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Dandruff is a peeling of a hairy part of the head as a result of which because of a slushchivaniye of an epithelium scales are formed. Emergence of dandruff is a sign of various violations in an organism as it is not an independent disease. According to WHO data dandruff symptoms note more than 70% of the population from time to time. When developing dandruff first of all it is necessary to think of the correct care of hair. An excessive peresushivaniye the hair dryer, coloring and highlighting, a chemical wave, etc. of the procedure negatively affect a condition of hair and can be the cause of dandruff. Treatment of dandruff consists in refusal of these procedures, use of the hair care products which are specially picked up by the trichologist, passing of medical courses of physical therapy and cryomassage.

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    Dandruff – emergence on a hairy part of the head of layered fat or small dry scales of whitish-yellowish color. Is followed by a head itch, hair become dim, dry and fragile, or fat and shining. Can serve as display of seborrhea, psoriasis, fungal damages of skin, a nerve strain, deficiency of vitamin A or group B, a consequence of the wrong care of hair, violations of work of digestive tract. Dandruff is a common cause of a hair loss, represents the expressed cosmetic problem.

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    Reasons of emergence of dandruff

    The change of a condition of head skin caused by the excessive growth of fungal culture of Malassezia Furfur is the main reason for emergence of dandruff. This fungus is facultative microflora of head skin and in normal conditions its activity proceeds asymptomatically.

    Stresses, violations of work of sebaceous glands, violations of food, hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, the puberty period, a menopause can provoke activization of M. furfur. Very often dandruff develops at incorrectly picked up care of hair. Frequent coloring, a chemical wave, use of staylingovy means, drying by the hair dryer, neglect he in cold season and vice versa, indoors lead their long carrying to shift of microflora of head skin. Bronchopulmonary diseases, pathologies of digestive tract and decrease in immunity can also lead to activation of a fungus. As a result of its activity the cycle of development of cells of epidermis changes, they peel without having managed to pass it completely that is clinically shown by emergence of scales of light color. Depending on activity of a microorganism dandruff can be observed in some certain part of head skin, or to be total.

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    Displays of dandruff

    Dandruff does not remain unnoticed and first of all it is an esthetic problem for patients as appearance of the person with dandruff in hair becomes slovenly and not palatable. Excessive washing and comb-out of dandruff with use of the hair dryer only strengthen symptomatology. At people with dark hair dandruff is more noticeable, it settles down in the form of scales on all mass of indumentum as when combing a scale of a slushchenny epithelium are displaced down. Patients note an itch, sometimes head skin matserirutsya because of having combed. Hair become dim, fragile, splitting, because of the fact that the layer of dandruff interferes with normal functioning of hair follicles. If dandruff has widespread character and no events for its elimination are held, the hair loss can begin. People for whom dandruff is a problem, try to carry he, to paint hair in shades are lighter to make it less noticeable, than even more aggravate a condition of head skin.

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    Diagnostics and treatment of dandruff

    It is quite simple to diagnose dandruff, it is much more difficult to find a pathogenetic link which was starting in activization of M. Furfur. And, if on consultation of the trichologist at poll of the patient of obvious pathologies which could provoke emergence of dandruff it is not revealed, then first of all correct the mode of life and change means for care of hair and head skin.

    It is necessary to limit the use sharp, fried and fat, rich with cellulose, group B vitamins include products in a diet. If violation of water balance, then the water use (tea, fruit drinks, mineral water) quickly is the reason of dandruff solve this problem; usually besides dandruff in this case dryness of skin, followed by a peeling is observed.

    For the entire period of treatment of dandruff exclude aggressive hairdresser's procedures, drying by the hair dryer; it is recommended to use hairbrushes from a natural tree which it is necessary to change time in several months as the tree well absorbs skin fat.

    Remedies on care of hair are appointed, the problem of dandruff is solved by shampoos which part antifungal components are. The latest medical programs on dandruff which are used in a trikhologiya are based on application of complex therapy. The medical program Folten of Pharm contains medical lotion and shampoo. Shampoo fights against a fungus, and lotion revitalizes head skin, peeling already available dandruff, in addition nourishing head skin and moistening hair. Displays of dandruff more than help to reduce use of such programs which structure already included both keratolitichesky components, and anti-fungal funds by 90%. If dandruff tends to develop in a certain season, then the course of treatment needs to be repeated to prevent its emergence.

    When medical cosmetics cannot cope with dandruff and in the presence of internal diseases which led to its emergence, physiotherapy is shown. Cryomassage causes consecutive compression / expansion of vessels of head skin that improves microcirculation and food of hair follicles. As a result local immunity increases, activity of a fungus is blocked, and symptoms of dandruff disappear. The medical medicines applied on skin after cryomassage are soaked up better.

    At dandruff the head skin darsonvalization with use of a grebeshkovy vacuum electrode is shown. The irritation of head skin causes reflex improvement of a tone of vessels that improves a metabolism. High-frequency current promotes clarification of head skin from dandruff scales, renders the anti-inflammatory and cauterizing effect that is especially important as at dandruff raschesa and scratches are quite often observed. Besides, the darsonvalization soothingly affects nervous system. Considering that existence of dandruff is a psychological problem, and constant stresses only strengthen symptomatology, the physical therapy in combination with medical cosmetics helps to eliminate both dandruff, and nervous excitement.

    Dandruff is not a life-threatening state, rather well gives in to correction, but the combination of medical therapy and independent treatment is inadmissible as the surplus of active agents can lead to seborrhea whom to treat much more difficult.

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    Dandruff - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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