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Syndrome of chronic fatigue

Refer the constant physical and mental weakness which arose for the unknown reason and proceeding more than half a year to a syndrome of chronic fatigue. For the first time the diagnosis of a syndrome of chronic fatigue was made in 1988. Assume that it met earlier, approximately from 30th years of the 20th century, but was not considered as a disease and it was not classified. Possibly, some cases of a syndrome of chronic fatigue carried to unusually proceeding infectious diseases. Now consider that emergence of a syndrome of chronic fatigue is caused by acceleration of rate of life and growth of a flow of information which the person needs to perceive.

Syndrome of chronic fatigue

The feeling of extreme fatigue is familiar to most of people. As a rule, it is connected with a mental or physical overstrain and quickly passes during rest. The similar state can arise after some work involving all hands at work, delivery of a session, landing of a kitchen garden, clear-out in the house, etc. In such cases of people can usually define when he felt fatigue and what it is connected with. At a syndrome of chronic fatigue the patient cannot precisely tell when it had a fatigue. He is not able to call accurately its reason and worries because of long stay in such state.

The exact reasons of development of a syndrome of chronic fatigue are in a studying stage. An important role is played by an infectious factor. The cytomegalovirus, a herpetic infection, koksaki-viruses, Epstein-Barre's virus, etc. find in patients. It is supposed that the syndrome develops as a result of continuous stimulation of immune cages infectious anti-genes. As a result for fight against an infection tsitokina with which temperature increase of a body, a fever, muscular pains and a general malaise is connected are developed. The American scientists revealed connection of a syndrome of chronic fatigue with violations in work of the TsNS limbic system with which the emotional sphere, working capacity, memory, a daily rhythm of a dream and wakefulness, vegetative regulation of many internals is connected. And these functions suffer at patients with a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

The syndrome of chronic fatigue usually occurs at young age, at women more often than at men. Development of a syndrome in active, responsible and successful people, workaholics in essence is characteristic. They try to make more, load themselves unreasonable responsibility and try to obtain often much. However at such constant overstrain of nervous system they can have a failure at any time.

Symptoms of a syndrome of chronic fatigue

The disease can begin with any infectious disease, even with simple cold. After the sharp period of an infectious disease normal within 2-3 weeks the general weakness, periodic headaches, increased fatigue, a depressive background of mood can be observed. At a syndrome of chronic fatigue these symptoms do not pass even later half a year and the patient begins to see doctors. If he is disturbed by sleep disorders, he goes for reception to the neurologist, eczema — for consultation of the dermatologist, at ease of a chair — to the gastroenterologist. But the appointed treatment usually does not give good and long effect as the true reason of these manifestations remains unaddressed.

The main symptom is the constant fatigue which is not passing after a long dream and even several days of rest. Some patients have a drowsiness, at most of patients sleeplessness develops. Can lead any change in the mode to its emergence — change of the time zone, change of the schedule of work, etc. Often at a syndrome of chronic fatigue working capacity violation, easing of attention is observed. Patients complain that they badly manage to concentrate. There are changes in an emotional state: apathy, morbid depression, a depression, can arise phobias. Violations of thermal control in the form of decrease or temperature increase for the long period of time are characteristic. At some patients decrease in body weight is observed (to 10 kg for few months). Headaches, a photophobia, dizziness, pharyngitis, dryness of an eye, tachycardia, morbidity of lymph nodes are possible, women have strengthening of a premenstrual syndrome.

Diagnostics of a syndrome of chronic fatigue

The diagnosis of a syndrome of chronic fatigue is made on the basis of the following criteria:

A. Big criteria
  • Fatigue for half a year and more. The periodic or amplifying the periods fatigue, lack of improvement after a dream or long rest. Day activity is reduced twice.
  • Lack of the somatic reasons of similar fatigue (intoxications, chronic somatic diseases, endocrine violations, infectious diseases, tumoral processes) and psychiatric diseases.
B. Small criteria
  • Moderate temperature increase of a body (to 38,5 °C).
  • Pharyngitis.
  • Small increase (to 2 cm) and morbidity of lymph nodes on a neck and in axillary hollows.
  • Muscular pains
  • General muscular weakness.
  • Heavy headaches which were not observed at the patient earlier.
  • Bad shipping of physical activity (weakness after loading lasting more than a day) which was normally transferred by the patient earlier.
  • Artralgiya and an ache in joints, not followed by their reddening or puffiness.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Psychoemotional violations: memory impairment and attention, depression, apathy, photophobia, etc.
  • Sudden beginning of a disease.

