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Fibrolipoma of a mammary gland

Fibrolipoma of a mammary gland – the benign tumor consisting of fatty and fibrous tissue. Usually arises at women 40 years are more senior. Represents the dense mobile painless knot which is not soldered to skin and the subject fabrics. The current is long, asymptomatic. At increase can cause visible deformation of a mammary gland. The kaltsifikation is possible. Ozlokachestvleniye is observed seldom. Results of mammography, ultrasonography of a mammary gland and other researches become the basis for diagnosis given survey. Treatment is surgical. At the small fibrolipoma which are not causing cosmetic defect are sometimes limited to observation.

Fibrolipoma of a mammary gland

Fibrolipoma of a mammary gland – a kind of a lipoma, the good-quality new growth consisting of fatty and connecting fibrous tissue. It is more often diagnosed in the preklimakterichesky or climacteric period. Occurs at young girls less often. Usually happens single. Sometimes the multiple lipomas located in different parts of a body () come to light. Malignization is observed seldom, the long current is characteristic, the fibrolipoma of a mammary gland can exist years and even decades, without increasing or slightly increasing in the diameter. The highest risk of an ozlokachestvleniye is noted with an intensive growth fibrolipy in the preklimakterichesky period. Treatment is carried out by experts in the sphere of oncology and a mammology.

Reasons of a fibrolipoma of a mammary gland

The reasons of development of a fibrolipoma are definitely not established. One researchers believe that the new growth results from violations of an embryogenesis (pre-natal formation of atypical cells of fatty tissue in a mammary gland). Other scientists consider that a major factor in development of a disease are system disorders of exchange. Besides, experts focus attention on possible communication fibrolipy a mammary gland with changes of a hormonal background – in favor of such communication the frequent demonstration of a disease during hormonal reorganization of an organism testifies (in a climax or a preklimaksa).

Among other factors promoting development of a fibrolipoma specify diseases of a hypophysis, a thyroid gland, a liver and a pancreas. There are assumptions that the risk of emergence of a fibrolipoma of a mammary gland increases at alcoholism, diabetes, accommodation in adverse ecological conditions and long psychoemotional pressure. In certain cases hereditary predisposition comes to light.

Symptoms of a fibrolipoma of a mammary gland

The disease develops at women more often 40 years are more senior. Long time asymptomatically can proceed, for the first time comes to light during the next self-survey or survey of the mammologist. At an arrangement in the depth of a mammary gland small knots sometimes are not probed, the tumor is found only when performing planned ultrasonography or mammography. Fibrolipoma of a mammary gland represents a dense, elastic, painless mobile new growth. The knot is not soldered to surrounding fabrics, skin over a tumor is not changed.

Diameter of a fibrolipoma of a mammary gland fluctuates from 1-2 to 10 and more centimeters. Large new growths cause visible deformation of a mammary gland. At a long current in the thickness of a tumor calcium salts can be laid. In similar cases the knot gets cartilaginous density, pains and discomfort during the wearing a bra and pressure upon area of defeat are possible. Growth rate significantly differs. One fibrolipoma of a mammary gland exist for years, practically without increasing in a size, others show rapid growth signs. Bystry increase in a tumor, especially – at women of premenopausal and menopausal age demonstrates increase in risk of a malignization.

Diagnostics and treatment of a fibrolipoma of a mammary gland

The diagnosis is established on the basis of the anamnesis, external survey and these additional researches. In favor of good-quality character of a new growth mobility of knot, not changed skin and lack of solderings with surrounding fabrics testifies. Availability of fibrous fabric can be assumed, proceeding from a dense elastic consistence of a tumor. For confirmation of the diagnosis use mammography and ultrasonography of a mammary gland. In doubtful cases appoint KT of a mammary gland, thermomammography and blood test on onkomarker. At preservation of diagnostic difficulties carry out a biopsy of a mammary gland.

Treatment of a fibrolipoma of a mammary gland quick. Absolute indications to surgical intervention are rapid growth of a tumor, existence of essential cosmetic defect, pain and the unpleasant feelings caused by a new growth kalfitsikation. Besides, fibrolipy a mammary gland recommend to delete during pregnancy planning to avoid the possible growth of knot against the background of changes of the hormonal status and to prevent problems in the period of a lactation.

Usually carry out a tumor enukleation. At suspicion on malignant regeneration the sectoral resection of a mammary gland is possible. At small knots the decision on operation is made individually. In the absence of growth perhaps long observation. The patient of a fibrolipomy mammary gland recommend to visit regularly the mammologist and to pass mammography. Conservative therapy with use of rassasyvayushchy medicines is ineffective. The forecast is favorable.

Fibrolipoma of a mammary gland - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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