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Cervical miozit – an inflammation in muscles of a neck and a humeral belt. Several muscles can be involved in process as one, and. Local overcooling, unusual physical activity, long stay in an uncomfortable position and infectious diseases becomes the reason usually. The main symptom is pain which, as a rule, extends only on one side of a neck, can give to the head, a shoulder, a back and a hand. The movements are limited, insignificant hypostasis and a local hyperthermia sometimes comes to light. At small children rise in temperature is possible. The diagnosis is exposed on the basis of clinical symptoms. Treatment is conservative.

Cervical miozit

Cervical miozit meets more often all other kinds of a miozit. It can strike people of any gender and age, including children. It is usually provoked by a draft, unusual loading, an overstrain or a stress. Throughout life practically each person at least once transfers sharp miozit, caused by one of the listed reasons. Much less often the cervical miozita which developed as a result of autoimmune and parasitic diseases come to light. Unlike other forms of a miozit, such inflammation of muscles proceeds is long, has more expressed tendency to synchronization and will hard respond to treatment.

Reasons of development of a cervical miozit

The draft is the most frequent reason of development of a cervical miozit. The miozita which arose after a trauma, long stay in an uncomfortable position or after an overstrain of cervical muscles as a result of unusual physical activity, excessive professional physical activity or an overtraining at athletes are slightly less widespread. Sometimes cervical miozit becomes a complication of acute infectious diseases (a SARS, flu, quinsy).

People who when performing professional duties should be long time in the same pose enter into risk group: violinists, drivers, typists, pianists, office workers etc. At school and university students miozit, arisen owing to overfatigue or an uncomfortable position, can develop in the period of preparation for examinations. As additional risk factor many experts consider a stress at which muscles of a neck and nadplechiya are in a condition of constant tension.

Rare forms of a cervical miozit are miozita at system defeats of connecting fabric (hard currency, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis) and parasitic diseases. In the first case development of the immune cages attacking own muscular tissue of an organism in the second – toksiko-allergic reaction becomes an etiology. In either case the inflammation usually strikes not only muscles of a neck, but also other groups of muscles. One more seldom found kind of a cervical miozit – purulent miozit. The disease develops at spread of an infection from open wounds or abscesses in a neck.

Symptoms of a cervical miozit

The first symptoms of a sharp miozit appear several hours later after an adverse effect. In the beginning there is local pain on the back or zadnebokovy surface of a neck (usually – on the one hand, either on the right, or at the left) amplifying at turns and a ducking. Gradually intensity of pain increases, irradiation to the occipital and parietal area, an upper back, interscapular area, area and a hand from the sick party can be noted. The patient tries to avoid movements by a neck not to cause a new attack of pain, sometimes his head is in the compelled situation.

At survey insignificant puffiness in the affected group of muscles can come to light. Unsharply expressed local hyperthermia and hyperaemia is sometimes noted. The inflamed muscles are strained and condensed, their palpation is painful. The general state at adults does not suffer. At children of younger age perhaps substantial increase of temperature (to 38-39 degrees), weakness, slackness, lack of appetite. The disease proceeds sharply, all symptoms completely disappear within several days, is more rare – several weeks.

In some cases sharp miozit passes into a chronic form. Pains become recidivous, begin to disturb even after an insignificant overload, short stay in an inconvenient pose and at each cold. The protective tension of muscles becomes constant, the movements of the head are limited. Over time there is a muscular weakness, the atrophy of the affected muscles in some cases develops.

Special form of a disease is parasitic miozit which, along with neck muscles, strikes some other muscular groups (muscles of extremities, chewing muscles) and is followed by temperature increase. One more rather rare form of a miozit – purulent miozit - proceeds sharply. There are intensive pulling or holding apart pains. In a neck there is noticeable hypostasis, skin over area of defeat reddens, its temperature increases. Development of purulent process is followed by the general hyperthermia, weakness, weakness, appetite loss, a headache and other symptoms of the general intoxication. Palpation is sharply painful, when forming an abscess fluctuation can be defined.


The diagnosis is exposed by the traumatologist or the neurologist on the basis of characteristic clinical manifestations. At the sharp miozita provoked by an inconvenient pose, an overload, a draft and other similar reasons, additional researches are not required. In the presence of uncharacteristic symptoms and a long current of a cervical miozit appoint inspection which can include survey of the rheumatologist and infectiologist, identification of parasites, definition of a rheumatoid factor etc. Miozit patients with suspicion on purulent direct to consultation to the surgeon.

Treatment of a cervical miozit

Treatment of the traumatic cervical miozit and inflammation of muscles which developed as a result of an overload or stay in an uncomfortable position is carried out on an outpatient basis by experts in the sphere of traumatology and orthopedics. To the patient recommend to limit physical activity, to rub area of defeat with the warming and anti-inflammatory ointments, to put dry heat, at severe pains – to accept analgetics. Write out the direction on UVCh. Usually all symptoms disappear within several days, at most – 1-2 weeks. At inefficiency of therapy the doctor carries out novokainovy blockade with addition of a small amount of corticosteroids. In the absence of contraindications application the technician of manual therapy (a post-isometric relaxation) is possible.

Patients with other forms of a cervical miozit are directed to the corresponding experts. Treatment of the miozit caused by a rheumatic disease the rheumatologist performs, therapy of an infectious miozit – the infectiologist, treatment of a parasitic miozit – the parasitologist. Sick with rheumatic process appoint glucocorticoids and immunosupressor, to patients with an infectious miozit carry out antibacterial therapy. At a parasitic miozit write out antigelmintny means.

In the presence of suppuration treatment at the purulent surgeon is recommended. Apply antibiotics (penicillin, and other medicines), anesthetics and UVCh. Emergence of the site of a softening is the indication to opening of an abscess. The cavity is washed out and drained a gauze napkin. Perform bandagings. After clarification of a wound apply bandages with Vishnevsky's ointment and other medicines promoting regeneration acceleration. The wound heals a secondary tension.

Cervical miozit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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