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Ooforit. Inflammation of ovaries


The inflammation of ovaries (ooforit) – inflammatory process of pair female gonads. There can be one - or bilateral. Often proceeds with a simultaneous inflammation of uterine tubes, in a sharp or chronic form. At an acute inflammation the expressed pains in the bottom of a stomach, fever, a dizuriya are noted, bleach. To a chronic form the pain syndrome and menstrual violations (metrorragiya) is characteristic. The pus congestion in an ovary can lead to a pelvioperitonit, in the remote forecast – danger of secondary infertility as a result of violation of functions of ovaries. At an ooforita diagnostic search includes gynecologic inspection, ultrasonography, a gisterosalpingoskopiya, bacteriological researches, according to indications - a diagnostic laparoscopy.

Ooforit. Inflammation of ovaries

Ooforit is the disease dangerous to reproductive system of the woman. Ooforit (from oophoron – the ovary) is an inflammation of ovaries - pair female gonads which often is followed by an inflammation of fallopian (uterine) pipes – salpingity. Can be surprised as one ovary (a unilateral inflammation of an ovary), and at once both (a bilateral inflammation of ovaries). Usually inflammatory process is the general for uterus appendages (uterine tubes and ovaries) and is called salpingoofority or adneksity (from adnexa – appendages).

The inflammation of ovaries can have the specific nature if causative agents of gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, tuberculosis are its reason, and nonspecific – if is caused by opportunistic microflora (colibacillus, stafilokokka, kandida, streptococci, etc.). To provoke an inflammation of ovaries and its aggravation overcooling, periods, childbirth, surgical termination of pregnancy, use of Naval Forces, diagnostic and surgical manipulations on genitals can. More often the inflammation of ovaries develops again, as a result of ascension of an infection from the tservikalny channel, a uterus, fallopian pipes. Less often activators of an inflammation of ovaries can get into gonads through blood and a lymph (for example, at tuberculosis).

At an inflammation of ovaries infectious process of a uterus cavity gradually extends to uterine tubes, affecting at first a mucous membrane, then muscular and serous layers. The uterine tube is thickened, extended, the inflammation leads to release of pus and formation of solderings in it. Then ovaries are involved in inflammatory process, their fabrics melt under the influence of pus from uterine tubes. There is an accustoming to drinking of the changed inflammatory uterine tube and an ovary therefore separately symptomatology of an ooforit and the salpingita is not allocated. Sometimes at an inflammation of ovaries pathological changes extend to a surrounding peritoneum (periadneksit). The collected inflammatory exudate can be transparent and form in a uterine tube or purulent - , the pus congestion in an ovary forms . At further distribution of infectious process it goes beyond an ovary with development of a pelvioperitonit.

Symptoms of an inflammation of ovaries

The inflammation of ovaries can sharply develop, and in a chronic form with the features of a current.

The sharp form of an inflammation of ovaries is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • constant, one - or the bilateral, severe pains in the bottom of a stomach giving to a waist and a sacrum;
  • frequent, with pains and gripes an urination;
  • sometimes plentiful purulent and serous allocations from a genital tract;
  • temperature increase, fever, general malaise;
  • sharp pain at sexual contact;
  • bleedings between periods.

At gynecologic survey ovaries are increased, very painful. At an acute inflammation of ovaries hospitalization and treatment in a hospital is required. The subsharp form of an inflammation of ovaries - is observed seldom, usually at a tuberculosis or mycotic infection. The acute inflammation of ovaries at in due time begun and correct treatment can end with an absolute recovery. The undertreated acute inflammation of ovaries gets a long chronic current, with the periods of aggravations.

Are characteristic of the periods of an aggravation of a chronic inflammation of ovaries:

  • the stupid, aching vagina pains, in the bottom of a stomach, inguinal area, amplifying before periods, against the background of catarrhal diseases, from overcooling;
  • violations in a menstrual cycle, dysfunction of ovaries;
  • existence of poor, but constant allocations (is more white);
  • violations of sexual function (decrease in sexual desire, pain at sexual intercourse);
  • lack of pregnancy despite regular sex life.

At survey ovaries are increased, sensitive at a palpation. As a rule, the chronic inflammation of ovaries is followed by changes of a psychological condition of the woman: irritability and bad dream, decrease in working capacity and bystry fatigue.

Chronic ooforit can arise also without sharp stage. Some STD (for example, gonorrhea) often proceed at women asymptomatically and, the inflammation of ovaries caused by them, having the hidden current, quickly passes into a chronic form. At a long inflammation of ovaries there are changes in uterine tubes resulting in their impassability, solderings around ovaries can be formed, there is secondary functional infertility.

The complications developing after an inflammation of ovaries are always dangerous to reproductive function of the woman: violation of a menstrual cycle and function of ovaries, adhesive processes and impassability of uterine tubes, extra-uterine pregnancy, a spontaneous abortion, infertility, violation of sexual function, inflammatory processes in other bodies (pyelonephritis, cystitis, colitis).

Diagnostics of an inflammation of ovaries

Symptoms of an inflammation of ovaries are washed rather away, in a sharp form have similarity to symptoms of a sharp stomach at different diseases: appendicitis, extra-uterine pregnancy, endometriosis, a cyst and a kistoma of an ovary, peritonitis, etc. Due to these circumstances diagnostics of an ooforit is often complicated.

