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Fatty deposits

Fatty deposits – the local congestions of subcutaneous fat breaking face proportions and bodies. Local fatty deposits can be expressed in various anatomic zones (submental area, on a stomach, a waist, hips, buttocks, etc.), lead to change of volumes and contours of various parts of a body and violation of the general proportions of a figure. For the purpose of assessment of amount of fatty tissue measurement of rosto-weight indicators and volumes of a body, calculation of IMT, a bioimpedansometriya is taken. For correction of fatty deposits in cosmetology are used injection (mesotherapy), equipment rooms (cavitation, LPG, , ), surgical (liposuction) and other methods of influence (massage, wrappings).

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Fatty deposits

Local fatty deposits ("fatty traps") – excess development of fatty tissue in certain areas of a body. Statistically, not less than 46% of women and about 32% of men suffer from a problem of excess weight and fatty deposits on a body. At women treat so-called "problem" zones: the second chin, the internal surface of shoulders, the lower part of a stomach, a waist, the external and internal surface of hips, buttocks, area over knees, etc. Exactly here quicker and most often surplus of subcutaneous fat accumulates. Fatty deposits are a widespread problem of many women who especially entered a time of "balzakovsky" age. In an arsenal of modern cosmetology and plastic surgery there is the whole range of the checked noninvasive and surgical ways of correction of a figure; annually in the industry of beauty new effective techniques of fight against a problem of fatty deposits appear.

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Reasons of fatty deposits

The imbalance of processes of a lipogenez (formation of fatty tissue) and a lipoliz (splitting of fats) in an organism is the cornerstone of emergence of fatty deposits. Regulation of a lipogenez happens with the participation of insulin, prostaglandins, antidiuretic hormone; regulation of a lipoliz – with the participation of AKTG, STG, catecholamines, sex hormones, lipotropin. At violation of balance of these two processes towards prevalence of a lipogenez the excess amount of fat collects in fatty cages (adipocytes), leading to their hypertrophy. In turn, increase in the sizes of adipocytes is followed by a compression of blood and lymphatic vessels, a liquid delay in fabrics and a degeneration of collagenic fibers. Local fatty deposits and a phenomenon of "orange-peel" - cellulitis become external reflection of complex metabolic changes in an organism.

First of all, violation of balance of processes of a lipogenez and lipoliz is promoted by irrational food: excess of carbohydrates and fats in a diet; rare, but plentiful meal; systematic overeating; a habit to have a bite between the main meals; food for the night. If the wrong food behavior is followed by a lack of the movement and small physical activity, then process of emergence of fatty deposits accelerates several times. Local adjournment of subcutaneous fat in certain places is closely connected with the hormonal processes happening in an organism during puberty, pregnancy, a climax and also use of hormonal medicines (corticosteroids, insulin, oral contraceptives).

Besides, places in which fatty deposits are formed, are predetermined genetically, i.e. in most cases we inherit features of the figure from parents. Therefore under certain conditions (errors of food, a hypodynamia, hormonal changes) these "problem" areas begin to increase in volume the first.

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Types of fatty deposits

The main function of fatty tissue in an organism consists in maintenance of power balance. Depending on an arrangement and features of metabolism distinguish 3 types of fatty tissue:

  • hypodermic fatty cellulose
  • subfastsialny (deep) layer
  • the visceral (internal) fat which is mainly located around abdominal organs.

Expressiveness and ratio of different types of fatty tissue depend on heredity, age, sex, intensity of a metabolism and other factors and considerably predetermine outlines of a figure of the individual. Hypodermic fatty cellulose is in a varying degree developed in all anatomic areas and gives smoothness to face contours and bodies. In most cases subcutaneous fat rather easily decrease at increase in energy consumption and decrease in power value of a diet. Podfastsialny fatty deposits are expressed in certain zones (on a stomach, a waist, hips, buttocks and so forth) and define specific features of a figure. Deep fat practically does not give in to splitting by means of a diet and physical exercises.

On prevalence allocate a local and general (generalized) form of fatty deposits. In turn, the local form is subdivided into 3 types:

  1. The delimited type. Fatty deposits have a clear boundary and are caused by a hypertrophy of adipocytes subfastsialny or a blanket of fatty tissue.
  2. Diffusion and local type. It is caused by increase in volume of hypodermic and fatty cellulose in a certain anatomic zone. This part of the body gets the indistinct outlines which are smoothly passing into the neighboring area of a body with normally developed fatty layer. Diffusion and local fatty deposits meet on the forward surface of hips, the top department of a stomach, on shins etc.
  3. Melkobugristy planimetric violations (melkobugristy lipodistrofiya, cellulitis). It is characterized by a hypertrophy of adipocytes of a hypodermic with a vybukhaniye of fatty tissue and formation of an uneven contour of a surface terms in the form of small hillocks and hollows ("orange-peel").

