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False pregnancy

False pregnancy – the psycho-physiological frustration which is characterized by wrong belief of the woman of pregnancy on the basis of the neuroendocrine symptoms available at it reminding signs of true pregnancy. The condition of false pregnancy arises at women with the increased suspiciousness and emotional frustration; it can be shown by the termination of periods, toxicosis, increase in mammary glands, increase in weight and volume of a stomach. False pregnancy is distinguished on the basis of data of gynecologic survey, the test for pregnancy, ultrasonography. Experts gynecologists, endocrinologists, psychotherapists are involved in treatment of the patient with false pregnancy.

False pregnancy

False pregnancy is also called hysterical, imaginary pregnancy or pseudo-pregnancy. False pregnancy is rare frustration which meets in gynecology approximately in 6 cases on 22000 true pregnancies. At pseudo-pregnancy the woman does not feign the state, and is really convinced available pregnancies, worries and feels its signs.

Men whose partners at the moment bear the child can also test a syndrome of false pregnancy (a syndrome ). Such frustration can develop against the background of strong empathy to a condition of the woman at men of infantile and hysterical psychotype. At the same time men feel many symptoms characterizing the course of pregnancy at the partner.

Reasons of false pregnancy

The nature of development of a syndrome of false pregnancy is studied insufficiently. It is supposed that the psychological and emotional factors leading to endocrine, vegetative and somatic frustration are its cornerstone. According to researchers, the strongest desire to feel a condition of pregnancy and motherhood is peculiar to the women enduring false pregnancy. Often signs of false pregnancy at such women appear at the same time, as at their girlfriends or close relatives bearing children. A background for development of a syndrome of false pregnancy it becomes frequent neurosis, psychosis, hysteria.

Stresses, experiences, the increased uneasiness and emotionality cause increase in production of hormones of a hypophysis which is observed also at the real pregnancy. As a result of a hormonal imbalance the whole simptomokompleks forcing the woman to believe that she expects the child develops.

Women after 35-40 years belong to the category of risk on development of false pregnancy, it is long and vainly trying to become pregnant and having infertility. Besides, the condition of false pregnancy can arise at the women having unstable mentality, hypererethism and a susceptibility concerning everything that is connected with pregnancy and children, and also who endured loss of the child or spontaneous termination of pregnancy on different terms.

In certain cases, on the contrary, false pregnancy develops at women, not persons interested to have children and feeling panic fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Cases of false pregnancy against the background of endocrine pathology or gynecologic diseases are also noted (cysts of ovaries, myoma of a uterus, a secondary amenorea, etc.).

Symptoms of false pregnancy

False pregnancy is accompanied by the vegetative and endocrine symptoms imitating the changes happening in a female body after fertilization. At women with pseudo-pregnancy the delay monthly, emergence of symptoms of toxicosis is noted (nausea, the increased salivation, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, differences of mood, a perversion of food addictions etc.).

At false pregnancy the nagrubaniye of mammary glands and release of colostrum can be observed; increase in a stomach as a result of excess development of hypodermic cellulose on a forward belly wall and a meteorizm; an increase in weight, locks; the feelings of stir of a fruit connected with strengthening of a vermicular movement. Extremely seldom false labor pains occur at especially hypochondriac women. Sometimes, that at pseudo-pregnancy test results on pregnancy are positive that forces the woman to believe in reality of the state even more. Usually signs of false pregnancy remain 3-4 months though cases of its longer current meet.

Diagnostics of false pregnancy

Lack of true pregnancy is established already during the gynecologic research. At the patient objective changes from genitals do not decide on false pregnancy – cyanosis of a neck of a uterus and vagina, increase and a softening of a uterus.

For confirmation of the diagnosis of false pregnancy ultrasonography, definition of a horionichesky gonadotrophin in urine, a survey X-ray analysis of an abdominal cavity is carried out. Differential diagnostics at pseudo-pregnancy is carried out with the feigned pregnancy, the stood pregnancy, extra-uterine pregnancy, tumoral processes in pelvic area.

Treatment of false pregnancy

The condition of false pregnancy, usually, does not demand any special treatment. As a rule, the woman for elimination of imaginary feelings happens rather competent and sympathizing explanation of a situation the gynecologist, and also understanding and support from close people. With disappearance of auto-suggestion at the woman the menstrual cycle is restored, the phenomena of toxicosis and other signs of pregnancy disappear.

If at the patient endocrine frustration are suspected, the gynecologist-endocrinologist or the therapist-endocrinologist are involved in treatment. In case of persistent refusal to believe in false pregnancy and inadequate perception of reality, medical assistance of the neurologist, psychologist, psychotherapist is shown to the woman. With nevrozopodobny reactions and frustration of mentality news of false pregnancy can cause a depression, suicide thoughts and attempts in women; in these situations psychiatric treatment is required. Usually after treatment the condition of false pregnancy at women does not repeat any more.

False pregnancy - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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