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Hromidroz — coloring of a secret of sweat glands in red, yellow, blue, green and other colors. Hromidroz can be caused by synthesis in apokrinovy glands of a specific pigment, allocation with then the chemicals which came to an organism or formation of dyes as a result of activity of the microorganisms living on the surface of skin. Treatment of a hromidroz depends on its genesis and can consist sweat glands, elimination of contact with the substances leading to sweat coloring, careful hygiene of skin at a distance.


Hromidroz is one of rare kinds of diseases of sweat glands. Most often it arises along with gipergidrozy — the increased sweating. In some cases coloring of sweat is observed against the background of an osmidroz — the perspiration with an unpleasant smell caused by the increased reproduction of bacteria of skin at insufficient hygienic leaving.

Reasons of a hromidroz

The dermatology carries sweat coloring cases which are caused by synthesis and allocation by apokrinovy sweat glands of a specific pigment — a lipofuksina to a true hromidroz. At the same time can the blue, yellow or black color of sweat is marked. In other cases the professional activity of patients connected with copper, cobalt, pyrocatechins and some other chemicals is the reason of a hromidroz.

Emergence of a hromidroz can be caused by the excess reproduction of bacteria or fungal flora happening at insufficient hygiene of parts of the body to the increased sweating. As a result of the activity the microorganisms which are on skin produce various substances including the chromogen which at contact with air is oxidized, painting sweat in red, blue, black, yellow, is more rare — green color.

Diagnostics of a hromidroz

As a rule, patients address on consultation of the dermatologist with complaints to coloring of linen and clothes in places of their contact with skin. Mainly it is axillary hollows, area of genitals and back pass. The main diagnostic objective at the same time is establishment of the reason of emergence of a hromidroz. Presence at sweat of a pigment of a lipofuksin comes to light on a characteristic luminescence when performing luminescent diagnostics. For definition of structure and quantity of microflora on the surface of skin also the research on mushrooms is conducted scrape.

Treatment of a hromidroz

Therapy of a hromidroz has to be carried out according to its reason. So, at communication of a disease with professional vrednost it is enough to eliminate contact with the substance which caused . At the increased reproduction of fungal or bacterial flora frequent washing with soap, especially careful in places of skin folds and on sites of skin with a big congestion of apokrinovy glands is necessary.

In treatment of the accompanying gipergidroz apply antiperspirants, a medicinal electrophoresis, balneotherapy. Expressed, but temporary effect the Botox injections blocking an innervation of sweat glands and respectively reducing their functional activity have. At inefficiency of the listed methods carrying out a simpatektomiya is possible.

Hromidroz connected with production of a lipofuksin is the indication to laser or ultrasonic destruction of sweat glands, their expeditious removal by liposuction, an endoscopic curettage or surgical excision. A complication of similar methods of treatment can become compensatory to various expressiveness.

Hromidroz - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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