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It is rather easy to determine existence of cellulitis by external signs. In places of localization of cellulitis the skin relief changes, on a body there are dimples and hillocks progressing with age. In tsellyulitny zones skin colder to the touch, at an insignificant tension becomes covered by orange spots. In the presence of cellulitis skin on forearms, hips and buttocks does not give in to uniform suntan, on it remains more than the depigmented (light) sites.


Traditionally cellulitis was distinguished by means of a pinch: if to grasp skin index and big fingers, deepenings in the formed skin fold were found. Now cellulitis is determined by existence of the "orange-peel" which is formed as a result of a liquid congestion in inside layers of skin.

The choice of an optimum method of treatment of cellulitis depends on in what place there is its development: different parts of the body differently react to certain types of influence. On the statistics given by Galen laboratory, most often cellulitis at women is formed in buttocks and hips (96% of cases), on a stomach and knees (44%) and on hands (16-40% depending on age characteristics).

On in what place the cellulitis center is localized, associated diseases exert impact. At violation of a venous blood-groove, lymphatic drainage and adjournment of excess fat cellulitis is shown on hips and buttocks. Cellulitis in a stomach demonstrates possible functional violations of lymphatic system, system of digestion (a lock, a meteorizm, a diarrhea), about the postponed or present stresses. Localization of cellulitis in a neck can be the certificate of diseases of muscles or bones (a muscular spasm, arthritis), conditions of a stress.

Causes of cellulitis

It is considered to be that cellulitis most often arises at women, and practically does not occur at men. To this phenomenon there are two explanations. First, distinctions in a structure and functional features of skin of men and women. Secondly, specifics of effect of female sex hormones.

Women have less than thickness of skin, but it is more than thickness of a fatty hypodermic. On the contrary, in skin of men of collagen contains more, than in female skin. These distinctions remain at any age. During the period from 6 to 12 years at children more than three times the share of subcutaneous fat increases, then girls have a further increase in mass of subcutaneous fat, and at boys this process stops.

Depending on a floor differently there is a distribution of hypodermic fatty tissue: women – most often in the lower part have trunks (area of hips and buttocks), at men – in an upper body (in a stomach, a humeral belt and a thorax). At women at any, even the most fragile constitution, higher is observed, than at men, the content of subcutaneous fat.

Anatomic features of female skin are caused by genital function. At pregnancy skin has to be capable to considerable stretching therefore the nature provided a big pliability of female skin. Connecting fabrics are weaker than it also more friable, than at male skin. In female skin there is a parallel arrangement of soyedinitelnotkanny fibers therefore cells of fatty tissues can "be pressed through" through them. At men, on the contrary, it does not occur as fibers of connecting fabric settle down crosswisely, forming a barrier to breakdown of fatty cages. The originality of external displays of cellulitis at men and women is explained by such distinction.

Influence of female sex hormones (estrogen) on skin is very essential: it provides increase in level of hyaluronic acid in a term, increases activity of sebaceous glands and by that – increase in content of water, promotes change of soluble collagen and its transformation into an insoluble form. Despite distinctions in a structure of tissues of male and female skin, the man can be also subject to formation of cellulitis owing to violation of balance of the internal environment and to development of developments of stagnation. At men cellulitis is most often localized in the form of the fatty roller in a waist (so-called, "a beer tummy") and on a forward part of hips ("the football player's leg").

Stages of development of cellulitis

Development of cellulitis is often provoked by hormonal reorganizations in an organism: puberty, pregnancy, climacteric changes. The external surfaces of hips, buttocks, a stomach zone, the side surfaces of a trunk and a breast become zones of localization of cellulitis, as a rule.

The uniform standard classification of stages of development of cellulitis does not exist. Different researchers allocate from 4 to 6 stages of a disease.

  • 1 stage of cellulitis is characterized by small hypostasis and a swelling of skin. A skin relief still equal and smooth, but on affected areas processes of regeneration proceed is longer (bruises remain longer and wounds heal). In fabrics developments of stagnation, a liquid delay in hypodermic and fatty cellulose, accumulation of products of disintegration in intercellular liquid are noted.
  • 2 stage of cellulitis are shown by the hilly relief of skin which is especially expressed at a muscular tension. Venous and lymphatic systems do not cope with outflow of liquid from fabrics, the interstitial pressure of liquid upon vessels increases. Because of hypostasis, tension of fabrics and a congestion of slags there is a consolidation of fatty deposits.
  • 3 stage of cellulitis (mikronodulyarny) are well seen for an eye. When collecting a skin fold the effect of "orange-peel" is distinctly shown. Hypostasis of fabric squeezes arterial vessels. Stagnation of venous and capillary blood circulation develops. Walls of capillary vessels weaken and their permeability increases. The lymph and blood propotevat in fabric, on skin constant bruises are formed. Connecting fabric expands and in the form of the capsule surrounds fatty cages – consolidations of "mikronodula" are formed.
  • 4 stage of cellulitis are characterized by rough visible changes of zones of defeat: skin is hilly, uneven even at relaxation of muscles. Mikronoduli, merging in conglomerates, form makronodul, or "tsellyulitny stones". Even more connecting fabric expands. Bad blood supply of tsellyulitny zones gives to skin a chill and cyanotic coloring. Pressing or a prishchipyvaniye of skin is shown by painful feelings.

