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Dry brittle hair (trikhoklaziya) in most cases is a symptom of diseases of internals and/or a consequence of the wrong care of hair, and only a small part of patients has congenital anomaly of hair – a nodular trikhoklaziya. Dryness and fragility of hair can be a consequence of chronic pathology of a GIT, violations in work of an urinary system, a chronic infection (tonsillitis, tuberculosis), a helminthic invasion, frequent application of such procedures as coloring of hair and a chemical wave. Treatment of a brittle hair needs to be begun with cancellation of the procedures which are aggressively influencing hair and correction of a causal disease.

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    Dry brittle hair

    Dry brittle hair – the condition of hair caused by a lack of release of skin fat. It is shown by lack of gloss, softness and elasticity of hair, their section, existence of dry small dandruff, feeling of tightness of head skin. Hair look lifeless, dim, sputyvatsya easily among themselves. Dryness of hair leads to their increased loss. At elimination of the reason of dryness and fragility of hair (frequent washing, use of improper shampoo, the hot hair dryer, coloring and a wave, improper feeding etc.) the condition of hair is normalized.

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    Reasons of fragility of hair

    Appendages of skin reflect a condition of an organism in general. Dryness and fragility of hair is observed at iron deficiency and serpovidnokletochny anemias as a result of which all cages of an organism suffer from a hypoxia. Microcirculation of head skin worsens, food of follicles is broken, it leads to change of structure of a hair, it becomes dry and fragile.

    Digestive tract diseases which proceed with violation of absorbability of vitamins and minerals and also pathological conditions of an organism at which comprehensibility of vitamins is broken are the reason of dryness, the second after anemias, and fragilities of hair.

    Chronic diseases of kidneys and lungs often are reflected also in a condition of appendages of skin: a brittle dry hair, stratification of nails are often observed at patients with a chronic renal failure and a tuberculosis infection. The centers of a chronic infection, such as caries of teeth, chronic inflammation of almonds, and also parasitic diseases - , helminthic invasions, without causing discomfort, can be shown clinically only by the splitting and brittle hair.

    However the last researches in the field of a trikhologiya confirm that the wrong care of them is the main exogenous reason for fragility of hair. At the same time the main delusion that an oily hair cannot be dry. Dryness of hair consists in their dehydration, and application of the aggressive degreasing means even more aggravates a problem. As a result hair become not only dry, but also fragile.

    Frequent coloring of hair, chemical wave, use of curling tongs and hair curlers lead to fragility and dryness of hair. Ultraviolet, salty sea water, bathing in pools with the chlorinated water, the use of some medicines worsen a condition of hair, doing them fragile and splitting. Neglect he in cold season or carrying he when a part of hair is outside, are the main reason for fragility of hair during the spring and winter period, especially at the accompanying hypovitaminoses.

    Stressful situations, overfatigue, heavy intellectual and physical activities, dryness and dust content of air, hard water and incorrectly picked up hair care products also adversely affect them. Fragility of hair can speak abuse of staylingovy means with their incomplete removal and use of metal hairbrushes. No more than 3% of all cases of fragility of hair are the share of a share of congenital pathologies of a hair core and a follicle.

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    External manifestations of a brittle hair and diagnostics

    Fragility and dryness of hair is diagnosed visually. Hair look dim, their part is broken off at different height that does the lump of hair slovenly. At fragility and dryness of hair carry surely out the developed analysis and biochemical blood tests. Poll of the patient helps to establish what chronic pathologies which resulted in fragility of hair at it are present. When the general inspection maloinformativno or it is necessary to find out an exact condition of hair resort to the spectral analysis of hair on the maintenance in them of minerals and to spectrometry of a dry brittle hair.

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    Treatment of a brittle hair

       First of all, it is required to remove the main reason for fragility of hair. Correction of the basic a disease and use of medical cosmetics for a dry brittle hair is an optimum method of therapy. In each case with symptomatology of a dry and brittle hair medicamentous correction and medical cosmetics are selected on consultation of the trichologist individually.

    The rate of vitamins C the high content of iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamins of group B, C, A is appointed, E. Sleduyet to consider that reception of complex medicines is not always expedient as a part of vitamins needs to be accepted after food, and some of them at joint use are not acquired. If vitamins are not acquired because of digestive tract diseases that often meets at the iron deficiency anemias caused by gastritis, then vitamins of group B and medicines of iron are appointed in the form of intramuscular injections.

    Correction of food and way of life is not less important in treatment of a brittle and dry hair, food has to be rich with protein, vegetables, rigid diets at this moment are not admissible. The use of a large amount of liquid, mineral water help to eliminate dryness of hair. If indoors air too dry, then it is necessary to establish humidifiers and ozonizers. The refusal of smoking, of abuse of coffee and alcoholic drinks well influences a condition of hair.

    The medical program, despite the simplicity, well copes with a problem of a brittle and dry hair. Before use of medical cosmetics it is recommended to cut a part of hair as it is possible to improve structure of a hair, but the broken-off ends of a hair core only through a long time will gain the normal state. Trikhosakharida of seaweed which having structure, similar to a keratin, have to be a part of medicines on care of hair, are easily built in a core of a hair and, strengthening it, fragilities interfere. The nutritious and recovery complexes entering the program of treatment of hair strengthen and moisten mature hair and stimulate hair follicles to growth.

    Usual shampoos are not capable to return to dry and dim hair an original form because of low concentration of active agents. In the conditions of clinic it is recommended to use a mesotherapy with introduction under skin of medical cocktails and physiotherapeutic procedure. Impact on skin of high-frequency pulse currents and cryomassage improve microcirculation and stimulate growth of follicles.

    At a dry brittle hair massage of head skin in house conditions and frequent combing is shown by a wooden crest. But anyway, if not to change a way of life, to often subject hair to mechanical and thermal influence, then the problem of dryness and fragility of hair will not be solved.

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    Dry brittle hair - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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