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Orkhit – an inflammatory disease of a small egg. It is shown by pains in a scrotum with irradiation in a groin and a crotch, hypostasis of the inflamed small egg and scrotum on the party of defeat, reddening of skin of a scrotum. The disease is followed by temperature increase of a body, intoxication. The appendage of a small egg can be involved in inflammatory process (orkhoepididimit). Can lead to small egg suppuration, development of bilateral defeat, male infertility. It is diagnosed orkhit at survey by the urologist, in a doubtful situation ultrasonography and a diagnostic puncture is in addition carried out.


    Orkhit – a small egg inflammation. As the independent disease in urology practically does not meet. At 5% of patients orkhit develops owing to the postponed small egg trauma. In other cases orkhit is a complication of an infectious disease (flu, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, typhus, a brucellosis, epididimichesky parotitis) or inflammatory process of bodies of urinogenital system (an epididymite, a vezikulit, prostatitis, an uretrit).

    Orkhit at newborns most often develops as a result of penetration into an infection small egg from the inflamed umbilical vessels. At children of advanced age orkhit usually is a complication of epidemic parotitis, arises at hematogenic spread of an infection less often, after a trauma of a small egg or a long kateterization. Orkhit can proceed sharply or chronically. As a rule, sharp orkhit is a complication of an acute infectious disease, and chronic is caused by chronic inflammatory process.

    Symptoms of an orkhit

    • Sharp orkhit

    Pains in a small egg which can irradiate in a crotch, a groin, a sacrum or lumbar area become the first symptom of an orkhit. The scrotum on the party of defeat increases in 2 and more times, skin folds on it are smoothed. 2-4 days later skin of a scrotum becomes hotter, hyperemic, gets glossy as if the polished look. The struck small egg is increased, is sharply painful at a palpation. From the first day sharp orkhit is followed by symptoms of the general intoxication and a hyperthermia to 38-39 °C.

    In most cases, even in the absence of treatment, symptoms of an orkhit independently disappear within 2-4 weeks. Sometimes inflammatory process continues to progress, leading to formation of abscess of a small egg. At suppuration the expressed hyperaemia of skin of a small egg and sharp morbidity at a touch is noted. The small egg fabric damaged as a result of purulent process at small egg abscess produces less sperm. Sometimes it becomes the reason of sekretorny infertility.

    Orkhit at epidemic parotitis can develop, since the day before yesterday from the beginning of a disease and finishing first week after recovery. At a third of patients both small egg are involved in process. It becomes frequent an outcome of a sharp orkhit at epidemic parotitis a small egg atrophy.

    • Chronic orkhit

    Chronic orkhit can be a consequence of an undertreated sharp orkhit. In some cases at chronic inflammatory diseases of urinogenital system (a vezikulita, an uretrita, prostatitis) initially chronic develops orkhit.

    Very poor symptomatology is characteristic of a chronic orkhit. Become quite often only symptom of a disease weak morbidity at a touch to a small egg. At an aggravation of a chronic orkhit there can be pains in a small egg at run and walking. As a result of chronic inflammatory process sekretorny function of testicles decreases. It becomes frequent the infertility reason at the men suffering from a chronic orkhit.

    Diagnostics of an orkhit

       The diagnosis of a sharp orkhit is established on the basis of data of fizikalny survey of the urologist and existence in the anamnesis of an infectious disease or trauma. Differential diagnostics with a sharp epididymite can be carried out on the basis of an objective research. For a sharp orkhit tension of skin of a scrotum, is characteristic of a sharp epididymite – puffiness. At a sharp orkhit increase in an appendage does not come to light. Both in that and in other case hypostasis and a thickening of a seed kanatik is defined, but at a sharp orkhit there are no infiltrative changes on the course of a semyavynosyashchy channel.

    Sometimes diagnostics of a sharp orkhit is complicated owing to jet dropsy of a small egg or a periorkhit. In doubtful cases ultrasonic scanning and a biopsy of a small egg is carried out. At suspicion of abscess of a small egg carry out a diagnostic puncture and the ultrasonography confirming existence of liquid contents.

    Treatment and prevention of an orkhit

    Uncomplicated sharp orkhit is treated on an outpatient basis. It is necessary to transfer the patient to a bed rest, to exclude hot dishes from a diet. The struck body needs rest and sublime situation. Therapy of the main disease which complication became sharp is carried out orkhit. To the patient appoint antibiotics, vitamins, rassasyvayushchy medicines, enzymes. At threat of suppuration hospitalization is necessary. After elimination of the sharp inflammatory phenomena to the patient with a sharp orkhit physiotherapeutic procedures are appointed.

    At the sharp orkhit which was complicated by small egg abscess opening and drainage of the purulent center is carried out. Full purulent fusion of a small egg is the indication to an orkhiektomiya (removal of the struck small egg). Therapy of a chronic orkhit presents considerable difficulties owing to the persistent course of a disease. To that, because of poor symptomatology patients often do not suspect about a chronic orkhit and begin to receive treatment when in a small egg there are already expressed changes. Antibacterial therapy, physiotherapeutic and thermal procedures is shown to patients with a chronic orkhit. At the adverse course and inefficiency of conservative therapy the unilateral orkhiektomiya is carried out.

    Preventive measures consist in timely treatment of infectious processes of urinogenital system. For early identification of an orkhit at the general infectious diseases, damages to area of a basin and a crotch, injuries of a scrotum it is necessary to watch a condition of the patient attentively.

    Orkhit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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