Reliable diagnosis of an inflammation of ovaries is based on results:

  • data of the gynecologic anamnesis (existence of earlier postponed inflammations of appendages of a uterus, STD, abortions, complications of childbirth, intrauterine diagnostic procedures), and the anamnesis of the real disease (character and localization of pains, existence of allocations, overcooling, the general health);
  • laboratory analyses (at an inflammation of ovaries the increased level of leukocytes in the general blood tests and urine is noted; dabs from a vagina and an urethra);
  • gynecologic inspection (at an inflammation of ovaries their increase and morbidity, violation of mobility of appendages of a uterus is defined);
  • Ultrasonography diagnostics of bodies of a small pelvis;
  • bacteriological inspection, PTsR – diagnostics, IFA, RIF (reveal the inflammation activator, the latent infections). At suspicion specific (gonorrheal or tubercular) an inflammation of ovaries conduct additional researches;
  • gisterosalpingoskopiya (reveals the rough anatomic changes in uterine tubes arising at a chronic inflammation of ovaries);
  • laparoscopies – the most informative method of diagnostics of an inflammation of ovaries (gives the chance directly to examine a uterus, uterine tubes and ovaries, to differentiate the diagnosis). The indication for a laparoscopy are long infertility, chronic pains in the bottom of a stomach of not clear genesis, the inflammation of ovaries which is not moving to complex treatment. At a chronic inflammation of ovaries on a laparoscopy violation of passability of uterine tubes, their contamination, solderings, existence of educations in uterine tubes and ovaries (a piosalpinksa, a pioovara), solderings in a small basin comes to light. Expressiveness of changes in bodies of a small pelvis depends on duration of a chronic inflammation of ovaries and frequency of a recurrence.

Treatment of an inflammation of ovaries

It is necessary to start treatment of an inflammation of ovaries after the full differentiated diagnostics. Therapy of an inflammation of ovaries depends on a stage of a course of a disease (sharp, subsharp, chronic), the reasons which caused it of character of symptoms.

Acute inflammation of ovaries treat in a hospital: a bed rest, in the first days - cold on a stomach bottom, anesthetics and the desensibilizing medicines, antibiotics, sulfanylamides, the calcium chloride all-strengthening means. In a subsharp stage of an inflammation of ovaries carefully add physiotherapeutic procedures. In a stage of a chronic inflammation of ovaries different types of physiotreatment and a balneolecheniye are shown.

The chronic and started forms of an inflammation of ovaries are treated longer and more difficultly, than cases of the timely address of patients, and can lead to the complications demanding surgical intervention (an ooforektomiya, an adneksektomiya). After diagnosis of an inflammation of ovaries and definition of the activator, the individual course of treatment is appointed the doctor. As a rule, medicamentous therapy at an inflammation of ovaries is supplemented with non-drug. Recently interest in non-drug therapy which the gynecology applies in treatment of an inflammation of ovaries grows, at the same time application of antibiotics is limited.

The choice of an antibiotic at treatment of an inflammation of ovaries is defined by the activator allocated at a bakposeva and its sensitivity to this medicine. Use of antibacterial medicines at treatment of a chronic inflammation of ovaries is justified in cases:

  • recurrence of a chronic inflammation of ovaries if on clinical manifestations strengthening of inflammatory process is brightly expressed;
  • if treatment by antibiotics, and also sulfanylamides was not carried out in a sharp or subsharp stage of a chronic inflammation of ovaries;
  • if in the course of physiotreatment and the all-strengthening therapy there is an aggravation of a chronic inflammation of ovaries.

The purpose of treatment of a chronic inflammation of ovaries - to provide anti-inflammatory, antimicrobic effect, anesthesia, increase in immune responsiveness of an organism, restoration of functional violations of genitals, and also the violations of hormonal, nervous, vascular systems of an organism which arose against the background of it.

Usually, the course of strong antibiotics at an inflammation of ovaries is supplemented with physiotherapeutic procedures (magnetotherapy, , laser therapy) to reduce risk of formation of solderings and further impassability of uterine tubes. At an inflammation of ovaries appoint also mud cure, a girudoterapiya and gynecologic massage. Soothing methods at an inflammation of ovaries (acupuncture, physiotreatment) reduce and stop the pain which is negatively influencing activity of an organism in general. At aggravations of a chronic inflammation of ovaries apply immunomodulatory medicines to increase in protective forces of an organism.

There is a set of national methods of treatment of an inflammation of ovaries (generally a travolecheniye) which can be used preventively or as additional to the main treatment. Treatment of an inflammation of ovaries can be long, but it needs to be finished. If STD were revealed, the sexual partner also has to complete a simultaneous course of treatment (in order to avoid development of prostatitis, infertility). During treatment of an inflammation of ovaries it is better to stop sex life.

Prevention of an inflammation of ovaries is very important. Women need to avoid overcooling, overfatigue, stresses, to follow rules of personal hygiene. Preventively it is necessary to undergo consultation of the gynecologist at least 2 times a year. The healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition, an exception of casual sexual communications, abortions will help not to allow development of an inflammation of ovaries and the accompanying complications.

Ooforit. An inflammation of ovaries - treatment

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