Local forms of fatty deposits differ in stability of a form and volume which quite often remain even at the expressed weight reduction. The generalized form of fatty deposits (obesity) is in details considered in the corresponding review.

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Preparation for correction of fatty deposits

If it is possible to eliminate superficial fatty deposits in hypodermic fatty cellulose at the expense of a diet and adequate physical activities, then it will not be possible to cope with surplus of deeply lying fatty tissue independently, most likely. In these cases comes to the rescue of correction of a figure by means of methods of professional cosmetology. Diagnostics of the general condition of an organism has to precede drawing up the individual program of correction of a figure. Ideally before purpose of this or that course of the procedures directed to elimination of fatty deposits it is necessary to undergo medical examination and to receive the decision of the therapist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist; to make the general and biochemical blood tests, ultrasonography of abdominal organs, the ECG. It is necessary to remember that the majority of procedures of hardware and injection correction of a figure are not held to pregnant women and the feeding women, oncological and hematologic patients, patients suffering from sharp feverish states, epilepsy, a dermatosis, pustulous diseases and so forth. Physiotherapeutic influences are contraindicated to persons with the implanted electropacemaker.

Directly on reception at the dermatocosmetologist measurement of the general parameters (growth, weight, HELL) and body volumes, calculation of an index of body weight, a bioimpedansometriya is taken. Consultation of the nutritionist will help to receive individual recommendations about food. The physiotherapist, the specialist in massage, , etc. can also participate in selection and purpose of procedures for correction of fatty deposits.

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Methods of correction of fatty deposits

An integrated approach to correction of local fatty deposits is directed to strengthening of processes of a lipoliz, removal of products of splitting of fats from an organism, and also lifting of skin in places of disappearance of "fatty traps". All methods of elimination of fatty deposits used in cosmetology can be divided into the equipment rooms (using physical factors), injection (the using liquid pharmacological forms), cosmetic (the using creams, gels, natural factors), surgical and massage technicians.

As traditional method of elimination of various defects of a body serves the mesotherapy based on vnutridermalny or hypodermic introduction of the special cocktails possessing the lipolitichesky, lymphatic drainage, biostimulating, vazoaktivny, antioxidant, lifting action. Usually the course of correction of fatty deposits by means of a mesotherapy consists of 7-10 sessions. One of options of lipolitichesky therapy is the mezodissolyution (mesotherapeutic liposuction) - introduction to a gipoderma of special gipoosmolyarny cocktails.

To number of the latest injection techniques, effective concerning elimination of local fatty deposits, the intralipoterapiya based on introduction belongs it is deep in fatty tissue of the medicine Aqualyx possessing the proved lipolitichesky action. Also in programs of correction of a figure the carboxytherapy and an ozonoterapiya which already became traditional are widely used.

Along with injection procedures, for the purpose of correction of local fatty deposits hardware techniques are usually applied: cavitation, , thermolifting, shock and wave therapy, , cryosauna, low-intensive chrezkozhny laser radiation, etc. The physical factors which are the cornerstone of these methods (ultrasound, electric or light energy, radio waves, cold, etc.) allow to carry out deep controlled impact on subfastsialny fatty deposits and to destroy them.

Elimination of fatty deposits is impossible without various the technician of manual and hardware massage, thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy. In programs of modeling of contours of a body anti-cellulite, honey, lymphatic drainage, can, vacuum and roller massage, vibromassage, etc. are applied. Massage procedures improve blood circulation, strengthen a lymphatic drainage, make active , increase elasticity of skin. Procedures of wrappings are not only comfortable and pleasant for patients, but also are effective in fight against cellulitis, fatty deposits, flabby skin. Most often cold wrappings are for this purpose used mud, vodoroslevy, chocolate, thermoactive. In addition, a hydromassage, dos Sharco, the infrared sauna, acupuncture, a pressoterapiya, a miostimulyation, etc. can be components of complex correction of a body.

The most radical ways of disposal of excess fatty deposits are offered by esthetic surgery. In plastic surgery are developed and various ways of liposuction are used: tumestsentny, ultrasonic, vibration, high-frequency, water-jet, laser, etc. Among patients with local deposits of fat procedures of liposuction of cheeks, a chin, hands, a stomach, hips, buttocks enjoy the greatest popularity. Liposuction of a forward belly wall is often combined with abdominoplastiky.

Always it is necessary to remember that the effect of elimination of excess fatty deposits by cosmetology or surgical methods is not permanent. After achievement of desirable results it is necessary to keep physical shape by means of regular trainings by sport and a balanced diet. Otherwise fatty deposits can return again, and it will be much more difficult get rid of them.

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Fatty deposits - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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