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Ostiofollikulit (staphylococcal impetigo) — the inflammation of the top part of a hair follicle or a sebaceous gland caused by penetration and reproduction of stafilokokk into them. It is shown by the small single or multiple pustula not inclined to the peripheral growth and merge. Most often ostiofollikulit arises on skin of a neck, the person, hips, shins and forearms. Diagnostics is based on a clinical picture and Dermoscopy, for confirmation of a type of the activator crops of contents are carried out. Treatment of an ostiofollikulit consists in local application of various antibacterial means and Ural federal district.

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Ostiofollikulit treats piodermiya — pyoinflammatory diseases of skin. It meets in any age group. But more often the children's dermatology faces it in the practice. At children ostiofollikulit it is observed, as a rule, on skin of open sites, in places of grazes, having combed, scratches and stings from insects. At men skin in a beard and moustaches often is surprised, at the same time the superficial inflammation of separate follicles in the form of an ostiofollikulit is only the beginning of more widespread process — a sikoza.

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Causes of an ostiofollikulit

Etiologichesky factor of emergence of an ostiofollikulit is golden or white staphylococcus. Along with other representatives of saprofitny microflora staphylococcus are present at the surface of skin of the healthy person, without causing any inflammatory changes. Their penetration into the mouth of sebaceous glands and follicles and the strengthened reproduction can be caused by decrease in immunity which happens after overcooling, of the postponed infection (tuberculosis, hepatitis, meningitis, severe forms of measles) there, against the background of frequent SARS or is long the proceeding somatic disease (bronchitis, pneumonia, myocarditis, pyelonephritis, a renal failure, etc.). Decrease in barrier function of skin at diabetes can also become the reason of staphylococcal impetigo.

Development of an ostiofollikulit is promoted by the increased sweating, insufficient hygiene, increase skin, overheating the increased development of a secret sebaceous glands, a skin travmatization (friction, shaving, maceration). Ostiofollikulit can arise if in the course of professional activity skin of the person is regularly influenced by various harmful substances: gasoline, tar, lubricant oils, kerosene, etc.

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Symptoms of an ostiofollikulit

Ostiofollikulit begins with reddening in the field of an exit of a channel of a sebaceous gland or a hair follicle. In this place some morbidity increasing when pressing is observed. Then the pustula surrounded with an inflammatory nimbus — cone-shaped education up to 5 mm in size and with a yellow top in which there is a pus is formed. In the center of a pustula there passes the hair.

The created pustula at an ostiofollikulita does not increase in the diameter. It quickly (in 3-5 days) dries up, the crust of brown color which disappears is formed, sometimes leaving behind an insignificant temporary hyperpegmentation. Without adequate treatment the inflammatory process taking only the top part of a follicle at an ostiofollikulita can extend in its depth, leading to development of a deep follikulit after which on skin there are small scars.

At an ostiofollikulita of a rash have multiple character. Pustula can settle down it is separate or groups, forming the separate centers of damage of skin. However, even settling down nearby, they never merge among themselves. Typical localization of an ostiofollikulit are sites of skin, the most subject to external influences and pollution: a face, a neck, hands to elbows, shins and hips.

In a separate clinical form of an ostiofollikulit allocate staphylococcal impetigo of Bokhart at which increase up to the size of a pea is noted and in the center of each pustula there passes the pushkovy hair. This type of an ostiofollikulit is localized on skin of the back of brushes and often is an itch complication.

At men, and sometimes and at women, defeat of hair follicles in a zone of growth of moustaches and a beard carries the name . There is an inflammation of follicles of axillary hollows and eyebrows less often. The disease begins as ostiofollikulit, but has recidivous character with transition in follikulit also merge of certain sites of defeat in the uniform inflammatory center.

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Diagnostics of an ostiofollikulit

At emergence on skin which have multiple character better at once to address the dermatologist. Simple survey of rashes and survey of elements under increase (Dermoscopy) in most cases will be sufficient in order that the doctor made the diagnosis of an ostiofollikulit. Conical shape , lack of infiltration around them and availability of pus on a top of elements confirm superficial character of an inflammation and its staphylococcal nature.

Collecting the anamnesis and definition skin help to establish the cause of an ostiofollikulit. For allocation of the activator it is appointed separated , for an exception of a generalizovannost of process crops of blood on sterility are carried out. Ostiofollikulit it is necessary to differentiate with a deep follikulit, streptococcal impetigo, a potnitsa, psevdofurunkulezy.

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Treatment of an ostiofollikulit

Carry out local antibacterial therapy of an ostiofollikulit with application of anti-septic tanks: calcium permanganate solution, diamond green, , methylene blue and antibacterial ointments: tetracycline, geliomitsinovy, kolimitsinovy, eritromitsinovy. Good antibacterial effect local Ural federal district therapy in suberitemny doses and laser therapy has. At single elements of an ostiofollikulit opening and clarification them from pus is possible.

Recidivous character of an ostiofollikulit can be the indication to the general antibiotic treatment taking into account results of bacteriological researches. In the same cases the treatment directed to increase in immunity is carried out: ultra-violet (UFOK) and laser (VLOK) radiation of blood, autogemoterapiya, general Ural federal district therapy.

Prevention of emergence of an ostiofollikulit or its recurrence consists in observance of hygienic care of skin, the prevention of its frequent traumatizing, carrying protective equipment during the work with harmful substances, timely correction of decrease in protective function of immune system.

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Ostiofollikulit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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