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Gipomenorey. Poor monthly


Poor monthly () – the violation of a menstrual cycle which is characterized by poor menstrual bleeding with blood loss of less physiological norm (less than 50 ml). At gipomenory menstrual allocations have an appearance of traces or drops of blood of light or dark brown color. Gipomenorey often is followed by reduction of duration of periods (oligomenorey) or precedes amenory (to total absence of periods). Can serve as manifestation of physiological states (formation of menstrual function or a premenopauza) or various pathological conditions of a female genital. Treatment of a gipomenorea depends on the reason causing it.

Gipomenorey. Poor monthly

At the end of a menstrual cycle in a cavity of a uterus there is a rejection of the top layer of endometrium that is shown by monthly menstrual bleedings – the bloody allocations from a genital tract containing a sawn-off mucous membrane, a vaginal secret and cervical slime. Normal menstrual bleedings are painless or slaboboleznenna, are characterized lasting 3-5 days with an interval from 21 to 35 days and amount of the lost blood from 50 to 150 ml. Decrease in normal indicators of periods is regarded as a kind of violation of menstrual function - a hypomenstrual syndrome.

Weakening of periods can be shown by the following states:

  • gipomenorey (poor monthly) – reduction of volume of the lost menstrual blood (less than 50 ml);
  • oligomenorey – reduction of duration of periods (less than 3 days);
  • opsomenorey (bradimenorey) – an urezheniye of a rhythm of periods (an interval of 5-8 weeks);
  • spaniomenorey - extremely rare periods (4 and less times a year).

Gipomenorey and often meet in a combination with each other and precede an urezheniye of periods (opsomenory and spaniomenory) or to its complete cessation (amenory). Primary hypomenstrual syndrome is shown at teenage girls from the moment of establishment of a menstrual cycle at congenital anomalies of a reproductive system, an adynamy, an arrest of development (the general and sexual) etc. The secondary hypomenstrual syndrome is characterized by sharp decrease in duration, frequency and volume of earlier normal periods.

Gipomenorea reasons

Dysfunction of a hypophysis or the ovaries regulating menstrual function is the cornerstone of the mechanism of development of a gipomenorea of the reproductive period. Also it can be caused by inferiority of endometrium in a uterus cavity owing to intrauterine manipulations (frequent a scraping and abortions) or inflammatory diseases (tuberculosis). Violation of cyclic production of hormones leads to insufficiency of blood circulation in a uterus and to defective changes in endometrium that as a result is shown poor monthly (gipomenorey).

Among the reasons starting the mechanism of development of a gipomenorea, the gynecology allocates the following:

  • sharp loss of body weight owing to exhaustion, a diet, anorexia, wearisome physical activity;
  • hypovitaminosis, anemia, metabolic disorders;
  • psychological diseases, overloads and stresses;
  • injuries and operations of urinogenital ways;
  • underdevelopment of genitals, partial surgical removal of a uterus;
  • incorrectly picked up or used hormonal contraceptives;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • lactation;
  • tubercular damage of genitals and other infectious diseases;
  • influence of professional vrednost (chemicals, radioactive radiation);
  • intoxication.

Gipomenorea symptoms

At gipomenory menstrual allocations have an appearance of traces or drops of blood of light or dark brown color. Duration of periods remains or shortened against the background of a normal two-phase menstrual cycle.

Delay of periods and can be followed by headaches, nausea, feeling of constraint in a breast, waist pain, dyspepsia or a lock. Periods can be followed by severe pains and spastic reductions of a uterus. Some patients at gipomenory note the nasal bleedings accompanying each periods. Gipomenorey, as a rule, are followed by reduction of secretion of estrogen and, as a result, decrease in a libido and reproductive function.

However, most often, proceeds without serious consequences and almost imperceptibly for the woman, without causing in her special concern. Gipomenorey during formation of menstrual function (puberty) or its fading (premenopauz) confirms natural age hormonal reorganizations in an organism and is not a symptom of pathology. However, in a reproductive phase (poor monthly) and other manifestations of a hypomenstrual syndrome are signs of serious frustration in sexual and other systems of an organism. Careful comprehensive inspection is necessary for clarification of the reasons of a gipomenorea.

Diagnostics and treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

For identification of the reasons of a gipomenorea and assessment of degree of danger of this state to an organism for the woman it is necessary to come to consultation of the gynecologist and to undergo medical examination. The scheme of inspection of the patient from gipomenorey includes careful collecting the anamnesis, full gynecologic survey, analyses of dabs from a genital tract on cytology, and PTsR-diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections, assessment of the schedule of basal temperature, definition of sex hormones in blood and urine, ultrasonography of a uterus and ovaries, a biopsy and a histologic research of endometrium.

Treatment of a gipomenorea will depend on the results received during diagnostics. In those cases if it is caused by violations in food, physical activity and psycho-emotional balance, medical actions consist in their correction. According to indications vitamin complexes, hormonal medicines and specific antimicrobic means are appointed. In therapy of a gipomenorea treatment of the main disease and the all-strengthening actions is leading.

In treatment of a gipomenorea good results are yielded by reception of homeopathic remedies which effect is similar to effect of own hormones. Maintenance of a gipomenorea a depression, the general weakness, apathy, headaches, frigidity demands application of physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic treatment, functional frustration directed to elimination. In the period of a lactation and a premenopauza of special treatment of a gipomenorea it is not required.

Gipomenorey. Poor monthly - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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