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Bowen's disease

Bowen's disease – a vnutriepidermalny new growth of skin and mucous which can progress in invasive cancer. Represents a bright red plaque with uneven contours, the expressed peeling, giperkeratozy, warty growths. The pathological centers can settle down on the head, extremities, genitals. Diagnosis of a disease of Bowen is performed by the visual survey and Dermoscopy confirmed with results of a biopsy of a new growth. In treatment of a disease of Bowen apply cryodestruction, electrothermic coagulation, X-ray therapy, surgical excision of the center.

Bowen's disease

Bowen's disease (vnutriepidermalny cancer) represents the single or multiple new growths of skin which are localized in its blanket — epidermis. Lack of germination in subject to a term and other fabrics therefore it treats in situ cancer ("cancer on the place") is characteristic of vnutriepidermalny cancer. The main danger of a disease is that over time there is its transformation in planocellular cancer of skin to growth of a tumor and metastasis.

Cancerogenic influence of chemicals, ultra-violet radiation, the ionizing radiation belongs to the reasons leading to development of a disease of Bowen. Traumatic damages with formation of hems and some chronic dermatosis (red flat deprive mucous, diskoidny red of a wolf cub, dystrophic bullous , etc.) can also promote developing of a tumor.

Symptoms of vnutriepidermalny cancer

Vnutriepidermalny cancer can affect any site of an integument and even mucous. It appears on skin in the form of a small reddish spot of rounded shape with uneven borders. Gradually the spot turns into a copper-colored plaque on which surface there is a peeling. Scales of yellow or white color without difficulties can be removed from a plaque and under them the becoming wet not bleeding surface opens.

In development of a tumor the surface of a plaque becomes diverse, on it sites of a giperkeratoz, atrophy, warty growths are allocated. The center of defeat differs in unevenness of growth and sublime edge. It can have a diameter from 2 mm to 5 cm. Upon transition of a tumor from cancer on the place in an invasive stage — planocellular cancer — comes a plaque ulceration.

Vnutriepidermalny cancer can be shown by several centers which in process of growth begin to merge. At a process arrangement on mucous plaques have a velvety papillomatozny surface. If the tumor settles down in a nail, then it leads to a skin peeling around a nail, to fusion or an ulceration of a nail plate. Very seldom the pigmentary form of vnutriepidermalny cancer at which the plaque has dark coloring meets.

Diagnostics and treatment of vnutriepidermalny cancer

Diagnostics is performed by visual survey of a new growth and its biopsy. Histologically Bowen's disease has an appearance of planocellular cancer of skin, but, unlike it, the tumor does not go beyond the basal membrane separating epidermis from terms. At the beginning of an ozlokachestvleniye of vnutriepidermalny cancer destruction of a membrane and germination in a term is defined only on the insignificant site of a tumor. Not to miss this moment, carry out studying of the whole series of cuts of the studied material. Bowen's disease should be differentiated from psoriasis, eczema, senile warts, a flat superficial bazalioma, tubercular volchanka, bovenoidny papulez, etc.

At the small sizes of the center of vnutriepidermalny cancer the best way of treatment is its surgical removal. Also cryodestruction and electrothermic coagulation of a plaque is possible. If removal of plaques is impossible, in treatment use X-ray therapy. In treatment photodynamic therapy with application of a laser light source and aminolevulinovy acid as a mesty photosensitizer can be used.

Bowen's disease has the progressing current and at early stages can already pass into planocellular cancer of skin. Performing correct treatment of vnutriepidermalny cancer before its malignant transformation provides the favorable forecast. Inadequately picked up way of treatment of a tumor often leads to its recurrence.

Bowen's disease - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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