The syndrome of chronic fatigue is confirmed with 2 big criteria and 6 small criteria if there are first 2-3 criteria. If the first 3 small diagnostic criteria are absent or from them is only 1, then the diagnosis is made with 2 big and 8 small criteria.

During diagnostics it is necessary to exclude emergence of chronic fatigue as initial symptom of the developing infectious, oncological, somatic, endocrine or psychiatric disease. Therefore the patient is comprehensively examined not only by the neurologist, but also the endocrinologist, the infectiologist, the therapist, the rheumatologist. Conduct blood test on various infections and first of all on AIDS. Survey a condition of internals and systems. At diagnostics of a syndrome of chronic fatigue it is necessary to remember that the chronic fatigue can be observed as the normal phenomenon throughout the long period after serious injuries or diseases.

Treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue

The first step in treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue is a decrease in mental loading. It is necessary to reduce the number of the carried-out affairs not less than by 20%. It is better to get rid of those duties which demand the largest mental tension. For some patients it can be difficult, then psychotherapy sessions are necessary, application of auto-training and relaksiruyushchy techniques is possible. The patient has to understand that he cannot perform this work in connection with a disease. The rational psychotherapy is also directed to normalization of a psychoemotional condition of the patient, training in its methods of an objective self-assessment that he really estimated the arising overloads and understood need of rest. The subsequent sessions of psychotherapy can be directed to development at the patient of ability to have a rest, struggle effectively with a stress and to remove nervous tension.

Observance of the correct daily routine, work-rest schedule, alternation of a dream and wakefulness is important. The revitalizing procedures are useful: foot walks, stay in the fresh air, contrast shower, moderate physical activity. Surely include a special complex of physical exercises in the medical program. Loading and duration of occupations are gradually increased depending on a condition of the patient. Walking, swimming, jogging, gymnastics, breathing exercises are recommended.

Positive emotions are recommended to the patient. And everyone has the individual source of such emotions: children, pets, visit of theater, evening in the company of friends, etc. In treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue apply the phytogenesis medicines increasing the organism resilience to a stress and strengthening immunity: , glycyrrhiza root, lady's bedstraw tenacious, sorrel curly and others. Application of an aromatherapy is possible.

The healthy and healthy nutrition, the use of the products rich with minerals and vitamins strengthens immunity and nervous system of an organism, increases resistance to stresses. At a syndrome of chronic fatigue it is necessary to use more liquid, but reception of alcohol or the drinks containing caffeine is not recommended. Patients should refrain from the use in large numbers of the food containing sugar. It can cause rise in level of glucose in blood after which there is a decrease in sugar of blood below norm which is shown feeling of fatigue.

The forecast at a syndrome of chronic fatigue

The disease is not menacing for life of the patient and, as a rule, comes to an end with recovery. Restoration of an organism can spontaneously happen or as a result of treatment. However at a number of patients repeated cases, especially after the postponed stressful situations or somatic diseases were celebrated. In certain cases the syndrome of chronic fatigue can lead to serious deviations in work of immune system.

Prevention of a syndrome of chronic fatigue

Healthy food, adequate physical and mental activities, objective self-assessment and the correct daily routine is what will allow to avoid development of a syndrome of chronic fatigue. It is whenever possible necessary to leave from stressful situations and to avoid overfatigue. If it did not manage to be made, then after a stress or overloads it is necessary to have a rest and relax fully.

In operating time each 1-1,5 hours should be done a small break. If work intellectual and sedentary, then during a break it is useful to go in for physical culture. What allows to switch temporarily from brainwork to physical and to take off fatigue from continuous sitting. Pauses and switchings of attention during the monotonous work are especially necessary. The production noise causing increased fatigue is important. It is whenever possible necessary to reduce influence of this harmful factor. Change of a situation and impressions is useful to normal mental activity of the person. Therefore sometimes it is necessary to leave on the nature and to travel to holiday time.

Syndrome of chronic fatigue - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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