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Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds – wrinkles in the form of the longitudinal furrows reaching from nose wings for corners of lips. Their emergence and degree of expressiveness depend on anatomic features of the person, a tone of facial muscles, heredity, a structure of a facial skull and zubochelyustny system. The Ocherchennost of nasolabial folds can vary from thin superficial lines to the expressed skin zalom. Deep nasolabial folds visually do the person is more senior than the biological age. Planimetric plasticity, a lipofiling, nitevy lifting, chemical peelings, fractional laser grinding, etc. belong to modern methods of correction of nasolabial folds.

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Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds are formed by two grooves going from a nose to mouth corners which are especially noticeable at a smile. In essence nasolabial folds are deep wrinkles and are put in a muscular layer very much early – already at teenage age. And if in youth elastic skin hides this problem, then with age manifestation of nasolabial folds becomes more and more obvious.

Emergence of folds in the field of a nasolabial triangle is, first of all, destiny of people smiling, emotional, possessing an active mimicry and an articulation. At a smile of a cheek are displaced closer to a nose, causing a bigger deepening of nasolabial folds.

Existence and degree of expressiveness of nasolabial folds does not depend directly on age. They are rather caused by anatomic features of the person, skin, brightness of expression of emotions. Processes of natural aging of skin, soft fabrics, decrease in a tone of facial muscles promote deepening of nasolabial folds and do them more noticeable. Early formation of nasolabial folds is favored by unhealthy habits, heredity, implementation of the wrong care of face skin. Emergence of folds in nasolabial area can be also caused by the wrong bite which was not corrected in time. At weight loss nasolabial folds are designated stronger, at a set of weight – smooth out.

Many face muscles are responsible for emergence of nasolabial folds. The top part of a nasolabial fold is formed as a result of a spasm of the krylny part of a nasal muscle and a hyper tone of the muscle raising a wing of a nose and an upper lip and which is partially interwoven into a nasal muscle. The middle and lower part of a nasolabial fold is formed by a hyper tone of small and big malar and shchechny muscles. The fold in corners of a mouth arises owing to a spasm of the muscles lowering a mouth corner (a triangular muscle) and a lower lip.

The wrong position of bones of a skull caused by prenatal or patrimonial injuries can lead to a bedding of nasolabial folds. With age the bone imbalance only amplifies: omission of frontal bones leads to an overhang of eyebrows, rapprochement of malar bones – to emergence of nasolabial folds, violation of the correct face proportions ("a youth corner", the line of a jaw, etc.).

It is considered that final formation of nasolabial folds happens by 30-35 years and visually does the person is more senior than his age.

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Classification of nasolabial folds

The classification of nasolabial folds offered by E. B. Laputin allocates their following types:

  • the stroke fold – represents a thin linear superficial wrinkle without depression of hypodermic fabrics;
  • Gap-fold – the expressed skin furrow against the background of age changes of hypodermic fabrics. Correction of gar-folds is reached by means of planimetric plasticity by fillers of high density (Yuviderm-30, Perlayn, Surzhiderm-30 XP, etc.);
  • the gradient nasolabial fold – is formed due to considerable difference of height of an upper lip and a cheek.
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Correction of nasolabial folds

As firm postulate in fight against nasolabial folds serves the motto: the earlier treatment is begun, the better and will be longer the result is swept up.

The modern injection cosmetology proposes an effective solution of the problem of nasolabial folds by method of planimetric plasticity the medicines containing hyaluronic acid (Perlayn, Restilayn, Surzhiderm, Tiosial, Yuviderm, etc.). These medicines have high biological compatibility with fabrics that excludes their rejection or development of an allergy. Hyaluronic acid is the natural, natural component which is split in an organism to carbon dioxide and water.  

Medicines-fillers are entered into skin injektsionno through a thin needle, thereby filling the volume of fabrics. Carrying out planimetric plasticity of nasolabial folds can be carried out to patients of any age. After medicine introduction some time can be noted puffiness of a zone of a nasolabial triangle. It is possible to speak about final result of planimetric plasticity of nasolabial folds in 7-10 days.

Sometimes for fixing of result of correction of nasolabial folds in 4 weeks perform the repeated procedure in view of the fact that in an organism there is a natural splitting of hyaluronic acid.

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Forecast of correction of nasolabial folds

By then, when activity of medicine-filler stops, skin is several times updated already in the smoothed state, and nasolabial wrinkles spontaneously finish. As a result of these processes nasolabial folds become less expressed and if further there is a need of repetition of the procedure, then introductions of gel it will be required much less.

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Prevention of formation of nasolabial folds

Preventively for the prevention of formation of nasolabial folds carrying out a mesotherapy is recommended – injection introduction to the middle class of skin (mesoderm) of the medicines containing elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid which will provide elasticity of skin of a problem zone without allowing to be formed by nasolabial wrinkles.  

To prevent emergence of undesirable nasolabial folds competent professional care of problem area can help. Earlier detection of nasolabial wrinkles and their correction allow to avoid formation of rough zalom on skin.  

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Nasolabial folds - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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