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Periodontosis – the atrophic processes in a parodonta leading to violation of unity of the copular device of tooth with a bone tissue (alveolar shoots of a jaw). It is characterized by the progressing current, shown by feeling of discomfort in gums, mobility of teeth, an unpleasant smell and taste in a mouth. Further necks of teeth are bared, there is a formation of wedge-shaped defects on enamel. Treatment of periodontosis is carried out by the certain expert - the doctor-paradontologom. In the absence of treatment periodontosis leads to early loss of teeth.


Periodontosis – a disease of teeth of primary and dystrophic character. In pathogenesis of periodontosis violation of food of a bone tissue of a jaw lies, it leads to violation of updating of fabrics, to violation of mineral exchange and to violation of blood supply of gums. Periodontosis is diagnosed for 5-10% of the patients who asked for the dental help.

Reasons of development of periodontosis

Pathogenic microorganisms which are in a dental plaque are the main reason for periodontosis. As a result of their activity tissue of a gum becomes friable, zubodesnevy connection collapses and the dental plaque gets more deeply. After hardening the dental plaque injures a gum and tooth enamel. Periodontosis meets at people with pathologies of cardiovascular system of atherosclerotic character, with pathologies of a digestive tract and endocrine diseases more often.

Metabolic disorders, especially owing to hypovitaminosis become the periodontosis reason at advanced age when natural weakening of fabrics of a parodont is more expressed. In pathogenesis of periodontosis except a microbic factor and dystrophic changes also anomalies of development of zubochelyustny system lie. So, at bite pathologies, anomalies of position of teeth periodontosis is diagnosed several times more often.

Periodontosis symptoms

Periodontosis is is long the current disease of gums which leads to emergence of an unpleasant smell from a mouth and to loss of teeth over time. Periodontosis and other diseases of gums are the main reason for loss of teeth at mature age. At periodontosis the pocket in which the food remains, microorganisms and a dental plaque accumulate is formed deep desnevy. Such inflamed desnevy pockets are also a source of a fetid smell from a mouth and unpleasant smack during food.

The raised bleeding of gums at periodontosis during toothbrushing or acceptance of food is explained by a razrykhlennost of gums. Besides sensitivity of gums to all types of irritants increases, they become painful and easily inflame. Irritability and nervousness of patients has a talk with periodontosis it. When zubodesnevy connection completely collapses and desnevy the pocket becomes deep and finally created, there comes the stage of formation of a microbic plaque on a fang. It is a final stage of periodontosis at which the fang and a maxillary bone resolves, granulyatsionny fabric develops that leads to loss of teeth.

Pathogenic microorganisms provoke development of periodontosis, but are not it the main reason as regarding cases pathological process at periodontosis has noninfectious character. After formation of a desnevy pocket of a neck of teeth are bared. This stage of periodontosis long, and, despite almost full exposure of necks of teeth, teeth a long time well keep fixing.

In process of progressing hypersensibility of a cervical part of tooth and feeling of an itch in gums joins, at periodontosis there can sometimes be a pronounced inflammation of a gum.

It is necessary to ask for the dental help if there is one of the symptoms indicating existence of periodontosis. It is pallor of desnevy nipples, bleeding of gums or a retraktion of a gum with a tooth neck exposure. Over time also a root part of tooth because of what teeth at periodontosis look slightly more long is bared.

Depending on that, symptoms are how obviously expressed, distinguish several severity of periodontosis. At an easy form of periodontosis a vnutridesnevy part of tooth is naked approximately on a third, an average and severe form are characterized by a tooth exposure half and more. If pathological process accepted irreversible character, that is there were signs of an atrophy of gums and mobility of tooth, then loss of teeth is possible. Often periodontosis is combined with not carious diseases of teethan enamel erosion, a tooth stertost, wedge-shaped defect.

Diagnostics and treatment of periodontosis

 The diagnosis is made on the basis of clinical manifestations and data of tool survey of the stomatologist. Usually periodontosis is diagnosed incidentally, during routine medical examinations.

Treatment is carried out by the doctor-parodontologom and has to be directed to restoration of desnevy connection, at the same time during therapy of periodontosis it is necessary to consider specific features of the patient, the accompanying diseases and age. So, at group of patients of advanced age with periodontosis often there are pathologies of cardiovascular system, endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders.

Treatment of periodontosis has to be directed to activization of local blood circulation that is reached by massages and physical therapy. It is important to delete in due time a scale and a dental plaque therefore at periodontosis professional hygiene of an oral cavity and ultrasonic toothbrushing is shown.

Fixing of mobile teeth is carried out by a guy shinirovaniye or a shinirovaniye by fleks-arches. If periodontosis is followed by loss of teeth, then consultation of the orthopedist for the solution of a question of prosthetic dentistry is shown. Replacement of the formed defects of a tooth alignment is possible also by implantation of teeth. In parallel conduct a course of vitamin therapy and correction of diseases which could provoke development of periodontosis. The refusal of smoking, respect for hygiene of an oral cavity and introduction to a diet of products which promote self-cleaning of teeth, regular visit of the stomatologist are measures of prevention of periodontosis.

Periodontosis - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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