Lightning eels

Lightning eels — the rare form of an acne disease which is characterized by emergence on trunk skin quickly knotty or papular eels. The disease is followed by the expressed violation of the general health in the form of temperature increase, joint pains, appetite violation, etc. Diagnostics is carried out on typical clinical symptomatology. In blood test inflammatory changes come to light, and blood crops, as a rule, do not yield result. Lightning eels demand system drug treatment in combination with local therapy.

Lightning eels

Today the dermatology cannot precisely call the cause of such severe form of eels as lightning eels. Assume the toksiko-allergic or infectious and allergic mechanism of their development. It is known that developing of a disease is promoted by chronic inflammatory diseases: ulcer colitis, disease Krone, chronic gastritis, hepatitis, chronic bronchitis, pyelonephritis, etc. Some patients note connection of a disease with reception of antibiotics of a tetracycline row, treatment izotretinoiny concerning vulgar eels or therapy by other synthetic retinoida.

Symptoms of lightning eels

Often lightning eels appear against the background of already existing easy form of an acne disease with uzlovatokistozny or papulo-pustulous species of eels. The sudden beginning from developing of ulcer and necrotic rashes and sharp violation of the general health is characteristic of a disease. Appearance of lightning eels is followed by rise in body temperature to 38 °C and above, severe pains in muscles, artralgiya, anorexia, belly-aches.

Elements of rash settle down usually on skin of a breast, shoulders, backs, the side surface of a neck, without affecting the person. They present themselves a great number of izjyazvlenny eels in the form of small knots or papules. Such elements are located on a hyperemic background and are combined with pustulous rashes. Because of a similar clinical picture some dermatologists consider lightning eels similar to a gangrenous piodermiya. Permission of elements happens to formation of hems.

Diagnostics of lightning eels

The diagnosis is established on characteristic elements of rash, quick start of a disease and existence of considerable changes in the general condition of the patient. In blood test the accelerated SOE, and depreciation in hemoglobin is defined. Bakposev of blood on sterility, as a rule, yields negative result. For definition of sensitivity of pathogenic microflora carry out separated from a surface of izjyazvlenny elements.

For the purpose of identification and treatment to the patient accompanying chronic pathology consultation of the gastroenterologist, pulmonologist or urologist, and also carrying out additional researches can be appointed: gastroscopies, irrigoskopiya, kolonoskopiya, X-ray analysis of lungs, bronchography, ultrasonography of kidneys and bladder, urography, etc.

Treatment of lightning eels

The general therapy of lightning eels consists in prescription of antibiotics (doxycycline, erythromycin, , etc.) taking into account sensitivity to them the allocated microflora. Anti-inflammatory medicines are applied: ibuprofen, , etc. At emergence of lightning eels from women consultation of the gynecologist-endocrinologist for the solution of a question of need of therapy is required by estragenes or anti-androgens.

Local treatment consists in greasing of affected areas of skin gels and ointments with antibacterial medicines, retinoida, keratolitika. From physical methods of treatment laser therapy, phototherapy, an ozonoterapiya and a mesotherapy, small doses of Ural federal district is applied.

Lightning eels - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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