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The combined skin

The combined skin – the mixed skin type combining fat skin in the T-zone and dry or normal in cheeks. The combined skin has uneven structure and non-uniform coloring: on dry sites it is inclined to a peeling and early formation of wrinkles, and on fat sites - to emergence of enlarged pores, comedones, inflammations, spots. It is necessary to approach care of the combined skin differentially, using various sets of cosmetics for fat and for dry/normal skin. Except daily home care, the combined skin needs holding professional cosmetology procedures.

The combined skin

The combined (mixed) skin is characterized by alternation of sites of fat skin (on a forehead, a nose and a chin) and dry or normal skin in temples and cheeks. It is considered that the combined skin is the most widespread type of skin which is found at 80% of teenagers, 40% of young people up to 25 years and 15% of people of mature age. In most cases over the years the combined skin acquires characteristics normal. To understand what skin type at you (dry, fat, normal, combined), is enough to carry out the simple test: in 2-3 hours after washing it is necessary to blot a face with a tissue. If on a napkin there was a fat trace from the T-shaped zone, and in a zone of cheeks the napkin remained dry, - the mixed skin type means at you.

The reasons of the combined skin

Throughout life the state and type of skin change. Usually problem skin is for the first time shown during puberty. In process of a growing of the person in most cases skin becomes to the land: on it the greasy luster, spots decreases or disappears, however aging signs – wrinkles, flabbiness, a couperosis, pigmentary spots and so forth appear.

The combined skin type most often is caused by hereditary factors. In the T-shaped face zone the greatest number of sebaceous glands which active work is followed by allocation of surplus of the skin fat forming a fat film is concentrated. Peculiar "incentive" for strengthening of skin secretion are the periods of hormonal reorganization of an organism (puberty, pregnancy), stresses, unbalanced food with prevalence in a diet of greasy and carbohydrate food, violation of work of a GIT, addictions. Problems of the combined skin become aggravated at the incorrect choice of cosmetics, the wrong care of face skin, use of cosmetics of poor quality.

The characteristic of the combined skin

Features of various types of skin are inherent in the combined skin. So, in the T-zone skin has a greasy luster, enlarged pores, comedones, sites of an inflammation, eels. Normal skin in temples, cheeks and a neck is characterized by a healthy look, uniform coloring and flat structure. In case skin in these zones dry, it is inclined to a peeling, irritation, early emergence mimic wrinklesof around eyes and near lips. In this case through the thinned epidermis illuminate superficial vascular textures - vascular asterisks. Owing to alternation on a face of sites with various activity of sebaceous glands and cosmetic defects the shade of skin can be non-uniform, structure – uneven.

In summer months the combined skin seems more fatly, than usually, and is more inclined to irritation and a peeling in the winter. Level the mixed skin fluctuates from 3 on dry sites to 6 on fat sites. Approximately by 35 years the combined skin most often approaches normal type.

Features of care of the combined skin

Various sites of the combined skin have to receive special care taking into account the special requirements. In the course of care of the mixed skin it is important to eliminate excessive grease allocations and at the same time to avoid a skin peresushivaniye. Owners of the combined skin are not recommended to abuse too greasy, spicy, fried food, caffeine etc. It is desirable to enrich the diet with fresh vegetables and fruit, to drink rather clear water. At the choice of decorative cosmetics for the mixed skin it is necessary to give preference to foundation on a water basis, to blush of a creamy consistence, dry powder and shadows.

For daily care of different sites of skin it is possible to use the separate cosmetics intended for fat and for dry or normal skin. However it is quite troublesome and it is not always convenient. Therefore the modern market offers special lines of cosmetics adapted for the combined skin. Daily face care has to include stages of clarification, toning and moistening.

For washing in the morning and it is recommended to use skins or gels in the evening. The main requirement to the clearing means for the combined skin - a nekomedogennost, t. at their structure there should not be such components as coconut, almond or peach oil, isostearin or olein alcohol, butylstearate, lanolin, etc. At the same time, in formulas of means for washing extracts of herbs and fruit acids are welcomed. Means is put on a face by a thin layer and then is distributed by the massage movements on skin. It is necessary to wash away the clearing gel cool water. Washing by hot water and toilet soap as it can cause excessive activity of sebaceous glands on fat sites and excessive dryness on sensitive is categorically contraindicated. Once a week it is necessary to carry out deep clarification of the combined skin by means of a srub. The clearing film masks and peelings with fruit acids can be used only on sites of fat skin.

After clarification of skin there comes the tonization stage for what special lotions and tonics for the combined skin are used. They allow to level structure of skin, to narrow pores, to adjust activity of sebaceous glands, to normalize skin pH. Means for a tonization of skin should not contain alcohol; it is preferable that anti-inflammatory ingredients were its part: , , etc. For moistening of the combined skin hydrogels and creams of low-fat texture with extracts of herbs, vegetable oils, ceramides, hyaluronic acid find application. Good impact on a condition of the combined skin is exerted by contrast compresses from broths of herbs. In the summer during the day for moistening of skin it is recommended to use a spray with thermal water. On sites of dry skin one-two times a week need to be done nutritious masks, and on the T-zone – clearing.

The combined skin needs 1-2 times a month professional leaving. Usually on the first reception of the dermatocosmetologist hardware diagnostics of a condition of skin is carried out: degree of its moisture content is defined, the rn-metriya, a sebumetriya, Dermoscopy is carried out (for assessment of a condition of a time, wrinkles, vascular defects, pigmentary spots). Complex care behind the combined skin usually includes makeup removal, toning, a peeling, facial massage on active serum, a cosmetic mask, cream.

Enzymatic peelings, dezinkrustation, widely are applied to clarification of the combined skin. Within programs of professional leaving the atraumatic and combined face peels, manual and mechanical cleanings of the T-zone well proved. Biorevitalization, a mesotherapy are useful to moistening and nutrition of the combined skin . Saloon care of the combined skin will be incomplete without application of various cosmetic masks (creamy, liquid, grassy, plasticizing, clay, paraffin, etc.). At the correct independent and regular saloon leaving signs of age changes on the combined skin appear later, than on dry.

The combined skin - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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