Epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns

Epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns — highly contagious staphylococcal damage of skin of newborns which is shown emergence of small bubbles with purulent contents which increase and burst with formation of erosion. Can be followed by damage of mucous membranes. The age of the diseased, typical clinic and results of bacteriological researches of liquid from bubbles and separated erosion allows to diagnose an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns. Treatment includes application of antibiotics, vitamins, albumine, a bathtub with potassium permanganate, Ural federal district, opening of bubbles and processing of erosion. Considering contageousness of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns, holding quarantine actions and disinfection is obligatory.

Epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns

The activator of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns is golden staphylococcus. Infection comes from medical personnel or mothers who had a piodermiya or are staphylococcus carriers. The got a patrimonial trauma or premature newborns, children whose mothers had heavy toxicosis of pregnant women are most predisposed to development of a disease. High contageousness of a disease causes its bystry transfer from one child to another through medical staff hands that can become the reason of flash of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns in maternity hospital.

Symptoms of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns

The epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns arises in the first 10 days of life of the child. It begins with rise in body temperature and concern of the newborn. Then on skin there are rashes in the form of the small bubbles containing serous-yellowish liquid. Rash elements at an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns most often settle down in okolopupochny area, on a stomach, buttocks and a back, and also on skin of extremities. Most seldom rashes on skin a foot and palms meet. Bubbles quickly grow in the sizes, their contents to become purulent and muddy. Process intensively extends on a body of the child and can take mucous a mouth, eyes, a threshold of a nose and genitals.

Opening of bubbles is followed izlitiy their purulent contents and formation of bright erosive surfaces of red color. Erosion become covered by serous and purulent crusts and epitelizutsya. The tolchkoobrazny course of a disease with rashes of new bubbles through short periods is characteristic. At uncomplicated option of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns in 3-5 weeks recovery of the child is observed.

At the weakened newborns the disease proceeds with the general symptomatology (appetite loss, concern, a sleep disorder) and is followed by inflammation signs in clinical blood test. Accession of septic complications is possible: phlegmons, otitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis and so forth. As a separate disease in dermatology allocate a severe clinical form of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns — eksfoliativny dermatitis of Ritter.

Diagnostics of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns

The characteristic clinical picture and development of a disease in the first days of life of the child, as a rule, allow to diagnose an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns at once. For identification of the activator which caused it it is made separated erosive surfaces. The exception of a syphilitic puzyrchatka, being display of congenital syphilis is important. With this I aim the dermatologist appoints microscopy of contents of bubbles to a pale treponema, carrying out the RPR test and PTsR of diagnostics. Difdiagnostika is carried out also with a congenital epidermoliz, other clinical forms of bullous dermatitis, a herpetic infection.

Treatment of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns

Staphylococcus, the rezistentna causing an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns, as a rule, to penicillin. Therefore treatment is carried out by penicillin, steady against a penitsillinaza (, , etc.) and tsefalosporinam (, cefazolin). Infusions of 5% of albumine at the rate on kilogram of body weight of the newborn, and also introduction of vitamins of group B, Retinolum, ascorbic acid are applied.

Processing of skin around bubbles is made salicylic or boric alcohol. Bubbles puncture and tushirut solutions of aniline dyes. On the dried-up erosive surfaces impose a sintomitsinovy emulsion, aerosols and ointments with antibiotics: gentamitsinovy, neomitsinovy, eritomitsinovy and so forth. At an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns daily bathtubs with potassium permanganate solution, the general and local Ural federal district are effective.

Prevention of an epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns

The epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns is capable to extend quickly, using a contact way of transfer. The activator is rather steady in the external environment and can remain on skin of hands of health workers, linen and objects of leaving. The main objective of prevention - not to allow infection of healthy children. For this purpose isolation of the sick child, detection of a staphylococcal infection or a carriage at mother and medical personnel, sterilization of linen and disinfection of rooms is surely carried out. The maternity hospital in which the flash of an epidemic puzyrchatka was noted is closed for full sanitary and hygienic processing.

Epidemic puzyrchatka of newborns - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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