at boys of rather local treatment. Carrying out sedentary trays with antiseptics (potassium permanganate, Furacilin) or broths of herbs is recommended (camomiles, etc.). Carrying out instillations of antiseptic solutions (a hlorgeksidin, a miramistin, etc.) under extreme flesh is possible. After washing of a head of a penis it is necessary to delay carefully extreme flesh, to remove a smegma and pathological allocations, to put in a preputsialny bag ointment (a liniment of a sintomitsin, at a fungal balanopostit at boys – ) and to return extreme flesh to usual situation. At impossibility of an independent exposure of a head of a penis division of sinekhiya of extreme flesh and cleaning of a preputsialny bag is carried out by the children's surgeon or the urologist.

For decrease in pain and puffiness it is possible to use reception of NPVS, in particular an ibuprofen. At severe forms of a balanopostit at boys system purpose of sulfanylamides, antibiotics, antifungal medicines can be required.

At a chronic balanopostit at boys and development of a pathological fimoz trimming is shown ().

Prevention of a balanopostit at boys

For the prevention of a balanopostit boys have enough to observe and accustom child to daily hygienic care of genitals. Small children need careful selection and frequent change of diapers, a regular toilet of genitals and care of crotch skin, use of hypoallergenic hygienic means.

At more advanced age useful everyday skills are the hygienic shower, removal of surplus of a smegma, change of underwear. Normalization of body weight, treatment of associated diseases is important for prevention of a balanopostit at boys.

Balanopostit at boys - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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