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Balanopostit – an acute or chronic disease of inflammatory character which affects a penis head. Practically in all cases extreme flesh is involved in process. Statistically, balanopostity about 3% of not cut off men of all age suffer. Pain and an itch in the field of defeat (a penis head), an inflammation and hypostasis of extreme flesh is characteristic of a balanopostit. Often as a result of an inflammation narrowing of extreme flesh develops (). Balanopostit also can become complicated uretrity and parafimozy. Treatment is carried out by the urologist, it includes local and etiotropny (anti-fungal, antibacterial or antiviral) therapy. At development of a fimoz operation is shown.


Balanopostit – simultaneous involvement in inflammatory process of extreme flesh and a head of a penis. It is clinically shown by burning, an itch, pain, hypostasis in the field of a penis head, emergence of reddening, ulcerations, cracks, purulent separated. The urethra can be involved in inflammatory process that leads to emergence of an uretrit. It is long current balanopostit leads to decrease in sensitivity of a head of a penis at sexual intercourse, to difficulty of an orgasm, negatively influences a potentiality and sexual health.


As a rule, balanopostit has the infectious nature. The inflammation of a head of a penis can be caused by nonspecific microbic flora ( And yes B, anaerobic cocci), causative agents of diseases, sexually transmitted (a pale treponema, a trichomonad, etc.). Sometimes balanopostit viruses (a virus of papilloma of the person) or fungi (Candida) cause. Extremely seldom balanopostit develops without participation of the infectious agent (allergic, toxic balanopostit).

Risk factors

The contributing factors playing an essential role in development of a balanopostit are non-compliance with personal hygiene, diabetes, chemical irritants (detergents, lubricants), , the pathological states which are followed by a liquid delay in an organism (diseases of kidneys, cirrhosis, heart failure).

Symptoms of a balanopostit

The sharp beginning is characteristic of a balanopostit. The patient is disturbed by feeling of burning, an itch and discomfort in the field of a penis head. Hypostasis and hyperaemia of extreme flesh develops. On a head of a penis the dirty-white raid, sometimes - melkopapulezny rashes appears.

Sharp balanopostit, caused by the nonspecific infectious agent, passes into a chronic form if the patient does not receive adequate treatment and does not follow the rule of hygiene. In the presence of serious associated diseases sharp balanopostit has the expressed tendency to synchronization. Besides, process often accepts chronic character in the presence of STD (a trichomoniasis, genital herpes, syphilis).

At a chronic balanopostit patients show complaints to burning and pain in the struck area. Skin of extreme flesh bursts, on it superficial erosion and ulcers develop. At the expressed inflammation pakhovy lymphadenitis can develop. Over time scarring of extreme flesh leads to a fimoz which makes heavier the course of a disease even more.


In urology allocate the following forms of a sharp balanopostit:

  • Simple (catarrhal balanopostit). Complaints to an itch and easy burning. Hyperaemia, hypostasis, maceration of extreme flesh and skin of a head of a penis is noted. There are superficial erosion of various size which sometimes merge among themselves. At the edges of erosion scraps of a matserirovanny epithelium settle down. The separated purulent.
  • Erosive. In the struck area white sites of the become lifeless bulked-up epithelium on which place the large painful bright red erosion limited on edge to accurately expressed maceration rims develop are formed. In certain cases erosive balanopostit becomes complicated fimozy. Often patients show complaints to sharp pain in inguinal lymph nodes and on the course of lymphatic channels (limfangit, lymphadenitis). Fever is possible.
  • Gangrenous. The expressed intoxication, a hyperthermia. On the place of erosion the painful deep ulcers with sites of a necrosis covered with a purulent gray-yellow raid are formed. Considerable hyperaemia and hypostasis of extreme flesh and a head of a penis is noted. Develops . Extreme flesh can be punched as a result of a necrosis. In especially hard cases penis gangrene is possible. Sometimes bleeding results from injury of blood vessels.
  • Pustulous and ulcer. In the struck area there are multiple gnoynichka further turning into deep ulcers.

After treatment of a simple and erosive form of a balanopostit of hems does not remain. After regress of a pustulous and ulcer and gangrenous balanopostit there are deep hems, deformation of a penis develops. Chronic balanopostit usually proceeds in an ulcer and hypertrophic form. The indurative form of a balanopostit with development of a krauroz (wrinkling of extreme flesh and a head of a penis) occurs less often, usually at elderly men with violation of a hormonal background.


At the patients suffering balanopostity often develops . At some patients sensitivity of a head of a penis owing to an atrophy of receptors decreases. At hit of an infection in an urethra balanopostit becomes complicated uretrity. The most terrible complication – at which the head of a penis is restrained by the extreme flesh narrowed owing to scarring.


Diagnosis usually does not cause difficulties in the urologist. For definition of the activator of a balanopostit take bacterial crops from affected areas. At suspicion on fungal balanopostit carry out the test with potassium hydroxide. VPP (virus of papilloma of the person) reveal by PTsR method.

The disease extremely seldom is caused directly by STD activators. However, chronic infections, sexually transmitted, cause decrease in local immunity that increases risk of development of the balanopostit caused by nonspecific flora. Therefore at a balanopostita it is necessary to exclude the accompanying STD. The patient balapostity is examined on diabetes, in the presence of indications conduct comprehensive examination for detection of chronic diseases.

Treatment of a balanopostit

Carry out the therapy directed to elimination of an infection (antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial medicines). Locally – trays with disinfecting solutions. Fimoz is, as a rule, treated quickly. Trimming of extreme flesh is carried out (). In certain cases it is possible to expand extreme flesh, using a clip. The procedure is performed by the urologist under local anesthesia. At an union of extreme flesh with a head this method of treatment is contraindicated.

Prevention consists in observance of rules of hygiene, protection from diseases, sexually transmitted. At advanced age a preventive measure is timely detection and adequate therapy of diabetes.

Balanopostit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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