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Black hairy language

Black hairy language – the acquired good-quality state which is characterized by emergence on a dorzalny surface of language of the hypertrophied and extended threadlike nipples. Patients complain of dryness and change of appearance of language. At a considerable giperplaziya of threadlike nipples there is a feeling of a foreign matter in a throat. In case of activization of barmy mushrooms burning of mucous appears. Diagnostics of black hairy language comes down to collecting complaints, drawing up the anamnesis of a disease, performing clinical examination. Treatment of black hairy language is directed to correction of a hygienic condition of an oral cavity. Locally apply keratolitik, liquid nitrogen.

Black hairy language

Black hairy language – the language disease which is characterized giperkeratozy threadlike nipples and their coloring in dark brown or black color. Black hairy language meets both in children's, and at adult age, but for patients of the senior age group the disease is diagnosed much more often. Quite often fleecy language is revealed at teenagers after reception of antibacterial medicines. The main group of patients is made by the malicious smokers abusing alcohol. In most cases at black hairy language activization of fungal flora is observed. Removal of the expanded nipples is carried out by method of cryodestruction or by means of applications of keratolitichesky means.

Reasons of black hairy language

The etiology of black hairy language is studied not up to the end. The major role in development of a disease is assigned to infectious, trophic and physical and chemical factors. Black hairy language can arise after the postponed viral or bacterial infection. At the same time at patients protective forces of an organism decrease that promotes activization of pathogenic microflora. Bacterial microorganisms, collecting in language together with cages of an orogovevayushchy epithelium, become a stationary irritant. As a result of it process of an orogoveniye is blocked, hyper plastic changes develop. Also stomatologists consider that diseases of bodies of system of digestion can be the reasons of black hairy language. The shift of the acid and main balance at patients with colitis and enterokolity creates necessary conditions for development of pathogenic microbes.

Deficiency of Riboflavinum leads to violation of metabolic processes, promotes emergence of trophic changes in an epithelium blanket. The contributing factors in development of black hairy language are smoking, the excessive use of coffee or strong black tea, unsatisfactory level of hygiene, neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve, the general exhaustion of an organism, reception of penicillin and tetratsiklin, alcoholism. Histologically at black hairy language on uveliyochenny threadlike nipples the dense horn bed which part is is looked through. The ledges reminding a bird's feather simmetyorichno depart from the horny core. Process of an orogoveniye is blocked. Coloring of nipples happens alimentarno, and also under the influence of pigments of bacteria, chromogene griyob.

Symptoms and diagnostics of black hairy language

At black hairy language pathologically changed threadlike nipples settle down in the site of an average and back third of a dorzalny surface of language. At the same time the site of defeat has the form of a circle, an oval or a triangle. Length of giperplazirovanny nipples reaches 2-3 cm, diameter – 2 mm. At the basis nipples are wider, more dense at a palpation, are painted in brown color. Closer to top threadlike nipples become thinner, get a saturated black shade. The direction of growth of nipples at black hairy language – in front back. Forward and lateral surfaces of language without changes. Regionarny lymph nodes are not palpated. The general state at patients with black hairy language is not broken.

Diagnosis black hairy language is based on the basis of complaints, the anamnesis of a disease, clinical examination. During fizikalny inspection the dentist reveals the site of the changed threadlike nipples pigmented giperplastichesk in language. At the basis nipples are painted less intensively, than on the periphery. When carrying out by a gladilka on a dorzalny surface from a root to a language tip nipples rise. Patients with black hairy language have a hygienic condition of an oral cavity unsatisfactory what values of indexes of hygiene of Fedorov-Volodkina, Green-Vermilliona over 3 points testify to. At intra oral survey find tooth deposits, multiple carious defects.

At a bacterioscopy of dab taken from the site of defeat along with normal microflora of an oral cavity quite often reveal a mycelium and the budding cages of barmy mushrooms. Differentiate black hairy language with changes of color at false black language and Addison's disease, and also with a hairy form of a leukoplakia. The patient with black hairy language is examined by the stomatologist-therapist. For an exception of the accompanying background pathology consultations of the gastroenterologist, the therapist are shown.

Treatment of black hairy language

At identification of black hairy language the hygienic actions directed to decrease in level of bacterial contamination of an oral cavity are necessary. With the same purpose at black hairy language carry out professional cleaning. In stomatology apply antiseptic solutions on the basis of a hlorgeksidin of a biglyukonat, hydrogen peroxide to oral trays. For removal of the horny cages and giperplastichesk of the changed threadlike nipples appoint applications of resorcin, salicylic alcohol – the medicines having keratolitichesky effect.

Also removal of the expanded nipples can be carried out by a cryodestruction method at impact on the pathological center of liquid nitrogen. For the purpose of the general treatment of fleecy language antihistaminic medicines, polyvitaminic complexes are shown. At identification of symptoms of candidiasis in addition appoint antimikotichesky medicines. The forecast at black hairy language favorable. Elimination of causal factors, complex treatment of a disease leads to restoration of a surface of language.

Black hairy language - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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