5 and 6 stages of cellulitis are meant as distribution of area of defeat and expressiveness of changes. At these stages of display of cellulitis arise on shoulders and forearms.

Methods of treatment of cellulitis

Treatment of cellulitis is based on application of a complex of the actions directed to stimulation of microcirculation in problem areas. Sports exercises, fitness, massage, etc. techniques concern to them.

The cosmetology procedures applied at cellulitis pursue the following aims:

  • Lipoliz - active splitting of fats
  • Suppression of process of formation of fats
  • Activization of outflow of liquid from fabrics, a lymphatic drainage, removal of toxins
  • Increase in a tone of vessels of skin and normalization of a blood-groove in them
  • Softening and loosening of firm fatty deposits in hypodermic and fatty cellulose
  • Muscular stimulation
  • Increase in elasticity and elasticity of skin, alignment of a relief of skin.

Salutary impact on an organism of the marine environment is noticed still in the ancient time. The modern medicine develops the whole direction based on treatment by seafood – thalassotherapy. The sea climate, water, seaweed, sand, dirt are widely used for fight against cellulitis today.

The thalassotherapy is carried out in medical institutions. Its action is directed, first of all, to normalization of functions of the endocrine and nervous systems regulating processes of accumulation and splitting of fats on removal of excessive liquid and fatty deposits from an organism. In complex therapy with massage, a diet, physiotherapy, gymnastics treatment by "marine environment" leads to reduction of effect of "an apelsinvy crust".

Vodoroslevy procedures have the expressed anti-cellulite effect. Seaweed contains iodine and other minerals in a large number, actively gets and sates with them all layers of skin - epidermis, to a term, a gipoderm. Rather two-week course of thalassotherapy in the specialized resort to clear an organism, to put skin in order and to be loaded with energy and cheerfulness for the year ahead.

Treatment by seaweed perhaps not only in sea resorts. Today talassoterapevtichesky procedures are adapted for use in beauty shops even in the remote points of the globe. Thanks to the processed and concentrated seaweed, sea salt, clays and dirt it is possible to recreate the atmosphere of curative sea climate in separately taken cosmetic center. One of types of thalassotherapy is the procedure of wrappings.

For wrappings use the creams, dirt, special structures containing salt concentrates, sea clays and dirt, extracts of brown seaweed, essential oils, extracts of medical land plants. The complex of these components stimulates a lymphatic drainage and peripheral blood circulation, strengthens a vascular wall, normalizes exchange processes in cells of skin, promotes splitting of fats and removal of toxins, removes hypostases, revitalizes and rejuvenates skin. The structure of anti-cellulite means as antioxidants and protectors of skin joins also vitamin complexes A, E, C, P, B5 (), extracts of a spirulina and germs of wheat, and as the toning component – caffeine.

Efficiency of wrappings amplifies in combination with a manual lymphatic drainage - procedures of manual anti-cellulite massage. It helps to soften and break fatty capsules, deletes liquid and toxins from fabrics, improves blood circulation, facilitates receipt of anti-cellulite means in fabric, normalizes local and general immunity. As contraindications to performing deep anti-cellulite massage serve diseases of bodies of a small pelvis and skin therefore such massage only by experts is appointed and carried out.

Anti-cellulite programs are developed individually for each patient and corrections can be subjected during their carrying out. In time and after holding medical procedures the supporting therapy is necessary: additional intake and external use of anti-cellulite medicines, dietary food, performance of physical exercises. At exact performance of all appointments and recommendations the result of treatment of cellulitis will be well expressed and resistant.


Hardware techniques of a lymphatic drainage as independently, and in combination with other anti-cellulite procedures are widely applied to treatment of cellulitis in modern esthetic cosmetology. It is necessary to make a reservation that it is impossible to resort to hardware techniques of correction of a figure in the presence of diseases of bodies of a small pelvis (endometriosis, a fibromatosis, , etc.). In these cases carry out local procedures on area of hips. Absolute contraindications to carrying out a hardware lymphatic drainage are diseases of vessels (thrombophlebitis of superficial and deep veins) and skin (the becoming wet dermatitis, skin rashes, allergic reactions to the external medicines used at massage).

Vacuum – massage allows effectively, without serious consequences and quickly to destroy firm fatty deposits under skin. The rarefied air given by means of the special device makes powerful impact - loosens the capsules containing firm fatty deposits. These fatty capsules create a tension of skin and an uneven relief of a figure at cellulitis. After a loosening of capsules fat is softened and more actively begins to be split, the lymph flow and saturation of fabrics oxygen amplifies, puffiness disappears, skin is smoothed.

