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Perikoronarit – an inflammation of the tissues of gum surrounding the cutting-through teeth (wisdom teeth are more often). Is followed by severe pain in a zone of the cut tooth, limitation and morbidity when opening a mouth and swallowing, gum hypostasis, an unpleasant smell and smack in a mouth, violation of the general health. Incorrectly cut wisdom tooth can lead to destruction next, to injuries of desnevy and bone fabrics, development of abscess in a periosteum. Such teeth often are subject to removal.


Perikoronarit - it is an inflammation of the fabrics surrounding a wisdom tooth. The inflammation at a perikoronarita is caused by a congestion of a dental plaque in a gum opening through which the wisdom tooth is cut through. The complicated wisdom teething is the second reason of a perikoronarit. During eruption the wisdom tooth can put the considerable pressure upon the next tooth that involves injury of a bone tissue and gum.

Reasons of development of a perikoronarit

Reduction of width of a tooth arch at the modern person on 10-12 mm is the main reason for a perikoronarit, at preservation of the sizes of teeth. Change of the sizes also caused a lack of the place on a jaw for wisdom teeth that is shown by the complicated eruption and perikoronarity.

Embryological conditions of a teething are the second reason of a perikoronarit: the teething of wisdom is complicated because of reinforced walls of a tooth sack which surrounds a crown of tooth and because of a thick mucous membrane of a gum. The lowered rostoobrazuyushchy factors take the important place in development of a perikoronarit too.

In pathogenesis of a perikoronarit the fact that at the time of a teething position of tooth practically does not change matters, but a part of a chewing surface is covered with a mucous membrane. And under this hood the food remains, a dental plaque and microorganisms accumulate that as a result and causes a specific inflammation – perikoronarit. Travmatization of a mucous chewing surface teeth antagonists during chewing causes support of inflammatory process. And, at a perikoronarita cicatricial changes of a hood and expansion of a periodontal crack result.

Clinical manifestations of a perikoronarit

The main manifestation of a perikoronarit is the pain syndrome in the cutting-through tooth. Often pain irradiates to the area of a temple or ear. Process of chewing and swallowing of food is in certain cases complicated, and the patient experiences difficulties with opening of a mouth.

In process of development of a perikoronarit inflammatory process passes to surrounding fabrics, morbidity in this case is caused by involvement in inflammatory process of a hood of a gum, is more rare – the wrong position of the cutting-through teeth. If the wisdom tooth is cut through under an inclination, then perikoronarit has more expressed character as the gum and a bone tissue is considerably injured, sometimes pressure upon the next tooth is so big that its destruction can begin.

At a perikoronarita temperature in the field of defeat increases, body temperature increases less often, and regionarny lymph nodes increase. Inflammatory process at a perikoronarita is the main reason for an unpleasant smell from a mouth and unpleasant smack in a mouth and during food.

Lack of treatment leads to formation of podnadkostnichny abscess, and also to a constant gnoyetecheniye. At a long current of a perikoronarit morbidity at rest and when opening a mouth amplifies, sometimes there are complications in the form of phlegmons and osteomiyelit.

Diagnostics and treatment of perikoronarit

The diagnosis of a perikoronarit is made by the stomatologist on the basis of clinical manifestations, complaints of the patient and tool survey. Sometimes for definition of a guide of growth conduct a radiological research. Treatment of a perikoronarit is directed to prevention of complications, and the choice of a medical technique depends on features of a course of a disease and on a condition of the patient. If at a perikoronarita inflammatory hypostasis is expressed considerably or data of jaws are noted, then trigeminosimpatichesky blockade is shown. At a current without complications the pocket under a hood is washed out weak solution of Furacilin or permanganate of potassium.

At a perikoronarita introduction under a hood of a yodoformny tampon and rinsing of an oral cavity is shown by warm disinfecting solutions. Will apply sulfanylamide medicines to rinsings, chloride calcium solution on 15 ml 3 times a day and the anesthetizing medicines is inside shown to 10%. In the absence of effectiveness of local treatment surgical treatment - excision of a hood under local anesthesia is shown. At excision the surface of the cut tooth opens owing to what the dental plaque and microorganisms do not accumulate under a hood.

Extraction of a wisdom tooth is shown in case it is in situation at which eruption is impossible. It is confirmed by a radiological research, removal of tooth is carried out after removal of sharp symptoms of a perikoronarit, after extraction the hole of tooth is cleared, and seams are imposed. As the wisdom tooth does not bear functional loading, at a perikoronarita it is difficult for the giving-in treatment, it is recommended to extract tooth. Recidivous perikoronarit recovers only after extraction of a wisdom tooth.

The technique of treatment of a perikoronarit by means of laser therapy allows to influence an infrared beam directly through skin. Infrared laser radiation of low intensity gets deeply under skin and has anti-inflammatory and antiedematous effect, the metabolism and inflow of blood to an affected area is also stimulated. Laser radiation except other has sufficient analgesic effect to stop a pain syndrome at a perikoronarita. Laser therapy lasts 7-10 days, a contraindication is existence of oncological processes in an oral cavity.

Perikoronarit - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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