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Extensions. Striya.

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Extensions (striya) – skin defect in the form of the linear strips which are localized in places of the greatest tensile properties of skin. Fresh extensions have pinkish or red-violet color; over time they become colourless, turning into nacreous-white atrophic lines. Striya are localized mainly on skin of mammary glands, a stomach and hips. They represent exclusively cosmetic shortcoming and do not give any physical inconvenience, however even in this case many women are not ready to be reconciled with existence of extensions. For removal (or expressiveness reduction) striya chemical peelings, laser grinding of skin, vodoroslevy wrappings, etc. are used.

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    Extensions. Striya.

    The unpleasant problem of emergence on skin of extensions (striya) is familiar to the vast majority of women. Nearly 2/3 women note their emergence in a breast, a stomach, hips in the postnatal period, after feeding by a breast or as a result of sharp loss of extra kilos. Extensions, or striya, represent cicatricial changes of skin owing to microinjuries of its separate fibers.

    In spite of the fact that extensions on skin are not a state hazardous to health, they give a lot of inconvenience them to owners in the esthetic plan. Women hesitate to wear open clothes, try not to sunbathe that striya were not allocated on more swarty skin. As well as with any other cosmetic shortcoming, it is necessary to begin to fight against extensions even before their emergence.

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    External manifestations of striya (extensions)

    On a body extensions (striya) of three types meet: the threadlike superficial whitish strips, small pale pinkish scars and longitudinal cicatricial defects of blue and claret color over time becoming light.

    Extensions usually arise on skin of hips, a stomach, a breast, and at the accompanying hormonal violations – on a face. The extensions caused by sharp weight reduction settle down on a trunk vertically, endocrine violations – is horizontal.

    Under the influence of violation of hormonal regulation or considerable stretching of skin its collagenic and elastinovy fibers are extended, become thinner that conducts to their internal anguishes. In places of traumatizing fibers there is a growth of connecting fabric. At first extensions have a pinkish-violet shade, then gradually turn pale and gain nacreous-white color. If in time not to take a measure, then after a while striya externally will begin to remind hems. Swarty or suntanned skin even more accents extensions since connecting fabric does not contain a pigment and does not sunbathe.

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    Reasons of emergence of extensions

      Emergence of extensions is not just result of restretching of skin. Extensions (striya) is the result of healing of skin collagenic and elastinovy fibers after microinjuries, i.e. their scarring.

    Emergence of extensions is caused by the strengthened secretion of cortisol - hormone of bark of adrenal glands. Its hyper secretion leads to stretching, thinning, and then and a rupture of skin fibers with the subsequent emergence of extensions (striya).

    Insufficient elasticity of skin or its bad regeneration ability can serve as the reason of ruptures of fibers and their subsequent scarring. Internal microinjuries of fibers lead to growth in places of anguishes of connecting, i.e. cicatricial fabric.

    The reasons of emergence of striya in hips, buttocks, a stomach, a breast can be the most various: it both puberty, and pregnancy, and considerable fluctuations of weight. Teenagers in awkward age, pregnant women, athletes – all those who for one reason or another quickly increase body weight are subject to emergence of extensions. Also plays a role and a hereditary factor if extensions are available in a family for women of the senior generation. As one more reason of emergence of striya replaceable hormonal therapy at diseases of endocrine system can serve.

    At the people forced to accept a long time steroid hormones (a hydrocortisone, Prednisolonum, etc. hormones of bark of adrenal glands), and also at patients with Itsenko-Cushing's syndrome of an extension can arise on all surface of a body and on a face. Such extensions of the occupied surface of a body, than the extension of pregnant women or teenagers which were more expressed on the extent, width and the space.

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    Prevention of extensions

      To avoid emergence of extensions not easy, especially when on that is the objective reasons: pregnancy, endocrine problems, bad elasticity of skin and already available striya owing to change of weight. But this task is quite solvable if to approach it with all gravity and responsibility.

    Preventive measures for prevention of formation of striya should be taken to women who for one reason or another gather or I lose extra kilos. During pregnancy when there is considerable restretching of skin of a breast, a stomach, hips, it is necessary to look after these parts of the body especially carefully. To prevent emergence of extensions, dermatocosmetologists recommend use of creams with the content of vitamins A, E and C, and also collagen-elastinovym a complex.

    The professional cosmetic lines Decleor, Babor, Biotherm offer the special creams which are effectively preventing emergence of striya. Good effect massage of the most vulnerable extensions of zones of a breast, hips, a stomach for education with easy rubbing in of olive oil has. Daily use of means for prevention of extensions, though does not guarantee 100% of result, but in some cases can serve as effective means against their emergence.

    The modern cosmetic industry offers a big variety of special phytocreams: Biotherm (Biovergetures), Galenic (Specific Vergetures), Gernetic, Lierac (Photolastil), Phytomer (Pre Vergetures), Vichy (Vergetures) and . other which effectively fight against emergence of extensions. The active moistening components (aloe juice, chitosan, hyaluronic acid), and also vitamin and mineral complexes, collagen, amino acids and proteinaceous hydrolyzates, as a rule, enter into composition of the special, strengthening skin creams. Obligatory ingredient of such means are the vegetable oils (avocado, a borago, grape sunflower seeds, germs of wheat, cocoa, a sea-buckthorn, an oslinnik, soy, a thistle, a dogrose etc.) nourishing skin weak, subject to stretching.