Endermologiya – the procedure combining impact on skin and hypodermic cellulose vacuum, vibration and a razminaniye. Through a special individual suit the rarefied air moves, causing rush of blood, and then massage scooters take fabrics and intensively knead them. The effect of "rolling of waves on a body" is created. When carrying out an endermologiya all surface of a body is processed, at the same time the most problem zones are exposed to more intensive influence. The program of manipulation is set on the device individually for each patient, the procedure is comfortable and absolutely safe, is well postponed. The cosmetology effect of the procedure consists in disappearance of hypostasis, improvement of blood supply of fabrics, skin is tightened, becomes elastic.

Pressoterapiya (pneumomassage or ) – influences lymphatic system pressure compressed air, strengthening a lymphatic drainage. As a result of lymphatic drainage massage surplus of intercellular liquid, slags are brought out of an organism, circulation of a lymph and blood is normalized. All this leads to disappearance of cellulitis and improvement of appearance of skin.

Microcurrent and an elektromiostimulyation - influence by electric impulses on skin and muscle fibers. Intensive reduction of muscles, their warming up leads to strengthening of exchange processes and in fatty tissue. As a result of current stimulation fatty deposits break, split, the limfoottok improves. Besides, muscle bulk is formed and the skin silhouette improves. Elektrositimulyation received the well-aimed name "fitness for lazy". She allows to train muscles and to get rid of fatty weight, without resorting to physical exercises.

Elektrolipoliz represents one of types of an elektromiostimulyation the current of variable frequencies moving by means of electrodes. The formed electromagnetic field stimulates blood circulation and a lymph flow, causes splitting of fatty cages, leads to reduction of volume of fatty weight. Duration of a course of treatment is defined by degree of expressiveness of cellulitis and averages 15-20 procedures within 2-3 months. The good effect gives in combination with massage.

Ultrasonic methods of treatment were widely adopted in physical therapy for a long time. In recent years ultrasound is effectively used for complex treatment of cellulitis in esthetic cosmetology. Ultrasonic waves, deeply getting into fabrics, destroy solderings between fatty cages and prepare them for holding anti-cellulite procedures. Application of ultrasound at the started cellulitis forms is especially effective. Local influence of ultrasound is shown in improvement traffic of fabrics and normalization of structure of collagenic fibers.

The mesotherapy is based on injection introduction of microdoses of medicine to a defeat zone. The special cocktail entered into skin from medicinal substances and vitamins strengthens process of disintegration of fatty cages and removal of excess liquid. The mesotherapy successfully treats chronic cellulitis. The course of procedures of a mesotherapy makes according to one procedure a week within two months. For the best effect at first it is recommended to lose weight to physiological norm. The mesotherapy yields resistant esthetic result in combination with other methods of treatment of cellulitis: wrappings, massage. Do not carry out a mesotherapy in the presence of damages and rash on skin, against the background of pregnancy or periods.


Complex treatment of cellulitis means not only application of external procedures, but also oral medicines, first of all biologically active nutritional supplements (dietary supplements) on the basis of vegetable components. Circulating with a blood-groove on an organism, dietary supplements get into skin and strengthen effect of local anti-cellulite procedures. There are specially developed anti-cellulite programs including specially picked up means of internal and external application.


The formula of effective fight against cellulitis consists in application of complex influence. The combination of active hardware techniques to medicines of external action and reception of biologically active nutritional supplements brings notable result in fight against cellulitis. The comprehensive anti-cellulite program also joins recommendations about observance of a diet, physical activity and passing of additional procedures: relaksiruyushchy and underwater massage, a hydromassage, bathtubs with sea salt and seaweed, mud and pearl baths, a circular shower and Sharko's shower, water aerobics.

Forecast, prospects of treatment of cellulitis

Correction of cellulitis at the first stage quickly yeilds tangible results. Sometimes it is enough to remove the cause leading to violation of fatty exchange (background diseases, endocrine violations, errors in a diet, addictions), and the result of treatment will not keep itself waiting long. Medical an action at this stage are directed to strengthening of outflow of liquid from fabrics, removal of slags. The lymphatic drainage, visit of a sauna and use of anti-cellulite cosmetic medicines are shown.

The second stage of development of cellulitis demands application of more active techniques: intensive physical exercises, regular lymphatic drainage procedures. At the third stage of cellulitis application of ultrasonic therapy, deep massage of the struck zones, hardware techniques of a lipoliz is effective (including a kriolipoliza). The started, fourth stage is characterized by old, profound changes and demands carrying out operation of liposuction – removal of fatty deposits from defeat zones.

Thus, treatment of cellulitis on any of stages can be effective. But the earlier you will begin to solve this problem, the it is less than forces, time and means it is necessary to spend for it. And your efforts will return to you a hundredfold: the beautiful and slim figure will be to you an award for this hard way.

Cellulitis - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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