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Catarrhal proktit – an acute inflammatory disease of a rectum which arises separately or as a complication of other pathological conditions of digestive tract. It is shown by burning, different intensity rectum pains with irradiation in a crotch and a waist. At a catarrhal proktit patients complain of false desires to defecation; body temperature increases, symptoms of the general intoxication appear. Pathology by means of a manual rectal research, an anoskopiya, a rektoromanoskopiya, a kolonoskopiya, a koprogramma and crops a calla is diagnosed. Treatment conservative, surgical intervention is shown only at complications.

Catarrhal proktit

Catarrhal proktit - it is an acute inflammation of a mucous membrane of a rectum which is followed by pains, a hyperthermia and deterioration in the general state. It is difficult to track prevalence of pathology in population as in many cases patients in due time do not ask for the help. Besides, catarrhal proktit often accompanies the main disease of digestive tract and is fixed as its complication. Pathology is more widespread in those countries and among those groups there are population in which diseases of a large intestine meet more often or there are certain errors in food leading to emergence of locks and inflammations of a thick gut. Representatives of both floors are ill approximately equally, sometimes catarrhal proktit reveal even at children. Experts in the field of a proktologiya are engaged in studying and treatment of a disease.

Reasons of a catarrhal proktit

Causes of a catarrhal proktit set. Catarrhal proktit often develops at various intestinal infections, for example, dysentery, campylobacteriosis. Also symptoms of a catarrhal proktit are observed at clamidiosis, a cytomegalovirus, a herpetic infection. As a catarrhal proktit some venereal diseases – syphilis, gonorrhea can proceed. Besides, pathology complicates the course of tuberculosis, parasitic infection.

Often catarrhal proktit arises because of injuries of a rectum. Surgeries, damage by firm kalovy masses are the reason of injuries at locks or a foreign matter of a rectum. The important reasons - irrational food and alcoholism. Also catarrhal proktit can develop as a complication of other diseases of digestive tract (hepatitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis). The disease is often connected with blood circulation violation. It can be stagnation of blood in gemorroidalny veins at varicosity and venous insufficiency in the lower extremities, the general violations of a blood-groove at heart failure.

Catarrhal proktit – one of displays of sharp or chronic radiation sickness, a frequent complication of radiation therapy (beam proktit). Some medical supplies can cause an inflammation in a rectum. And at last, catarrhal proktit can arise at various autoimmune diseases. This quite widespread display of a disease Krone, nonspecific ulcer colitis. As provocative factors at a catarrhal proktit overcoolings, frequent infectious diseases, locks, inflammatory processes in the next bodies, injuries act.

At a sharp catarrhal proktit the mucous membrane of a rectum is inflamed, on a surface dot hemorrhages can develop. Allocate three forms of a disease: simple catarrhal, catarrhal and purulent and catarrhal and hemorrhagic. The catarrhal form is characterized by the expressed fabric hypostasis, hyperaemia, pain; there are no raids on mucous and bleedings. At a purulent form mucous is covered with a fibrinozny or purulent raid. At hemorrhagic on a surface extensive gemorragiya, signs of bleedings are visible. All three forms are followed by plentiful release of slime.

Symptoms of a catarrhal proktit

The first manifestation of a catarrhal proktit is the pain syndrome. Pain at first concentrates in a rectum and becomes more severe at defecation. Then it passes to a crotch, vulvar lips or a scrotum. At a part of patients pain gives to a back. Frequent desires to defecation after which instead of a calla only slime, sometimes with pus and blood is emitted are also characteristic. The nature of allocations depends on a form of a catarrhal proktit.

Quickly enough temperature to subfebrilny or febrilny figures increases. Against the background of fever symptoms of the general intoxication appear: headaches, weakness, bystry fatigue, appetite loss, sometimes nausea. Also locks which periodically are replaced by a diarrhea are observed. There can be bleedings. Sharp catarrhal proktit develops quickly, for several days.

At survey the doctor the proctologist notes reddening, irritation in the field of back pass. Sometimes these signs are in a false manner diagnosed as a rectal crack therefore it is necessary to conduct a manual rectal research. Survey causes sharp pain in the patient, from back pass slime, sometimes with pus or blood clots begins to be emitted.

Complication of a sharp catarrhal proktit can become pelvioperitonit (a peritoneum inflammation in a small pelvis), paraproktit, catarrhal sigmoidit also colitis. In the future, along with the previous problems, striktura, polyps and cancer tumors can develop. Quite frequent complication - the rectal fistula connecting a rectum to the surface of skin through which there are kalovy masses and slime.

Diagnostics of a catarrhal proktit

Very often the diagnosis of a catarrhal proktit is established already during an anoskopiya or a rektoromanoskopiya. These inspections allow to examine all rectum and a disteel part of sigmovidny. At a catarrhal proktit it is possible to see a hyperemic mucous membrane with inflammation signs. In some places dot gemorragiya are visualized, in a gleam of a gut a large amount of slime, sometimes with impurity of pus and blood comes to light. If necessary from some sites take a biopsy. Kolonoskopiya allows to examine all large intestine, to reveal inflammation signs in other its departments, to exclude ulcer colitis, a disease Krone, malignant tumors, polyps of intestines and other pathology.

From laboratory analyses the most informative are a koprogramma, the calla, the analysis a calla on eggs of helminths. It is possible to define a disease form by a koprogramma (catarrhal, catarrhal and hemorrhagic, catarrhal and purulent), and also to reveal some violations of digestion. The calla helps to reveal a bacteriological research the causative agent of a disease and to define sensitivity to antibacterial medicines. The analysis the calla on eggs of worms allows to exclude the parasitic nature of a catarrhal proktit.

Treatment of a catarrhal proktit

In many cases catarrhal proktit will respond to conservative treatment. First of all to the patient appoint a diet. Exclude hot, fried, salty and smoked dishes from a diet. Also it is not recommended to use products with high content of cellulose (vegetables, fruit, porridges). Alcohol is strictly forbidden. The basis of a diet is made by low-fat grades of meat, fish, fermented milk products.

The main therapy consists of reception of antibiotics. Choose medicines of a broad spectrum of activity, ftorkhinolona. Treatment is corrected after definition of sensitivity of flora to these or those antibiotics. Hygienic actions, medical microenemas from a camomile, calendulas, sedentary bathtubs with infusions of herbs or antiseptics are of great importance. Also appoint antiseptic, anti-inflammatory candles on an oil basis.

Indications to surgery at a catarrhal proktit are complications in the form of a paraproktit, local peritonitis, anal fistulas. In also surgical way slow forms which do not give in to medicamentous therapy treat. Operation is shown when catarrhal proktit is caused by a malignant tumor or polyps.

Forecast and prevention of a catarrhal proktit

The forecast at a catarrhal proktit quite favorable. In most cases it will well respond to conservative treatment, especially at a simple catarrhal form. Purulent and hemorrhagic forms of this disease are rather rare. The forecast worsens upon transition of a disease to a chronic form, existence of complications. If catarrhal proktit itself is a complication of this or that pathology, the forecast depends on the course of the main disease.

Prevention consists in the correct diet, an exception of abuse of alcohol, spicy food. Hygiene of the patient is of also great importance; it is necessary to avoid overcoolings, injuries of anal area, and also to pay sufficient attention to physical activity, especially during the sedentary work. Timely detection and treatment of diseases which can lead to emergence of a catarrhal proktit allows to prevent a rectum inflammation too.

Catarrhal proktit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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