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    Prevention of extensions during pregnancy

       Preventive measures for prevention of extensions of skin should be taken even before pregnancy. For this purpose it is possible to complete a course of procedures of vacuum or general hygienic massage. Well proved the vegetable oils used at massage improving elasticity of skin and its food.

    Procedures of mud and vodoroslevy wrappings promote receipt in cells of irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins and minerals, improving a tone and turgor of skin.

    During pregnancy it is possible to resort to self-massage. After acceptance of a shower the body needs to be pounded carefully by means of a soft terry towel, and then the pinching from time to time movements, clockwise carefully to work stomach skin before its easy reddening. Such method of self-massage strengthens blood circulation and food of skin, protecting it thereby from emergence of extensions. It is useful during pregnancy wearing special elastic linen and the bandage protecting skin from emergence of extensions.

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    Removal (treatment) of extensions

    Efficiency of treatment of extensions is influenced by a limitation period of their emergence. Only the recent, arisen less than a year ago extensions, it is possible to eliminate completely or to considerably reduce their manifestation. And here it is practically impossible to get rid of old striya, alas.

    In treatment of extensions carrying out the complex course constructed on a combination and alternation of different techniques is required. It is the laborious and long process demanding discipline and patience. It is possible to reduce manifestations of already created whitish hems some by laser or other methods of grinding leveling a relief of striya and the skin surrounding them.

    Chemical peeling. Action of a chemical peeling is based on drawing on hems of strong acids which, burning epidermis, activate development by skin of own collagen. For carrying out a chemical peeling use alpha hydroxy - acids, trikhloruksusny and phenolic acids. Phenolic acids possess the most active and effective action, but their application can cause risk of emergence of serious collateral reactions. Because of extreme morbidity of the procedure the phenolic peeling is carried out under anesthetic and has contraindications in view of high toxicity of active agent (for example, diseases of heart and vessels). Action trikhloruksusny and alpha hydroxy - acids not such deep and softer, but also demands observance of all precautionary measures. On achievement of positive result the great influence is exerted by adequate prepeeling therapy of skin and professionalism of the expert who is carrying out the procedure. The chemical peeling is the medical procedure and demands the corresponding qualification and practical experience.

    .  Laser peeling. Carrying out a laser peeling is preceded by special preparation. Before implementation of the procedure within 1-2 months drawing on skin of creams with the increased content of ascorbic acid is shown. The laser peeling is carried out in a hospital, under anesthetic. During manipulation the doctor processes cicatricial sites of skin a laser bunch, layer-by-layer burning out them. All procedure takes no more than an hour. Usually the extract occurs in a day, however out-patient treatment is appointed to the next 2 weeks. After influence of the laser on skin there are a redness and hypostasis reminding a burn. These sites will need to be processed the special restoring creams. Within 3 months it is not recommended to acquire a tan therefore it is better to plan a laser peeling for fall or winter.

    Plastic surgery. The most effective and radical method of disposal of extensions is their elimination in the operational way. At operational plasticity of a stomach, or an abdominoplastika, surpluses of skin of a forward belly wall are excised together with extensions. The risk of surgical intervention is always connected with possibility of purulent complications, long healing of a wound, formation of a rough postoperative hem. After an abdominoplastika removal of seams usually happens for 7-10 days, a complete recovery – two weeks later.

      Wrappings. At the insignificant, recently arisen extensions it is possible to apply vodoroslevy wrappings (thalassotherapy). Seaweed of a spirulin raises a tone and elasticity of skin, saturating it with natural vitamins and minerals. The vodoroslevy mask is applied on dry and clean skin, the film and the thermoblanket allowing to warm a body and to keep heat is imposed. It promotes the best penetration of useful substances from seaweed in skin. Then vodoroslevy weight is washed away by usual water. The course of treatment makes from 6 to 12 procedures.

    After vodoroslevy wrappings skin considerably improves the tone, turgor and a relief. Fresh (before half a year) striya can leave for good. Still the best effect gives a thalassotherapy combination to ultrasonic therapy and medicines derivatives of vitamin A (Retinolum). The effect of lifting (increase in a tone of skin) is combined with effect of a peeling (removal of the become lifeless cages of a horn layer of epidermis) and a lymphatic drainage (removal of excess liquid) here. As a result muscles are tightened, skin is leveled and extensions disappear. But this method only at the fresh and slightly expressed cicatricial changes is effective.

    Emergence of extensions is connected with deep defeat of layers of skin therefore their treatment happens not always effectively. If emergence of striya is not caused by pregnancy, and is followed by other physiological changes (rise HELL, increase in weight, pilosis of the person, breast and back), then, most likely, this state is connected with violations from endocrine system and demands the help of the doctor-endocrinologist.

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    Extensions. Striya. - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is unacceptable!!!

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