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Fragile nails

Fragile nails - the violation of durability and integrity of nail plates connected with influence of external and internal factors. Fragile nails often break off, stratified, crack, present difficulties with an otrashchivaniye and high-quality drawing a decorative varnish. For clarification of the reasons of fragility of nails it is necessary to exclude chronic diseases, deficiency of vitamins and minerals in an organism, fungal diseases. Treatment of fragile nails assumes elimination of etiologichesky factors, carrying out medical trays, parafinoterapiya, strengthening of nails, use of nutritious creams for care of nails etc.

Fragile nails

Fragile nails – the defect of nail plates connected with their weakness and the increased fragility. Nail plates on hands and legs originate from area of the matriks located in the nail basis. The white site of a root of a crescent-shaped nail - a lunul is a visible part of a nail matrix. Growth of a nail is carried out due to division of germinal cages in a matriksa which gradually push out an old nail plate forward. The structure, a form, thickness and growth rate of a nail depends on a condition of a matriks. Basic substance of a nail plate is the keratin, and the hardness and density of a nail plate depends on amount of cysteine - sulfur-containing amino acid. Between layers of a keratin the layers of water and fat adding to nails gloss and elasticity are located. At healthy nails, except sulfur, there are also other minerals - calcium, phosphorus, chrome, zinc, selenium, the shortcoming or lack of which negatively affects a condition of nail plates, doing them fragile and exfoliating.

Reasons of fragility of nails

Become fragile nails can for the reasons of an external and internal order. Nails have porous structure and easily absorb moisture, various chemicals to which hands should contact. Therefore fragile nails occur at the people, owing to the professional activity contacting to solvents, acids, alkalis and other aggressive substances. Besides, fragility and stratification of nails can arise owing to frequent contact with means of household chemicals (the laundry detergents washing and cleaners), long finding of hands in water etc. Such physical factors as low temperature of air in winter season, dryness of air indoors weaken nails. As a result of chronic overcooling and drying nails become thinner and become fragile.

Illiterate leaving is a common cause of the increased fragility of nails: the wrong cutting of nails, a habit to bite nails teeth. Frequent nail extension, use of a cheap varnish and liquid for removal of a varnish leads to the fact that harmful components (acetone, formaldehyde, etc.) get deeply into a nail, breaking its structure and doing to more vulnerable. Besides, can lead mechanical influence to cracking of a nail from the outside.

The problem of fragility of nails can be connected with endogenous factors among which the leading role belongs to deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Especially adversely the lack of vitamins A, D, E, calcium, selenium, silicon, zinc, iron affects a condition of a nail plate. Fragility of nails can amplify during pregnancy and feeding by a breast. It is quite explainable – at this time the female body "shares" the resources with an organism of the kid therefore it is extremely important that the diet of mother was qualitative and full on structure. Besides, the increased fragility of nails can be noted during hormonal reorganizations – in the period of a puberty and a climax. The thyrotoxicosis, diabetes, anemia, gastrointestinal diseases, stresses can serve as the reason of fragile nails.

Characteristic of fragile nails

The problem of fragile nails is not by hearsay familiar to many women. In this case the free edge of a nail often breaks off on all thickness or is stratified, i.e. violations concern its top (brilliant) layer. At the same time nail plates happen thin and grow slowly. The increased fragility of nails does not allow the woman to enjoy beautiful, long natural nails. Quite often fragility of nails is combined with deformation of their surface, change of color and a form.

Splitting of nails (an onikhoklaziya, ) often brings in the longitudinal direction to painful zaly a nail plate. Vertical cracks originate from free edge of a nail and extend to various distance in the proximal direction. In this case, as a rule, defeat touches separate nails of fingers of hands or legs. At an onikhoshizisa nails are split in the cross direction. Such problem can meet at poor executed manicure, playing string instruments, printing on the machine etc.

In dermatology fragile nails are considered as the manifestation of an onikhodistrofiya demanding establishment of the reasons and performing competent treatment. With a problem of fragile nails the woman can address the nail technician, however it will be more correct to visit the dermatologist at first. Only the medical expert will be able correctly to understand gravity of a problem. Considering the growth rate of nails (on hands of a hand of 1-2 mm a week, standing - 0,25-1 mm a week), it is possible to calculate approximate time of influence of a pathological factor.

For clarification of the true reasons of fragility of nails additional consultation of the mycologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist can be required. For the purpose of obtaining objective data to the patient can be appointed the spectral analysis to minerals, scrape from nail plates on pathogenic mushrooms, blood test on hormones of a thyroid gland and other necessary analyses. Fragility of nails, it is necessary to distinguish from onikhomikoz, change of nails at skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, red flat herpes, a congenital epidermoliz, etc.).

Treatment of fragile nails

Competent approach to treatment has to begin with elimination of the main reason for fragility of nails. In all cases it will be useful to refuse for a while contact with chemicals, a covering of nails decorative varnishes; to strengthen protection and care of nails. As useful house means for fragile nails warm trays for hands will serve (oil, salt) – it will help to fill shortage of nutrients in nails. Nutritious creams and balms with a keratin, vitamins, proteins which should be applied on area of a cuticle since in this place the nail is most susceptible to intake of useful substances have to become daily conditioning agent behind fragile nails. However food of nails has to be carried out not only from the outside, but also from within. For this reason at a problem of fragile nails it is necessary to take care of change of a diet, inclusion in it of products, vitamin-rich A, C, E, B5, etc., and also additional reception of vitamin and mineral complexes.

At manicure processing of fragile nails it is necessary to follow certain rules. It is necessary to cut nails only sharp scissors; it is recommended to refuse use of nippers which put too strong pressure upon a plate, causing its stratifying and fragility. The glass or ceramic files with small granularity which are not so strongly injuring a fragile nail plate will be suitable for a podpilivaniye of fragile nails better. At the same time the filing movements should be made in one direction, with a big amplitude, from edge to the center. Before drawing a color varnish nails as a basis need to be covered with the special protective and strengthening means. All means used for manicure procedures should not contain substances, harmful to a nail plate.

Specialized care of fragile nails can be carried out in the conditions of nail studio of beauty shop. For fragile nails the parafinoterapiya, masks for hands and nails are recommended the Spa manicure procedure and the Japanese manicure. Are useful medical massage of a nail plate and zone of a cuticle with use of a keratin complex, polishing of nails with use of the vitaminized creams or oils, closing of nails. For strengthening of natural nails on hands and legs acryle, gel, biogel is used. At emergence of a crack of a nail plate repair of a nail by means of silk or a fayberglass is carried out. In process of growth of a plate the place of damage is gradually cut off.

Fragile nails - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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