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Second chin

The second (double) chin is formed by fatty and skin folds under edge of the lower jaw and in a neck. Emergence of the second chin considerably reduces appeal of the person, does not esthetic a profile, visually adds excess years and kilograms therefore its owners have a great desire as soon as possible to get rid of this shortcoming. Correction of the second chin can be made by means of conservative cosmetology methods (a mesotherapy, an ozonoterapiya, a miostimulyation, thermolifting) or a surgical way (liposuction).

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Second chin

The person is a business card of the person according to which it is possible to estimate his health, mood, character, and a chin on it – an important and noticeable part. In many literary works, acquainting the reader with appearance of the hero, writers usually gave several words and to the description of his chin for creation of more exact portrait of the character. The correct, proportional features always reckoned with a fine-molded chin as manifestation of beauty and harmony of which both men, and women dream. One of unpleasant esthetic shortcomings of appearance is existence of the second chin which can appear already at twenty-year age.

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Reasons of emergence of the second chin

Genetic predisposition (heredity) causes specific features of skin and a metabolism. At the people inclined to formation of the second chin the slowed-down biosynthesis of proteins therefore restoration of collagen happens less intensively is, as a rule, noted.

Excess weight (obesity) in combination with improper feeding and an inactive way of life also promotes formation of fatty deposits in a chin and cheeks.

Violation of a bearing owing to weakness of muscles of a back or the wrong habits (it is low to hang the head when walking, reading, to sleep on a high pillow, to stoop, etc.) creates additional load of collagenic and elastinovy fibers, their ability to support hypodermic fatty cellulose and elasticity of skin decreases. To the contrary, the habit to directly hold the head and to sleep on a low pillow gives to a neck beauty and smartness.

Besides, in a chin leads sharp weight reduction as weak facial muscles allow an obvisaniye of hypodermic fatty tissues to formation of "surplus" of skin and skin folds.

Age (after 45 – 50 years) decrease in elasticity of face skin results from natural delay of processes of regeneration and traffic in skin and fabrics. Skin becomes dry, more flabby, wrinkled, deforming a face form.

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Methods of correction of the second chin

To have long-term result, "fight" against the second chin has to include besides cosmetic influences and physical exercises, change of a way of life (healthy nutrition, control of weight, a bearing, the active movements). It is possible to try to get rid of a small second chin by means of special gymnastics. Besides, the person (including a chin and area of a neck) needs to give due leaving: with use of the tonics moisturizing and nutritious means, lifting creams, the tightening masks, serums. At regular and correct use these means are highly effective. It is possible to resort also to cosmetic procedures: to a miostimulyation, lifting, mesotherapy, photorejuvenation, ozonoterapiya, vacuum massage. The appointed treatment is strict individually, the cosmetic program has to correspond to concrete characteristics of skin of the patient, indicators of his health.

If the second chin is obviously expressed, there are age changes (at persons 40 years are more senior), and no means help, it is possible to solve this problem with the help of plastic surgery.

It is possible to remove surplus of fatty tissue in a chin by a miniliposuction method. This operation is carried out through minicuts (no more than 0,5 cm), does not leave postoperative hems. The weakened neck muscles for the best reduction and correction of a face form are tightened by ligaturny lifting (implantation of the special not allergenic, resolving threads). At the same time bryl on cheeks in addition clean up.

Along with elimination of the second chin carrying out surgical correction of a chin – a mentoplastika is possible (i.e. reduction or increase in volumes of a chin by various methods of plastic surgery). Mentoplastika gives the chance to improve a profile and face proportions, not only to eliminate the second chin and obvisany skin in a neck, but also to rejuvenate a decollete zone, to create a beautiful face contour. Plasticity of a chin is sometimes combined with rhinoplasty, increase in volume of area of cheekbones and cheeks, than the bigger rejuvenating effect is reached.  

When carrying out bone plasticity of correction the podborodochny bone is exposed. Cuts are carried out in an oral cavity therefore there is no postoperative scar left.

It is possible to correct a face form by means of the silicone front implants made of biocompatible, safe materials. The size and a form of implants is selected the doctor individually. Operation is performed under local or intravenous anesthesia, its duration - 1,5-2 hours. Cuts are carried out in natural folds or in an oral cavity, and subsequently seams become imperceptible.

Plasticity of area of cheekbones and chin can be executed by means of introduction of cells of fatty tissue the patient (lipofiling).

Plasticity of a chin is recommended to be done after the end of formation of a bone tissue, not earlier than 23 – 25 years.

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The second chin - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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