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Syphilis of mammary glands

Syphilis of mammary glands - the specific infectious disease caused pale spirokhety, which is shown primary, secondary and/or tertiary defeat of chest glands. Symptoms of syphilis of a mammary gland depend on the period of a disease and can include various skin manifestations (sifilida), specific lymphadenitis, violation of the general state, damage of internals. The diagnosis is confirmed by results of serological reactions and a cytologic research of dabs from edges of an ulcer. The basic in treatment of syphilis of a mammary gland – adequate antibacterial therapy.

Syphilis of mammary glands

Syphilis of a mammary gland - seldom found specific inflammatory disease with a long current and system defeat of an organism. The causative agent of syphilis - a pale spirokheta (treponema) easily gets through the available insignificant damages of an integument of a mammary gland, breeds and carried on all organism. The patient with syphilis is infectious during any period of a disease, especially in the presence of skin manifestations. Syphilis of a mammary gland, as well as other diseases in which diagnosis and treatment the mammology is engaged concerns mainly patients of a female.

Reasons of syphilis of a mammary gland

Syphilis of a mammary gland can catch from the patient in direct contacts (from the sexual partner, when feeding the sick child), a household way (through damp sanitary products: bast, towel; clothes).

In damp allocations of the patient the pale spirokheta can keep viability up to 4 days and in the presence of microinjuries, small wounds, cracks on skin of a mammary gland (especially in a nipple and an areola) the probability of infection with syphilis is quite high.

Symptoms of syphilis of a mammary gland

Displays of syphilis of a mammary gland differ depending on a disease stage. During the incubatory period (about a month) syphilis of a mammary gland proceeds without any clinical symptoms of infection. At primary stage of syphilis of a mammary gland in the place of introduction of microorganisms (usually in a chest nipple or an areola) reddening with formation of a firm shankr - the roundish accurately outlined ulcer erosion with a brilliant cyanotic-red bottom and dense painless infiltrate develops. The sizes of a firm shankr can fluctuate from 2-3 mm to 4-5 cm, at multiple injuries of skin of a mammary gland - ulcers can be a little.

Painless increase and consolidation of axillary lymph nodes, with further development of a specific poliadenit is gradually observed. Firm a mammary gland heals sometimes before development of symptoms of secondary syphilis. At the end of primary stage of syphilis of the mammary gland lasting 6-8 weeks the general malaise can be observed.

The secondary stage of syphilis of a mammary gland lasting from 2 up to 5 years is shown by the symptoms reminding cold or flu with generalized painless lymphadenitis and cyclically developing polymorphic rashes (rozeola, papules, pustula) in the field of chest gland and on all body. Loss of skin pigmentation (leykoderm), baldness, a loss of appetite and weight loss, defeat of nervous system and internals is observed.

Most less often the mammary gland is surprised syphilis in a tertiary stage which can proceed in a gummozny form or in the form of diffusion infiltration of gland reminding chronic mastitis. Gumma of a mammary gland arises usually about a nipple and it is found in the thickness of gland as dense, accurately limited low-painful knot size about walnut. At purulent fusion of a gumma and its break the syphilitic ulcer reminding defeat at cancer or tuberculosis of a mammary gland which however is not followed by pain is outside formed. Tertiary syphilis of a mammary gland is a little infectious, but is characterized by irreversible damage of internals, back and a brain, heavy mental disorders, paralysis, a blindness. Tertiary syphilis of a mammary gland arises in lack of treatment in several years after infection, is the heaviest stage of a disease leading to a disfiguration and disability of the patient.

Diagnosis of syphilis of a mammary gland

At diagnosis of syphilis of a mammary gland survey of the patient by the mammologist and venereologist, detailed collecting the anamnesis are necessary for detection of specific symptoms of a disease, and also carrying out laboratory researches.

Carry out serological diagnosis of syphilis in plasma and serum of blood: nonspecific (the RPR test, RW – Wasserman's reaction) and specific (RIF, RPGA, RIBT). In the presence of skin manifestations in a mammary gland (erosion, ulcers, abscesses, bubbles) carry out microscopy of specific elements on a pale treponema for identification of the activator and differential diagnosis of syphilis, tuberculosis or actinomycosis of chest gland. The fence of dabs prints and a biopsy from edges of an ulcer allows to receive the cytologic and histologic decisions for the purpose of an exception of a breast cancer.

Mammography, ultrasonography and MRT of mammary glands at syphilis are not specific.

Treatment and forecast of syphilis of a mammary gland

Syphilis of a mammary gland – a curable disease which duration of therapy is defined by a stage of syphilitic defeat. Complex course treatment of syphilis of a mammary gland is appointed by the dermatovenerologist individually, is carried out on an outpatient basis or in a hospital with obligatory medical and kliniko-serological control.

In treatment of syphilis of a mammary gland apply antibiotics of group of penicillin (benzylpenicillin and its analogs), erythromycin, tsefalosporina, tetratsiklina. In addition appoint the antisyphilitic medicines containing iodine and bismuth, immunomodulators, biogenous stimulators.

After contact with sick syphilis within the first 2 hours preventive treatment with processing of places of possible infection (including a mammary gland) bactericidal means is necessary. During treatment of syphilis of a mammary gland it is necessary to exclude sex life, alcohol, to conduct examination of sexual partners and family members.

At the correct and timely therapy the forecast of treatment of syphilis of a mammary gland – favorable. Patients are subject to dispensary observation with performing serological diagnostics and in the absence of symptoms of a disease within five years – are considered cured finally.

Syphilis of mammary glands - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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