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The colpitis (vaginit) – inflammatory process in a vagina owing to its infection, exchange, endocrine violations, injuries. Are signs of a disease plentiful bleach, an itch, vagina pains and in the bottom of a stomach. Neglect of inflammatory process in a vagina can lead to accretion of its walls to ascension of an infection and development of inflammatory diseases of a uterus and appendages, an erosion of a neck of a uterus and, as a result, - to extra-uterine pregnancy or infertility. The main diagnostics of a colpitis includes a kolposkopiya and a bacteriological research.


Colpitis (synonyms: the nonspecific colpitis, vaginit) – a disease of infectious and inflammatory character at which there is a damage of a mucous membrane of a vagina opportunistic microflora (staphylococcus, a streptococcus, Proteus, colibacillus, a hemophilic stick, and also fungi from the sort Candida, etc.). Can proceed in sharp, subsharp, and chronic (with a recurrence) forms. The colpitis often occurs at women of childbearing age, but can develop at elderly and even children's age.

Development of inflammatory process at a colpitis is promoted by the reasons as the general, and local character. Depending on localization of the initial center of an infection allocate

  • primary colpitises – develop at once in a vagina
  • secondary colpitises: ascending – at penetration of an infection into a vagina from a vulva and descending – upon transition of inflammatory process of a uterus.

Also distinguish serous and purulent and diffusion vaginit (colpitises). Clinical manifestations of a serous and purulent vaginit are very different: from an insignificant inflammation mucous vaginas to the expressed hypostasis and an erozirovaniye mucous with plentiful purulent allocations.

Colpitis reasons

Normal natural microflora of a vagina is presented by mainly lactic bacteria. Sour reaction of a secret protects genitals from penetration and reproduction of foreign microorganisms. The factors which are harmful influencing microflora, reducing local immunity of mucous genitals and resilience of an organism in general provoke the strengthened growth of opportunistic microorganisms and development of an inflammation.

Treat the factors increasing risk of development of a nonspecific vaginit:

  • the sharp and chronic diseases of internals leading to decrease in immune reactions of an organism (including inflammatory processes in ovaries, a uterus and uterine tubes);
  • infections from sexually transfer (trichomoniasis, clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis);
  • violations in work of endocrine system (obesity, diabetes, hypofunction of ovaries);
  • excessive use of medicines, including long courses of treatment antibiotics;
  • allergic reactions to hygienic and contraceptive means (tampons, condoms, candles, etc.);
  • chemical, mechanical or thermal injuries mucous genitals (when carrying out medical manipulations: miniabortion, medical abortion, introduction of intrauterine spirals, syringing, etc.);
  • anatomic changes of a vagina (decrease in a tone and omission of its walls, gaping of a sexual crack);
  • violations of food and atrophic processes in a mucous membrane of a vagina at vascular disorders and in the period of a menopause;
  • non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene.

At children's age development of a colpitis is promoted: penetration of an infection into a vagina with a blood-groove (at quinsy, scarlet fever), allergic reactions of an organism, and also hit of alien objects in a vagina. Usually the inflammation has acuity and is connected with infectious diseases of an organism in general. At advanced age decrease in a hormonal background leads to changes in a mucous membrane of genitals, it becomes thinner, becomes dry, there are microinjuries and an inflammation.

Colpitis symptoms

Depending on the activator, severity and jokes of a disease symptoms of a colpitis can differ. Are characteristic of a sharp nonspecific vaginit:

  • allocations in a large number (mucous, mucopurulent, sometimes bloody) with unpleasant (sometimes fetid) a smell;
  • the itch and burning caused by irritant action of pathological allocations;
  • puffiness and reddening of mucous membranes of a vagina and genitalia;
  • pain in the bottom of a stomach and genitals (feeling of a raspiraniye, pressure);
  • morbidity at an urination.

At a chronic current of a vaginit of pain are not expressed, violation of the general health usually is not observed. Patients note bleach, burning sensation and an itch, an ulceration mucous genitals. At a chronic colpitis the sluggish current with periodically arising aggravations is noted.

The colpitis can be shown in the form of a vulvovaginit at whom reddening and irritation passes to genitalia and the internal surface of hips and a buttock, is often combined with tservitsity, uretrity, a uterus neck pseudo-erosion.

