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Asymmetry of a breast

Asymmetry of a breast – distinction in sizes and a shape of the left and right mammary gland. In most cases asymmetry of a breast is specific feature of the woman and represents exclusively esthetic shortcoming. Asymmetry of a breast can be shown in unilateral micro or a makromastiya, a tubulyarny structure of mammary glands, a mastoptoza etc. Depending on a look and degree of asymmetry of a breast endoprosthesis replacement of a smaller mammary gland, a reducing mammoplastika of a bigger mammary gland, a mastopeksiya or lifting of a breast with simultaneous prosthetics by silicone implants can be executed.

Asymmetry of a breast

Asymmetry of a breast - the disproportion of mammary glands consisting in their unequal form and/or the size. Natural asymmetry of a breast is peculiar more than 80% of women. Usually it is expressed in the insignificant difference of volume of mammary glands which is not exceeding one size. In these cases asymmetry of a breast is not brightly expressed, does not give to the woman an inconvenience and is practically not noticeable for people around. Such feature is not pathology and does not need correction. At the same time, the difference in sizes, situation and a shape of mammary glands and nipples can be so obvious that causes physical and psychological discomfort in the woman, forcing to ask for the help the plastic surgeon.

Asymmetry reasons

Asymmetry of a breast can be genetically caused or acquired, arising throughout life owing to hormonal changes, injuries or diseases of mammary glands. Practically at each person the right and left half of a body in bigger or are to a lesser extent asymmetrical. These distinctions can concern features, position of ears, a form and the size of mammary glands, the size of legs etc. Such natural disproportion is put in us genetically and it is not considered pathology. In this case asymmetry of a breast is usually shown during puberty, however to the termination of a puberty can become less expressed or independently disappear. Sometimes congenital asymmetry of a breast is connected with a malformation - a congenital hypoplasia of ferruterous fabric.

I can serve as prerequisites of the acquired asymmetry of a breast mechanical injuries of mammary glands, burns, hems. At the women who earlier underwent an operation of increase in a breast, asymmetry can be connected with the shift of an implant or development of a kapsulyarny contracture. Asymmetry of a breast can develop in the course of breastfeeding in that case when there is an unequal depletion of mammary glands owing to uneven decantation, primary applying of the child to one breast, cracks of nipples, a laktostaz and so forth. After the termination of a lactation the difference between mammary glands is gradually reduced, however, as a rule, asymmetry all the same remains. Gormonalno the caused changes in the sizes and a shape of mammary glands can also arise in the period of a menopause. At last, diseases of mammary glands – mastopathy, good-quality and malignant new growths can be the most dangerous reasons of asymmetry of a breast. Separate researches on a mammology indicate that asymmetry of a breast in itself is a factor of the increased risk of development of a breast cancer.

Types of asymmetry and their correction

Taking into account a difference in sizes of mammary glands in plastic surgery distinguish three degrees of asymmetry of a breast: easy (distinctions between mammary glands are insignificant and do not demand surgery), average (one mammary gland is more another on 1/3), heavy (one mammary gland is more another on 1/2). In clinical practice various options of asymmetry of a breast (on the volume, a form, degree of a ptoz, position of a nipple and an areola) demanding various tactics can meet.

The hypoplasia of a mammary gland is shown by an arrest of development of one chest gland at normally developed another. In this case for correction of asymmetry of a breast endoprosthesis replacement of a smaller breast a silicone implant can be required by the patient. The reverse situation is observed at a hypertrophy of a mammary gland when excess increase in one breast and normal development of the second takes place. Tactics at such asymmetry of a breast will include a reducing mammoplastika – reduction of a bigger mammary gland. The option when the hypoplasia of one breast and a hypertrophy another is noted is possible – in such cases increase in a smaller mammary gland and a reduction hypertrophied is carried out.

Asymmetry of a shape of a breast can be shown by the following options: a tubulyarny structure of both mammary glands equal on volume; tubulyarny structure and reduction of one breast or tubulyarny structure and increase in one breast. Speak about tubulyarny mammary glands in case the breast has not the form of a hemisphere, and the extended tube ("proboscis") topped with the stretched areola. At tubulyarny glands change of their form and the size without application or with use of implants is made.

Asymmetry of situation is expressed in the following possible options: omission of both mammary glands on various level; omission of one breast. At a mastoptoza lifting of a breast (mastopeksiya) is made by periareolyarny, T-shaped, vertical or L-shaped access. Sometimes along with a mastopeksiya endoprosthesis replacement or a reduction of mammary glands is carried out.

Except a disproportion of the sizes, a form and position of mammary glands, asymmetry of a breast can be shown by the unequal diameter of an areola or a shape of the nipples demanding correction mamillar a complex.

The expressed and noticeable asymmetry of a breast generates various violations of psychological character at the woman, creates difficulties with the choice of beautiful and elegant linen, causes discomfort at visit of the beach, a bath, sauna, the pool. It becomes frequent asymmetry of a breast an obstacle to the introduction in intimate relations as at the woman insuperable fear of demonstration of the naked body is formed.

Preparation for surgical correction

In the majority of situations of a technique of non-invasive correction of asymmetry of a breast do not result in noticeable and long-term result. Nevertheless, if distinctions in sizes and a shape of a breast are small, for a start it is necessary to consider alternative surgeries options: wearing the correcting linen, massage for correction of a bust, a mesotherapy for strengthening of a breast, hardware lifting of a breast (a miostimulyation, etc.), a lipofiling of mammary glands.

To decide on indications and contraindications to surgical correction of asymmetry of a breast, it is necessary to undergo the full medical examination including the general blood test and urine, biochemical blood test, a koagulogramma, definition of a blood type and Rhesus factor, blood test on RW, HIV, HBS, HCV. From methods of tool diagnostics carrying out the electrocardiogram and fluorography, and also obtaining the conclusion of the therapist or cardiologist is required. Besides, the plan of preoperative inspection is ultrasonography of mammary glands or mammography with the subsequent consultation of the mammologist.

Directly on consultation of the plastic surgeon the issue of expediency of carrying out this or that type of a mammoplastika is resolved. During survey and a conversation the expected result is discussed, anthropometrical measurements are performed, the choice of an implant and its location is carried out, the place and a form of future section is defined. Visually to present how the bust after operation will look, computer modeling of a breast is carried out. Correction of asymmetry of a breast is not carried out in the surgical way to patients with diabetes, high arterial hypertension, dekompensirovanny cardiovascular diseases, koagulopatiya, an oncopathology, an incomplete lactation.

It is necessary to remember that esthetic correction of asymmetry of a breast bears in itself many risks, among which such specific complications as implant shift, development of a kapsulyarny contracture, formation of hems, regional necroses of skin, pigmentation of skin, etc. At hyper correction or insufficient correction asymmetry of a breast can not only remain, but also amplify. Naturalness and naturalness of a new bust will depend not only on skill of the surgeon, but also behavior of the woman: way of life, observance of doctor's instructions, condition of own tissues of mammary gland.

Asymmetry of a breast - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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