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Thin shins, hips

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Thin shins or hips are most often caused by a lack of fatty tissue or backwardness of muscles of the lower extremities. If at a tiny in general figure this shortcoming is not so obviously evident, then at a heavy upper body the similar imbalance of a figure looks extremely ridiculously. The unattractive type of legs in many respects is defined by excessively thin shins or hips. Correction of such esthetic shortcoming is carried out by methods of plastic surgery. Increase in missing volume and giving of a desirable relief to the lower extremities is reached by means of carrying out a lipofiling or endoprosthesis replacement of shins/hips.

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Thin shins, hips

Not all people are by nature allocated with beautiful legs. Even if in youth of a leg were harmonious, with elastic muscles of a shin and a hip, then with age they can get out of the shape considerably. Thin shins and hips "dictate" the unfair terms in the choice of clothes and in a way of life: long skirts, wide trousers, refusal of the high heel which is visually slimming legs, the self-ban on visit of the beach or a sauna where too thin legs can become a subject of close attention of people around.

Thin shins and hips occur as at men, so at women and the existence can fairly spoil general impression and from a brawny athletic figure, and from fine female forms. The form and volume of the lower extremities are defined genetically and ratios of the muscles forming the volume of shins and hips, and also the number of fatty deposits depend on thickness of bones.

Ideally the line of a shin has to flow smoothly to the line of a hip, at the same time the shin has to have sufficient muscular volume, and the hip should not be excessively thin or friable. The smooth overflowing and joining of a shin with a hip is provided by a knee. Smooth contours of shins and hips at a smykaniye of legs have to form 3 spindle-shaped "windows": between calves, knee joints and hips of the right and left leg. The top "window" formed by internal contours of hips has to be the narrowest.

Unfortunately, because of genetic features not all muscles of legs give in to changes even at very intensive physical activity on them. If hips are more subject to age changes, then the shape of a shin often is hereditary feature. The caused underdevelopment of muscles, an atrophy of muscles owing to the postponed diseases (injuries, poliomyelitis, etc.) can be the reasons of existence of excessively thin shins and hips anatomic. It is possible to affect a shape of a shin unless at children's age therefore in the childhood outdoor games are so important: run, jumps, jump ropes.

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Plastic correction of thin shins

It is possible to correct a form and to give volume to thin shins today by means of a kruroplastika – plastic surgery on increase in shins by an endoprosthesis replacement method. Plasticity of shins is rather widely demanded among the men who are going in for bodybuilding. 

The first operations on increase in shins by means of silicone implants were executed in 1979 by the plastic surgeon from France J. Glitzenstein. Today the technique of plastic correction of shins is in details fulfilled, yields high esthetic results at minimum possible risk of development of side effects.

Carrying out a kruroplastika is shown at thin shins, disharmonious with a body; the varusny (vaulted) or valgusny (dispersing) deformations of shins, asymmetric shins.

The problem of thin shins at a kruroplastika is solved by installation of silicone implants, a time to structure similar to those that are applied in plastic surgery to increase in a breast. Silicone artificial limbs for shins can be an oblong or round shape, with the smooth or textured surface. The skilled plastic surgeon without effort will pick up the necessary size and a form of an endoprosthesis according to the best results and the patient's wishes. Implants have an elastic silicone cover with a gel, viscous filler inside, they prepare to order or individually are selected on length and thickness from already available samples. 

Endoprosthesis replacement of shins is the only, safe and effective method allowing to increase the volume of thin shins and to improve their form. Further implants do not prevent walking and are not felt at sports activities in any way.

Establish implants from a section in a popliteal pole; after release and separation of muscular tissue an endoprosthesis have between shin muscles. Correctly picked up endoprostheses compensate for the deficiency of own muscle bulk of the patient and correct irregular shape of a shin.

Endoprostheses establish only from side or back shins of surfaces. On a forward surface implantation is not made as there initially there are no muscular tissue and there pass nervous textures. It is allowed to go the next days after operation. For the best and more bystry restoration it is recommended to carry dense golfs or panty hoses within 7-10 days.

After healing of fabrics cosmetic seams in a natural fold under a knee are imperceptible, and implants are steady against damages and are elastic.

As a result of correction of thin shins by a kruroplastika method thin shins find pleasant volume, and bent – a harmonious form.

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Plastic correction of thin hips

Esthetic correction of thin hips by means of endoprosthesis replacement is carried out much less than a kruroplastika. For increase in hips silicone implants with a gelenapolnitel which are sewed between muscles on the medial surface of a hip are also used.

As indications to plastic correction of hips serve constitutional and involutional deformations of muscles, insufficiently expressed muscular contours of a hip. The current of the postoperative period is similar to that after carrying out a kruroplastika. The tightening of soft tissues of hips giving them more elastic and tightened contour is much more often carried out.

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Requirements to plastic correction of thin shins and hips

When plastic surgery cannot correct defects of shins and hips (for example if deformations are caused by a curvature of bones), orthopedic operation on change of a shape of the lower extremities is carried out.

After plasticity of shins and hips some time it is necessary to refrain from footwear on a high heel and to wear panty hoses with the supporting effect. Occupations by the sports creating excessive loads of muscles of legs in order to avoid deformation or the shift of an implant are excluded.

As strict contraindications to performing endoprosthesis replacement of thin shins and hips serve thrombophlebitis and a varicosity of the lower extremities. 

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Thin shins, hips - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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