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Lopoukhost – the congenital anatomic feature caused by increase in a corner of an otstoyaniye of an auricle why ears have the sticking-out appearance. At a lopoukhost the sizes and a shape of auricles usually are in norm limits, and they are located not parallel to a temporal bone, and at an angle, close to direct. Increase in a corner of diligence of an auricle to an occipital part of the head, the smoothness of a contour of an auricle and an antihelix are signs of a lopoukhost. Such esthetic shortcoming it becomes frequent the reason of formation of psychological complexes and isolation. Correction of a lopoukhost is carried out by plastic surgeons by means of a traditional or laser otoplastika.

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From the medical point of view, the lopoukhost is considered the expressed congenital deformation of the auricle giving to ears the sticking-out, bulged look. With a lopoukhost of different degree of expressiveness nearly 50% of people, from them boys and girls approximately in equal quantities are born. As it is easier for girls to hide a lopoukhost behind long hair, an impression is made that boys suffer from this defect much more often. The bulged ears cause a lot of sincere experiences in children and teenagers, forming "a lopoukhost complex" which at mature age can adversely affect character and mentality of the person.

On the third month of pregnancy at a fruit formation and growth of an external ear begins. On the sixth month there is a development of internal folds and a relief of an auricle. Such deformation as a lopoukhost, is clearly visible already at the birth, during this period it is still possible to change a shape of ears of the child, without resorting to surgical intervention. If at the newborn to record the deformed or sticking out ears, then they can take other form or situation. If to six-month-old age the deformed ear was not given a new position, then the cartilage is stabilized, and it will be impossible to do without expeditious correction already.

It is considered that the sink of an ear is normal and the head have to form the corner equal 30 °, at the same time the line of an auricle has to be strictly parallel to a cheek, and the distance between edge of an ear and bones of a skull has to be about two centimeters. Ear sink relief outlines, its configuration and clearness are so individual and unique as the drawing on small pillows of fingers.

Deformation can affect one or both ears. A look and extent of deformation at a lopoukhost extremely mnogovariantna that excludes existence of uniform medical tactics on correction of this defect.

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Lopoukhost reasons

The correct definition of position of the sticking-out ear – an important point for planning of its correction. The Lopoukhost can be caused by one or several congenital features of development of an auricle.

Most often the lopoukhost is a consequence of an underdevelopment, antihelix smoothness - the eminence on an internal part of an auricle located parallel to a curl. The smoothness of an antihelix can be shown by its total absence or partial not expressiveness when in the sticking-out situation there is only the top pole of an auricle.

The hypertrophied cartilaginous structure of an auricle can lead to an excessive vystupaniye of an ear. It is known that more smoothed cartilaginous complexes of a curl and an antihelix are usually located on a strong cartilage of an external ear, and its increase conducts to a vystupaniye of all auricle.

In normally located ear the only deformation – protrusion of a lobe as which reason serves the hypertrophy of a sink of an ear or an unusual shape of a tail of a curl sometimes meets.

The Lopoukhost can be observed at uniform increase in all auricle (makroti). The sizes of a "normal" ear are very variable, but sometimes they are disproportionate in relation to a facial skeleton. Such options of a lopoukhost are observed at the isolated rapid growth of an ear congenital excessively or at more rapid growth of one of halves of the face. Makrotiya sometimes meets at a neurofibromatosis of Recklinghausen or vascular anomaly.

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Basic principles of esthetic correction of a lopoukhost

Many children are born with a lopoukhost, however it does not mean that ears will remain sticking out for the rest of life. With age in process of increase in bones of a skull the lopoukhost can become less noticeable. Carrying out operation is possible not earlier than 6-8-year age in case there is a medical conclusion that the child suffers from the expressed lopoukhost. Early carrying out correction of a lopoukhost allows to save the child from psychological discomfort and formation of complexes.

To achievement of 6-8 years by the child of this age auricles at it are created for 90%. To adult patients esthetic correction of ears is carried out without age restrictions.  

Carrying out an otoplastika is contraindicated at violations of coagulability of blood, a serious illness of internals, oncological and infectious diseases, inflammatory processes in an ear, tendency to formation of keloidny hems, nekorregiruyemy hypertensia, diabetes.

Carrying out surgical correction of a lopoukhost is rather widespread and though operation is technically simple, approach to each patient is chosen individual.

The plastic correction of auricles directed to change of their form, situation and size is called in plastic surgery otoplastiky (from Greek "othos" – an ear). Surgical correction of a lopoukhost is esthetic operation as it is directed to correction of the defect which is not posing threats for health and the patient's life. However it does not belittle importance of the given operation for quality of human life. If the patient decided to resort to the help of the plastic surgeon, so his internal problems are not so insignificant.  

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Correction of a lopoukhost by an otoplastika method

Elimination of a lopoukhost is made by an otoplastika method (or plasticity of ears). During it correction of situation or elimination of defect of auricles of congenital or post-traumatic character is made. In spite of the fact that the otoplastika is not among difficult plastic surgeries, it demands accuracy, high qualification and practical skills of the surgeon.

The new shape and arrangement of a cartilage are defined by the surgeon with anthropometrical data of the patient in advance. Under local or general anesthesia the section behind an auricle fold is carried out. Then the cartilage is given that form which will provide a close prileganiye of an ear to the head. Along with otoplastiky carrying out the combined plasticity of a lobe of an ear is possible. Usually operation takes from 30 to 60 minutes and is easily transferred by patients. On ears the special rollers supporting new position of a cartilage are imposed, the fixing bandage or a bandage which should be carried within one month from above is located.

Except the classical otoplastika which is carried out by a surgical scalpel the method of a laser otoplastika by means of a laser scalpel allowing to model an ear cartilage is used without leaving at the same time marks.  

At exact following to recommendations of the doctor of complications after an otoplastika practically does not happen. Results of an otoplastika remain during all life.

Carrying out an otoplastika saves patients not only from a lopoukhost, but also from complexes, stereotypes of behavior developed for many years. Many patients after finding of a new shape of ears become more open, sociable, friendly and successful.

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Lopoukhost - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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