Because of unpleasant painful feelings sexual activity of the woman decreases, desire of intimate proximity is inhibited. Also puffiness and morbidity of walls of a vagina makes impossible internal inspection by means of mirrors.

At emergence of similar symptoms consultation of the gynecologist is necessary for inspection and exact diagnostics. Treatment of a vaginit at an initial stage is more effective and helps to avoid complications. In hard cases inflammatory processes can affect internal genitals (a uterus, appendages) and to cause an endometritis, uterus neck erosion, to lead to infertility.

Diagnostics of a colpitis

It is possible to diagnose a colpitis at survey of a vagina and neck of a uterus by means of mirrors. At a sharp current of a vaginit of a fold mucous vaginas friable, are brightly painted, strongly thickened and edematous, pruinose from serous or purulent films. At a touch and scraping of a raid of a wall of a vagina are damaged and can bleed. In hard cases the erozirovaniye of an epithelium of a mucous membrane is observed. At a chronic current of a colpitis defects of mucous are a little expressed, allocations insignificant.

Kolposkopiya allows to see more precisely the nature of changes of walls of a mucous membrane and to make the exact diagnosis. Also important information is given by microscopy of dabs from a vagina, the channel of a neck of a uterus, an urethra. At a nonspecific vaginit a large number of leukocytes in dab (from 30 to 60 and more comes to light at N to 15 under review), it is a lot of cages of the lowered epithelium, decrease in quantity of lactobacilli, emergence of foreign microflora (the 3 and 4 degree of purity).

Bakterioskopichesky research of dabs and allow to carry out identification of microorganisms (a gramprinadlezhnost, a look, features of morphology). Very often at a colpitis the association of various bacteria is found. Ultrasonic examination of bodies of a small pelvis allows to find the accompanying gynecologic pathology.

Treatment of a colpitis

In treatment of a colpitis the modern gynecology effectively applies the general and local methods of therapy. Treatment, as a rule, combined is also selected depending on a type of a colpitis, age of the patient, associated diseases, etc.

Local treatment consists in sanitation of genitalia and vaginas (washing and syringing by broth of a sage, a camomile, a hlorfillipt, solution of potassium of permanganate, zinc of sulfate, a rivanol, etc.). Introduction to a vagina of tampons with sea-buckthorn oil, antimicrobic vaginal candles and tablets is shown. At the persistent, expressed current of a colpitis local antibiotics taking into account sensitivity of the activator (emulsions, solutions), physiotherapeutic procedures are applied.

The general therapy is directed to treatment of the accompanying gynecologic, exchange, endocrine diseases, normalization of a hormonal and immune background of an organism. During a course of treatment of a colpitis it is recommended to refrain from intimate relations, inspection, and if necessary, and treatment of other sexual partner is also shown. During treatment of a colpitis the sparing, mainly sour-milk and vegetable diet is appointed, the hot, salty, smoked dishes annoyingly operating on mucous membranes are excluded from a diet, the liquid use is limited (for reduction of hypostases mucous).

In a final stage of treatment of a colpitis the medicines promoting restoration of natural flora of a vagina and increase in its protective properties are appointed. For control of an izlechennost of a colpitis dabs for 4-5 day of periods at women of the reproductive period undertake, at girls and women in a menopause is after passing of a course of treatment. For prevention of a recurrence of a disease the course of treatment should be repeated in 4-5 months.

Prevention and forecast of a colpitis

Prevention of a nonspecific vaginit (colpitis) mainly comes down to careful respect for hygiene of genitals, sex life, timely treatment of genital and general diseases, an exception of provocative factors, good rest. Change of nature of allocations and a menstrual cycle has to become an occasion of the immediate address to the gynecologist. At a chronic recidivous vaginit performing PTsR-diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections is necessary (hlamidiya, mycoplasmas, trichomonads, gardnerella, a virus of simple herpes, etc.).

The prevention of a vulvovaginit at girls consists, first of all, in adequate hygienic procedures, all-improving actions, treatment of the centers of a chronic infection. As a rule, at the correct treatment the colpitis does not pose a serious threat to the state of health of the patient. However, ignoring of a colpitis, self-treatment and non-compliance with measures of prevention are capable to affect reproductive health of the woman seriously negatively.

Colpitis - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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