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Wrinkles around eyes

Wrinkles around eyes – visible defects of skin of paraorbital area in the form of grooves of various depth and expressiveness. Wrinkles around eyes develop before other wrinkles on the face owing to excess mimic activity, age changes of skin, influence of adverse internal and external factors. Usually such wrinkles the superficial, but multiple, reminding spider lines or crepe paper. It is unlikely such wrinkles can please or decorate the woman. The modern esthetic medicine offers various methods of fight against wrinkles around eyes – special cosmetic goings, botulinum toxin injections, a mesotherapy, planimetric plasticity and a blefaroplastika.

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Wrinkles around eyes

Wrinkles around eyes – the small skin folds and grooves which are formed as a result of age changes of skin and soft fabrics, their active and frequent tension or adverse effects on periorbitalny area.

Process of age aging of skin usually begins with emergence of wrinkles around eyes. It is explained by that circumstance that an epidermis layer in eyes very thin – about 0,5 mm, are 4 times thinner, than face skin. Also around eyes there are practically no sweat and sebaceous glands, hypodermic and fatty cellulose, blood vessels and a little muscular tissue. The collagen fibers providing elasticity and elasticity of our skin in this zone have rare mesh structure therefore skin a century so easily a rastyazhima. The loose coating of hypodermic cellulose creates tendency to hypostases. Besides, the area of eyes is in constant dynamics: eyes frown, squint, blink, cry, "laugh".

As a result skin around eyes experience considerable strain. After 25 years skin around eyes loses the freshness, on it small wrinkles and swellings appear. Gradually skin becomes less elastic, and folds around eyes more obvious.

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The reasons of emergence of wrinkles around eyes

Emergence of wrinkles around eyes happens at the women having dry skin earlier. Developing of early wrinkles around eyes, so-called, goose pads, is also promoted by the increased mimic activity. Negatively skin around eyes is influenced by a sleep debt, improper feeding, chronic fatigue, the sun, a stress, reception of alcoholic beverages, smoking, excess of admissible content of harmful impurity in air and water.

As the reasons of premature emergence of wrinkles around eyes use of the low-quality or not intended for this face zone cosmetics, intensive putting ink and shadows at a make-up can serve, rubbing in in a periorbitalny zone of creams, masks or srubs. Formation of wrinkles around eyes can be promoted by the long work at the computer connected with the excessive tension of sight. Thin muscle fibers, being convulsively reduced, will paralyze blood circulation and a metabolism, as result of what serves emergence of small folds in eyes.

Early emergence of wrinkles around eyes is influenced by features of an anatomic structure of the person: an overhang of upper eyelids, omission of eyebrows, bags, deeply put eyes. The heredity transferred from relatives genetically causes emergence of wrinkles. And, at last, as the main, inevitable factor of emergence of wrinkles around eyes serve processes of age aging of skin. Processes of withering of skin begin practically right after puberty. One of the first undesirable manifestations of ruthless time on our face are wrinkles around eyes.

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Types of wrinkles

Irrespective of the reasons causing emergence of wrinkles distinguish two of their types: static and mimic (dynamic). Emergence of static wrinkles is connected with the processes happening directly in skin: damage of skin fibers, age weakening of structure of skin, etc.

Constant muscular activity of this zone at which there is an alternate wrinkling of skin at reductions of muscles and a raspravleniye – at their relaxation is the reason of development of mimic wrinkles around eyes. Gradually around eyes the whole network of small wrinkles which becomes well noticeable by 30 years is formed. Mimic wrinkles the first are formed around eyes. The emotional people, and also the patients having short-sightedness and often blinking eyes are most subject to their development. Mimic wrinkles do not give in to correction by means of cosmetics.

Wrinkles are only visible "navershiy an iceberg" as true mechanisms of their emergence are connected with changes in deep layers of skin. Cosmetics and recipes of traditional medicine can slow down only for a while development of wrinkles or disguise them, however, to eliminate age changes of skin, more effective ways are necessary.

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Methods of elimination of wrinkles around eyes

Botox injections, mesotherapy, planimetric plasticity and blefaroplastika belong to number of the most effective methods offered by cosmetology and plastic surgery for fight against wrinkles around eyes.

Medicine for subcutaneous injections Botox consists of natural proteins - the cleared neurotoxins of a botulin of type A. Introduction of Botox under skin of problem zones blocks a nerve which carries out an innervation of mimic muscles, removing thereby the cause of emergence of mimic wrinkles around eyes.

When holding a cosmetic procedure of a mesotherapy hypodermic introduction of the pharmacological cocktails including homeopathic medicines, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts is carried out. The medical structure is entered by means of the thinnest needles on depth of several millimeters. Performance of planimetric plasticity at wrinkles around eyes provides intracutaneous injection introduction of the gel implants of a natural origin based on hyaluronic acid.

Blefaroplastika, or plasticity a century, is a surgical technique of correction of wrinkles around eyes. During operation of a blefaroplastika there is a removal of excess skin of the upper and lower eyelids that not only effectively eliminates wrinkles around eyes, an overhang of upper eyelids and bags under eyes, but also allows to reach the noticeable rejuvenating effect.

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Wrinkles around eyes - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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