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Barley during a century

Barley – the limited purulent process on centuries developing at infection of a hair follicle of an eyelash or sebaceous gland. Barley on an eye is shown by a painful local swelling and hyperaemia of edge of a century with the subsequent formation of an abscess. Diagnostics of barley is based on external examination and, as a rule, does not demand carrying out additional tool techniques. In an initial stage of barley the tushirovaniye of the inflammatory center is made by ethyl alcohol, instillations of albucid, application of eye ointments, UVCh, quartz are carried out; in a stage of suppuration opening of barley on an eye by the ophthalmologist is shown.

Barley during a century

Barley () is the most widespread disease a century in ophthalmology. Statistically, during life 80% of the population face barley on an eye. The disease arises at children and adults at the age of 30–50 years more often. Barley is characterized by the acute purulent inflammation caused by a bacterial infection and developing in a hair sack of an eyelash and an adjacent sebaceous gland. It is necessary to remember that barley on an eye is not just cosmetic problem, but a disease which at independent treatment can lead to heavy it is purulent - to septic complications or synchronization of process. Under the guise of barley other diseases a century – , cysts, tumors a century can disappear.


As the reason of barley the bacterial infection, in 90% of observations – golden staphylococcus acts. In certain cases the microscopic tick , living on eyelashes, or fungi can be the prime cause of barley. Penetration of microorganisms into a cavity of a sebaceous gland or a hair sack leads to obstruction of the output channel opening in a follicle, to an inflammation of walls of cavities and a congestion of a purulent secret.

Promotes hit of an infection in a hair follicle and a cavity of a sebaceous gland non-compliance with rules of hygiene – a wipe of the person a dirty towel, a habit to rub eyes hands, combing a century, use of low-quality cosmetics, the polluted brushes, applicators for drawing a make-up etc.

Chronic diseases (diabetes, seborrhea, , a giperlipidemiya, gastrointestinal diseases, a helminthic invasion), fat skin, vulgar eels, a stress, deficiency of vitamins A contribute to development and a retsidivirovaniye of barley, In and With, the reduced immunity, HIV infection, it is general exhaustion, anemia, long visual tension, impurity of the room or atmospheric air. Quite often barley accompanies the course of other diseases of eyes – blefarit, conjunctivitis, and also arises at misuse and storage of contact lenses.


On localization distinguish external and internal barley. External barley meets most often and represents an abscess at ciliary edge of a century, from outer side. Internal barley (meybomit) develops in the thickness of a century at infection of meybomiyevy glands and an inflammation of a cartilaginous plate of a century. Chronic meybomit leads to development of a halyazion.

By quantity of abscesses barley on an eye can be single or multiple, arise on one or both eyes. Multiple recidivous barley arises at spread of an infection from one hair follicle on another and is usually observed at the weakened patients.


Barley development usually happens sharply, in short terms. At first there is an itch of edge of a century, then hyperaemia and a local swelling which is followed by pain at rest and when pressing on the inflamed center develops. Sometimes hypostasis of a century is expressed so strongly that the patient cannot open eyes. Formation of multiple barley on an eye is followed by the general symptoms: temperature increase of a body, headache, indisposition, swelling of parotid and submaxillary lymph nodes.

2-3 days later in the field of inflammatory focus the pustula – a purulent head appears; along with it pain abates. At independent opening of barley from it purulent contents then all symptoms gradually regress are allocated. Usually pyoinflammatory process at barley takes about one week.

Internal barley settles down from within a century, in the depth of a cartilage. It is defined at a reversing of a century as local hyperaemia and hypostasis of a conjunctiva. In 2-3 days, in process of barley maturing, appears through yellowish pus mucous. Spontaneous opening of internal barley happens from a conjunctiva. Further on a mucous membrane of a century listovidny granulations quite often expand.


Contents of the ripened barley can never be squeezed out independently. Otherwise hit of an infection in hypodermic veins of the person, and on them – in deep veins of an eye-socket is possible. Further multiple abscesses of a century, eye-socket phlegmon, thrombophlebitis of orbital eyelids, and in especially hard cases – purulent meningitis and sepsis with a lethal outcome can develop.

Undertreated barley leads to synchronization of an infection and a recurrence of an inflammation; a complication of internal barley can become , demanding surgical treatment.


At emergence of barley on an eye it is desirable to consult at the ophthalmologist. Usually recognition of internal or external barley is carried out by visual survey of an eye with an eversion a century at side lighting. Additional ophthalmologic diagnostics in most cases is not required.

At often recidivous barley consultations of other experts (the endocrinologist, the gastroenterologist, the dermatologist), definition of glucose of blood and urine, carrying out the glyukozo-tolerant test, a research of eyelashes on and a calla on eggs of helminths can be required. The bacteriological research of dab from a conjunctiva for identification of the activator of barley, crops of blood on sterility is conducted.

Differential diagnostics of barley spend with halyaziony, dakrioadenity, cysts and tumors a century.

Treatment of barley during a century

At the first manifestations (an itch, redness of a century) 2-3 times in day of 70% ethyl alcohol, solution of iodine or diamond green are recommended to process the problem center. Instillations in a conjunctival cavity of solution of a sulfatsetamid or antibiotics, a mortgaging of eye ointments with antimicrobic action are made (levomitsetinovy, tetracycline, eritromitsinovy). Sometimes by means of such measures it is possible to prevent further development of barley on an eye.

In a stage of maturing of barley use of dry heat, holding physiotherapeutic procedures – a tube quartz, UVCh is shown. It is categorically forbidden to impose damp compresses as it can cause formation of new abscesses.

After spontaneous break of barley continue instillations of the eye drops containing or ciprofloxacin, and a mortgaging for an eyelid of antibacterial eye ointments. If barley on an eye is followed by the general symptoms, prescription of antibiotics inside or intramuscularly is necessary.

Some cases (at a big external abscess, a meybomita, lack of the expected effect of treatment) opening of barley in the conditions of an ophthalmologic office is made. Further daily postoperative processing of a century, local or system antibiotic treatment is carried out. At a chronic inflammation of a century resort to an epilation of eyelashes.

In case of recidivous character of barley on an eye the autogemoterapiya, Ural federal district, vitamin therapy all-strengthening actions is appointed. At formation of a halyazion its removal is shown in the injection or surgical way.

Forecast and prevention

At observance of recommendations and the correct treatment barley on an eye passes without consequences. In the course of barley treatment women should refuse cosmetics use. At independent treatment of barley it is necessary to wait for its maturing and spontaneous opening. Expression of an abscess can bring to heavy local (to infection of hypodermic and fatty cellulose a century and eye-sockets) or generalized (meningitis, sepsis) to complications.

Prevention of barley has to include identification and elimination of the contributing factors, immunity strengthening, good nutrition, observance of rules of hygiene and requirements of care of contact lenses, refusal of use of low-quality cosmetics etc.

Barley during a century - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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