Papulopustulezny eels

Papulopustulezny eels — the kind of acne rash resulting from an inflammation in the field of comedones and which is characterized by education inflammatory and the papules which are often leaving behind hems of a post-acne or a hyperpegmentation. Diagnostics consists in definition of a type of acne elements and their differentiations from other diseases, carrying out bacteriological researches. In treatment of papulopustulezny eels local therapy, physical methods of influence, a mesotherapy and antibiotics is applied.

Papulopustulezny eels

Along with comedones papulopustulezny eels are the most often found form of an acne disease (acne). The peak of incidence is noted at men in 17-19 years, at women in 16-17 years. Despite big prevalence of a disease, the dermatology cannot precisely define the reasons and pathogenesis of emergence of papulopustulezny eels yet. It is noted that they develop both from closed, and from open comedones — not inflammatory small knots which are formed in mouths of hair follicles. The congestion in comedones of a secret of sebaceous glands leads to increase in their sizes and development of an inflammation. As a result on the place of comedones inflammatory elements — papulopustulezny eels appear.

Manifestations of papulopustulezny eels

Papulopustulezny eels represent inflammatory small knots (papules) or gnoynichka (pustula) of semi-spherical shape, up to 5 mm in size. They have red coloring. Is longer the existing elements and eels of the bigger size often have sinyushne-red or crimson color.

Papulopustulezny eels differ in easier current in comparison with rare forms of eels (lightning, inverse, uzlovatokistozny, late, etc.). Their consequences in the form of sites of a hyperpegmentation or scars of a post-acne arise not always and depend on depth and expressiveness of inflammatory reaction. If the inflammation does not mention located around a follicle to a term, then papulopustulezny eels are resolved, without leaving behind any trace.

Diagnostics of papulopustulezny eels

Definition of a type of acne rash is carried out on consultation of the dermatologist. It is necessary to differentiate papulopustulezny eels from comedones and other species of eels, from manifestations of a piodermiya, ostiofollikulit, streptococcal impetigo. The pigmentary spots remaining after permission of eels differentiate from secondary pigmentation after dermatitis, and the depigmented post-acne hems — from vitiligo.

Treatment of papulopustulezny eels

Therapy of papulopustulezny eels is carried out in a complex and can include external means, physiotherapy, cryotherapy, phototherapy, a mesotherapy and system reception of antibiotics. In local treatment synthetic retinoida, , azelainovy acid, medicines of zinc and their combination with antibiotics are applied (erythromycin, klindamitsiny, etc.). The good effect gives treatment of an acne the laser, an ozonoterapiya and phototherapy. From physiotherapeutic methods in treatment use a darsonvalization, microcurrent therapy, ultrasonic face peel. Ural federal district is in certain cases applied, but ambiguous influence of ultraviolet forced many dermatologists and cosmetologists to refuse this way of treatment of eels in favor of more modern techniques.

Cryotherapy of an acne and cryomassage stop inflammatory processes and reduce a salootdeleniye, and also possess bactericidal action. The mesotherapy special medical cocktails allows to achieve the best results, than external application of the same means. The laser peeling, a dermabraziya, removal of hems by the laser is applied to elimination of hems of a post-acne.

At a large number of rashes and the expressed extent of inflammatory reaction application of the general antibiotic treatment is possible. Considering stability of modern microorganisms, the choice of an antibiotic has to be carried out in accurate compliance with results of the bakposev separated papules and sensitivity of the allocated microflora.

Papulopustulezny eels - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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